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For owners of thriving online businesses who want to be the ecommerce leader they know they can be! Co-hosted by Jason Miles and Kyle Hamar, co-founders of www.omnirocket.com

The E-commerce Leader: Strategies For Shopify Store Owners Jason Miles & Kyle Hamar

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For owners of thriving online businesses who want to be the ecommerce leader they know they can be! Co-hosted by Jason Miles and Kyle Hamar, co-founders of www.omnirocket.com

    If Dave Ramsey Was Your E-commerce Coach

    If Dave Ramsey Was Your E-commerce Coach

    In this episode we take the most epic Dave Ramsey advice and apply it to e-commerce business owners.

    • 45 min
    The Top 10 Challenges Of Most Business Owners

    The Top 10 Challenges Of Most Business Owners

    In this conversation we break-down the most common problems we see business owners facing.

    • 34 min
    How To Be A Bad Client

    How To Be A Bad Client

    Lessons we can all learn from approaching life with unhelpful mindsets, bad motives, and confused thinking.

    • 36 min
    Our Clients are Crushing it with Contests

    Our Clients are Crushing it with Contests

    In this episode, we share how one recent contest finished with over 100,000 entries and how contests can be a powerful part of your lead generation for e-commerce.  Want to go deeper, grab our 6 module training -- Social Contest Blueprint for only $27!

    00:00:00 - Matching Prizes to Customer Demographics

    00:01:10 - Optimizing the Top of the Funnel

    00:03:09 - The Importance of Leads in E-Commerce

    00:05:32 - Exploring Lead Generation Strategies: Contests vs. Challenges

    00:06:57 - The Power of Free Digital Downloads

    00:08:22 - The Rise of Challenges and Contests

    00:09:51 - Leveraging Contests to Engage Potential Customers

    00:13:47 - Crafting Captivating Contests

    00:15:05 - How to Legally Run a Website Contest

    00:17:42 - Building a Loyal Audience Through Contests

    00:20:32 - Navigating the Mystery of Contest Leads

    00:23:45 - Strategies for Running Effective Contests

    00:25:36 - Leveraging Contests and Marketing Strategies for Shopify Sites

    • 27 min
    Lifetimely - Ten Reasons It's Awesome

    Lifetimely - Ten Reasons It's Awesome

    Season 5 begins with a new co-host - Kyle Hamar! In this conversation we discuss LifeTimely, an app that many of our clients use because it provides deep insight into your marketing numbers. Learn more about the power of LifeTimely in this deep dive episode.Try Lifetimely For Free (this is an affiliate link)

    Top Take-Aways: 
    1. Embrace the E-commerce Entrepreneurship ChallengeEmbarking on an e-commerce entrepreneurship journey is undeniably tough, requiring a blend of resilience, adaptability, and an eagerness to learn. Success in this arena demands more than just a brilliant idea; it's about staying the course despite the obstacles, proving that perseverance is key. As the path to e-commerce success is fraught with challenges, understanding this reality is the first step towards overcoming them.

    2. Utilize Analytics Apps for Informed DecisionsAnalytics apps are indispensable in the e-commerce landscape, offering real-time data analysis to make swift, informed decisions. These tools enable entrepreneurs to quickly compare current data with past records, providing actionable insights at a glance. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, the ability to access and analyze data promptly is a significant advantage.

    3. Analyze Product Performance for Sales OptimizationIdentifying which products are driving repeat purchases is crucial for optimizing sales strategies. By focusing on top-performing products, entrepreneurs can determine where to direct their upselling and cross-selling efforts. This strategic approach not only enhances profitability but also ensures marketing resources are allocated effectively.

    4. Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with Upsell and Cross-sell StrategiesLeveraging upsell and cross-sell opportunities is essential for increasing the lifetime value of customers. By promoting products that have a proven track record of engaging customers, businesses can encourage additional purchases through targeted advertising and the use of specialized apps. This approach helps in driving sales without the constant need for new customer acquisition.

    5. Accelerate the Customer Purchase CycleShortening the time between the first and subsequent purchases is a strategic move to boost profitability. By implementing strategies that encourage quicker repeat purchases, businesses can significantly enhance their bottom line. Accelerating the customer purchase cycle increases the rate at which customers accumulate value for the business, making each customer more valuable over time.


    6. Enhance Email Automation StrategiesEmail marketing remains a powerful tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs. By using purchase path data, you can improve your targeted marketing messages and effectively drive repeat sales faster. 


    7. Boost Profitability with Data-Driven DecisionsThe foundation of enhancing profitability in e-commerce lies in making informed, data-driven decisions. Utilizing analytics for real-time decision-making, combined with targeted marketing strategies, can significantly improve a business's financial performance. By focusing on data and customer behavior, entrepreneurs can optimize their operations for maximum efficiency and profitability.


    • 35 min
    6 Vital questions for your eCommerce business end of year review

    6 Vital questions for your eCommerce business end of year review

    The year is winding down, and as an e-commerce brand owner, it's time to take a deep breath and dive into your annual review.

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Dan1777999877 ,


The E-commerce Leader has quickly become a favorite in my feed. I always walk away learning something new. The way they break down information is so helpful! Highly recommend giving it a listen.

Mevfhyb ,

Great Content

I have been following Jason for a few years now and when he talks I listen. This podcast is no different. The content is great and it just confirms to me that Jason is someone you need to be listening to if you are selling products online

Mind of George - George Bryant ,

Great - Tangible - Actionable

I love when people speak my language… No sustainable business will ever be built on tactics or hacks and Michael and Jason know that and share that with actionable strategies that will actually help you move forward forever, not temporarily until the next trend comes along.

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