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The Capitalist Investor ties together relevant items that influence the stock market and your investments – from economics to politics to earnings to planning strategies. We cover all the bases. Ask us questions at info@swpconnect.com. You can also reach out to Mark Tepper on Twitter - @MarkTepperSWP

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The Capitalist Investor ties together relevant items that influence the stock market and your investments – from economics to politics to earnings to planning strategies. We cover all the bases. Ask us questions at info@swpconnect.com. You can also reach out to Mark Tepper on Twitter - @MarkTepperSWP

    Aliens! Earnings! Taxes! Oh my! Ep. #162

    Aliens! Earnings! Taxes! Oh my! Ep. #162

    Welcome back! The Capitalist Investor squad discusses all the news surrounding recent earnings reports, tax season coming up, behavioral changes in a recession, and Justin Bieber selling the rights to his songs for 200M. You need to tune in until the last minutes on this week’s episode because the squad erupts in all kinds of different conversations around aliens & the doomsday clock reaching 90 minutes until midnight. What does all of this craziness mean for the future and you!?

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    Davos 2023, Labor Hoarding, & Jeffrey Gundlach the Bond Market King, Ep. #161

    Davos 2023, Labor Hoarding, & Jeffrey Gundlach the Bond Market King, Ep. #161

    Welcome back! The Capitalist Investor squad discusses all the news surrounding the biggest minds on Wall Street & Politics at Davos 2023. What are CEO’s saying around the world? What is Labor Hoarding? Jeffrey Gundlach had a great interview on Fox Business last week. What’s the biggest takeaways from the bond king himself? Why are we debating gas stoves & electric stoves? All of this is discussed & more this week on The Capitalist Investor.

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    Income Taxes Cancelled? Bank Earnings Preview, Ep. #160

    Income Taxes Cancelled? Bank Earnings Preview, Ep. #160

    The Capitalist Investor crew discusses inflation & the Fed, the latest updates on the job market unemployment and tech layoffs, and a couple of canceled topics including taxes being possibly cancelled!

    The conversation discuss the recent market changes and the expectation that the Federal Reserve will pivot soon. However, some believe that the market is overestimating the Fed's actions. There is data to suggest that this is the case, with many young investors thinking that there will be a pivot and older investors aren't expecting a pivot anytime soon. The Fed could overshoot and put us into a recession to try and gain back the credibility they lost by saying inflation was "transitory" two years ago. target inflation too aggressively.

    Everyday seems to be a new company laying off part of it’s workforce. Or even companies that already announced layoffs that are either accelerating those layoffs or making those layoffs more extreme in headcount. At the end of the day, technology layoffs could be just the tip of the iceberg. As we enter into earnings season, the banks are the first to report. The interesting thing when analyzing bank earnings is the insight it can provide into the future. The American banking system helps build the economy through the debt they service & the investments they help make into companies & people. When loans are down & merger/acquisition activity is down, it can provide insight on what negative things might be in-store in the future. On the opposite side, when loans are up, and M&A activity are up, it can help shed a positive light into the future. That’s why these next couple of quarters of earnings are so important to shed light on the future of our economy & stock market.
    Who likes taxes!? Most people do not, because the government isn’t very good at spending our money. With Republicans taking a house majority in Congress, there are already bills being levied to do away with income taxes & tax the consumption side of the equation. Even though it is almost impossible legislation like this could make it all the way through, it’s important to discuss the economical impact this could have on Americans & businesses. On top of that, sports betting just became legalized in Ohio. Right after midnight on January 1st, Bernie Kosar, a long-time Browns celebrity & radio celebrity lost his job after betting $19,000 on the Browns to beat the Steelers. Apparently, he didn’t know it went against his contract to bet on sports.
    The Capitalist Investor: Inflation in the Fed, the latest updates
    The Federal Reserve's Inflation Target: Is There a Pivot?
    The Federal Reserve's Inflation Target: Is 2% Achievable?
    Inflation: A Year-Long Topic of Conversation
    The Impact of Tech Layoffs on the Overall Economy
    Banking Earnings in the Age of Inflation
    Canceled: Bernie Kosar Bets $19,000 on Browns to Beat Steelers
    Canceled: Income Taxes
    Making up the 15% in Taxes
    The Impact of a Simplified Tax Code on Investments

    • 28 min
    Tax Code Changes You Need To Know & AI Taking Over, Ep. #159

    Tax Code Changes You Need To Know & AI Taking Over, Ep. #159

    The tax code changes that are going into effect in 2023 are going to have a big impact on the markets. Businesses are going to be affected the most, and it could not have come at a worse time. The team talks about how these changes are going to affect businesses and the market as a whole. The Inflation Reduction Act might actually work on businesses, but reducing demand through the middle-class isn't a good thing. Businesses may be worse off due to changes in capital expensing, R&D expensing, and interest expensing. The new tax code will disincentivize businesses from growing, and this will cost consumers jobs at a time when the Federal Reserve's interest rates are crushing demand. All of this will impact the economy, the markets, and you're wealth, which is why you need to pay attention to fiscal policy. The new tax plan essentially is making the government bigger through more tax revenue, which is causing the government to pick the winners & losers through the re-distribution of wealth.

    Oil has recently been selling off, which might suggest a couple of different viewpoints. It could suggest that a recession is looming as demand decreases throughout the world. It could also suggest that the supply chain of oil has gotten better. But that doesn't mean there aren't risks in 2023 for oil. An escalation in Russia/Ukraine of China/Taiwan could send oil higher. Also, China re-opening the economy could increase demand in oil as well. Ultimately, lower oil costs is a good thing for the American consumer who is already struggling and is a good thing for inflationary pressures. But it's not a good thing for Electric Vehicles. One of the selling points for EV's is the cost of gasoline compared to electricity. As gas prices go lower, there is less incentive for people to buy Electric Vehicles. What does this mean for the investment world and stocks like Tesla?

    Cancelled this week involves a conversation around McDonald's and their first restaurant to replace all of their workers by using machines & technologies to make the food for customers. What is the long-term impact technology has on the overall eceonomy and is it even sustainable in a capitalistic world? What ultimately might happen as time goes on and middle-class jobs are replaced by artificial intelligence and machines? It's something we need to pay attention too as technology continues to exponentially grow and businesses continue to use technology faster as the cost of hiring employees continues to rise.


    0:00:04   The Impact of the Secure Act on Businesses and the Market in 2023

    0:02:15   The Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on Businesses

    0:03:58   The Impact of the Trump Tax Code on Businesses and the Economy

    0:06:56   The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Businesses

    0:09:19   The Impact of the New Tax Laws on the Stock Market

    0:11:44   The Impact of the Child Tax Credit on the Economy

    0:14:00   The Impact of Redistribution of Wealth on the Economy

    0:17:21   Oil Prices and the Electric Vehicle Market

    0:19:10   The Impact of Cheap Gas on Electric Vehicles

    0:21:33   The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Automotive Industry

    0:22:58   The Future of Electric Vehicles: A Conversation with Tesla Owners

    0:25:46    Tesla is Still Overvalued

    0:27:33   The Impact of Automation on the Fast Food Industry

    0:29:43   The Impact of Technology on the Workforce

    0:31:25   The Impact of Technology on Society

    0:32:58   The Future of Work: A Discussion on the Impact of Technology

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    Holiday Special: Bulls vs. Bears In 2023, Ep. #158

    Holiday Special: Bulls vs. Bears In 2023, Ep. #158

    Welcome to the Holiday Special where the team discusses the bull and bear cases for 2023. They debate whether or not things will go well or not and also talk about the good and bad things that could happen in the new year. Will 2023 be just as crazy as 2022? Or will things finally calm down in 2023?

    1. The Stock Market

    2. The Bond Market

    3. The Commodity Market

    4. The Crypto Market

    What are the possible outcomes for the S&P 500 in 2023. The bull case scenario is that the divided government is willing to work together, and that companies can invest without fear of significant tax code changes. The bear case scenario is that inflation will become a problem, and that the stock market will not be able to sustain its current level of projected earnings growth.

    The Bond Market is down just as much as the stock market essentially in 2022. The bull case for the bond market is essentially the bear case for the stock market. What is meant by that? How do interest rates in 2023 impact the bond market and will the bond market act the same as the stock market in 2023 or will it finally disconnect from the stock market again?

    Different commodities react differently to different situations. For example, gold can react differently to economic news than energy commodities like oil. But what is the overall bull and bear  case for commodities in 2023? Why is energy so important and how does Oil impact our every day life?

    The crypto market has taken a dive this year, especially recently after the FTX blowup that caused investors to become distrusted in cryptocurrency. What is the bull case and what is the bear case for cryptocurrency in 2023? How does government spending & interest rates impact speculation within the economy that ultimately impacts the crypto market:

    The Bull and Bear Case for 2023
    The Bull Case for the S&P 500 in 2023
    The Economy in 2023: A Look Ahead
    The S&P 500 and the Market's Reaction to COVID-19
    The Bear Case for the Stock Market
    The Fed's Impact on the Stock Market
    Bond Market Outlook for 2023
    Bonds, Commodities, and ETFs: A Year in Review
    The Impact of Interest Rates on Commodities
    The Bull and Bear Cases for Gold and Energy in 2023
    Oil Prices and the Global Market
    The Impact of Oil on the Global Economy
    Crypto Market Regulation: The Pendulum Swings from One Side to the Other
    The Future of Cryptocurrency: Bearish in 2023
    The Future of Crypto: A Roundtable Discussion
    The opinions expressed in the podcast are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any investment, legal, financial, or tax strategy.

    • 43 min
    Powell's Last Comments of 2022, the State of the Housing Market, and Tesla's Share Price Comeuppance

    Powell's Last Comments of 2022, the State of the Housing Market, and Tesla's Share Price Comeuppance

    The CPI read for 7.1% was a little below estimates, but the market still reacted positively. The Fed is expected to make a decision soon, and home sales will be a big topic for 2023. Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested before he was supposed to testify on Capital Hill. 

    The team discusses the current state of the stock market and how it has been affected by various data points recently. They discuss how the market is pricing in a pause in the Fed's rate hikes, and how this could affect the market in the future.

    The speakers discuss the recent actions of the Federal Reserve and how they may respond to a slowdown heading into the 2024 presidential election. They question whether or not the Fed will be able to lower interest rates enough to spur economic growth, and whether or not this will be used as political ammunition by the either party. They also speculate on whether or not Biden will be replaced as the Democratic candidate for president.

    The team discusses the current state of the housing market and its expected future. They mention that home prices had been rising astronomically, but this is not sustainable. Home sales are expected to continue to decline into 2023 as a result. The cost of borrowing has also increased, which is not good for the long-term success of the housing market.

    The heading should be in title case and no more than six words. CPI Read for the Week
    The Impact of the Federal Reserve on the Stock Market
    The Federal Reserve's Next Move
    Home Sales in 2023: Will Prices Continue to Decline?
    The Impact of Rising Home Prices and Mortgage Rates
    The Real Estate Market in 2023: A Slow Burn Down
    Tesla Stock Tumbles Amidst Controversy Surrounding Elon Musk
    Tesla's Stock Price Drop and the Cancel Culture
    Canceling Dr. Carson

    • 23 min

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4.9 out of 5
86 Ratings

86 Ratings

Mr. Movie ,

Great, informative and simple.

This is really fun listen. It’s very accessible and such an easy listen.

PF216 ,

Episode. 117 - Dumpster Diving discuss Moats and Inflation Insulation

Look forward to this podcast weekly! On episode 117, these stocks are beaten down for a reason. Next time discuss how companies have a most and pricing power to combat inflation eating away EBIT.

Belnda2256 ,


Love the informal nature of current events tied loosely to finance. I tell my math students constantly - money matters - look for it in every aspect of your lives. You are slowly shaping conservative views in a modest way. Future topics: economic effect of primarily producing, manufacturing or selling made in America products. Can it be done? I wonder what patriotism would look like if we really tried. How can we use our alliance relations to boost our own economy? How can religion fit into finance - or doesn’t it matter. I think it does. Is there any merit to stock clubs informally? Are penny stocks still a thing? Are they fair game? Stop me. Lol

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