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Helping you unf*ck your body, brain, and online biz.

The Confidence Project Christina Montalvo

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Helping you unf*ck your body, brain, and online biz.

    228: Toxic anti-diet culture: another flavor of the same shit sandwich with Jenna Jozefowski

    228: Toxic anti-diet culture: another flavor of the same shit sandwich with Jenna Jozefowski

    Have we been getting the wires crossed when it comes to diet culture and what that looks like, what it means and what it doesn't mean? Ever feel guilty for genuinely loving eating salads? Or genuinely enjoying intense workouts and wondering if that's diet culture, too? It may not be-- and Jenna walks us through it all on today's episode.

    Find Jenna:
    On IG: @itsjennaj
    Website: itsjennaj.com

    • 1 hr 4 min
    [biz 59] UnFYB- Marketing

    [biz 59] UnFYB- Marketing

    "Marketing" is just a really serious sounding word that means: inviting people to your party. This episode is chock full of things you likely haven't considered yet when it comes to marketing your business online, like: what kind of party are you throwing? Who's invited? What are we wearing!? And- what's the point? Now, in real life, you can throw a party for no reason at all. In business, however, you'll want to make sure there's a point. We also dive into some potential blind spots when it comes to your content that, once you're aware of some of these potential blind spots,  your marketing will improve!

    • 28 min
    [biz 58] When Life Poops On Your Head

    [biz 58] When Life Poops On Your Head

    It happens to all of us- the sky opens up and BAM- buckets of poop come pouring down on top of you. Such is life. We can't prevent the crap from falling from the sky, but we can start to cultivate a "system" rooted in self-trust that helps us triage our life when things get a bit sticky.

    This episode is for you-- for the days, weeks, months, or even years that have you feeling pulled too thin and running in too many directions at once.

    What needs to stay? What needs to go? What needs to be set down for a season? This episode will walk you through my personal "3 tiers" for prioritizing my life when shit hits the fan, and it'll help you begin to do the same.

    • 51 min
    227: Urgent Body Image Solutions

    227: Urgent Body Image Solutions

    The human brain looks for solutions that feel like they match the intensity of the perceived problem. And...voila! I give you: the ENTIRE fitness and diet industry summarized in one sentence!

    To dive deeper into what this may look like in real time for you, and how to actually work through it instead of making it worse, this episode is for you.

    • 35 min
    226: Why you don't "feel like" working out

    226: Why you don't "feel like" working out

    I may lose a lot of you on this episode, so here's what you need to know heading into it:

    Not all of our thoughts are true. Our thoughts dictate our feelings. Our feelings are valid, EVEN IF our thoughts aren't true (or helpful.)
    Chances are, you're just like me. You love lifting, you love the grit, you love the grind, you love the focus. And yet, you can be found quite often thinking the thought: "I don't want to workout today." Today's episode is going to walk through exactly why I don't believe myself when I think that thought, and will walk you through a universally applicable framework that will help you walk yourself through unhelpful thoughts just like this one.

    • 55 min
    [biz 57] UnFYB: Offers, part 2

    [biz 57] UnFYB: Offers, part 2

    Apply for UnFYB here.

    What features are a part of your offer and why? Do you know?
    Should you offer q&a calls if you have a Facebook group? Why does this matter? Should you offer your clients voxer access? Or are you just cramming in as many features as you can so as to try to apologize or justify the price? How much of your offer should be optional? and in what ways that can be wildly problematic for both you and your clients? This episode will help break it ALL down! If you want personalized and guided action in your online business, apply for UnFYB!

    • 33 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
172 Ratings

172 Ratings

Coach Julie Shiller ,

Must listen for all fitness professionals and fitness business owners

I started listening to this podcast during the pandemic, and every single word lands for me, especially the business episodes.
Christina is smart, straight-forward, strategic, and human-centered. I enjoyed her podcast so much that I hired her for business coaching.

Ronnie870528 ,

The best!

She tells it like it is and even when I don’t want to hear her message it always lands! 🤗

stefsami ,

Everyone should listen to this!!

I started listening to this podcast at the beginning of summer and it’s completely changed my view of everything I thought I knew. I’m not healed yet, but listening to Christina’s advice has improved my relationship with my body, exercise, and especially food. Listening to her podcast makes me want to lift cool stuff and go hiking and stuff. Seriously, this podcast is a must-listen!! It’s so eye-opening to all aspects of wellness, Christina brings up topics I never would have thought of.

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