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Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, and ongoing discussion and conversation, we will grow compassion for ourselves and others, as well as a better understanding for why we do what we do!

The Enneagram Journey Suzanne Stabile

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Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, and ongoing discussion and conversation, we will grow compassion for ourselves and others, as well as a better understanding for why we do what we do!

    Mallory Wyckoff (3) - Curiosity, Imaginative Prayer, God Is

    Mallory Wyckoff (3) - Curiosity, Imaginative Prayer, God Is

    Channeling our inner Jeff Foxworthy... If you've ever thought to yourself, "How can I make sure people already know that I know the Enneagram and that I'm not new to it like they are?", you might be an Enneagram 3!
    Welcome Mallory Wyckoff to The Enneagram Journey!
    Mallory Wyckoff (DMin, MTS) is a writer, speaker, spiritual director, and peacemaker. She also serves as key relationships officer with Search for Common Ground, the world’s largest organization dedicated to peacebuilding. Having completed her dissertation on the impact of sexual trauma on survivors’ theological perception and spiritual formation, Mallory has a DMin in missional and spiritual formation.
    Today's episode includes talk about Curiosity, the difference between an Enneagram 1 and 3, Shame, Imaginative Prayer, and discussion about her newest book, God Is.
    You can find out more about Mallory at mallorywyckoff.com
    The 4 Mantras and The Holidays with Suzanne Stabile
    Saturday, December 9th in Dallas and Online
    Show Up, Pay Attention, Tell the Truth, Don’t attach to the Results.
    How hard can it be? For different Enneagram numbers, some of these can prove to be difficult enough, but then add the pressures of the holiday season?! No worries though, because this year Suzanne Stabile is going to give us some tools to help us adhere to the 4 Mantras, and have a healthier and happier holiday season.
    Thank you for your support of The Enneagram Journey podcast and of Life in the Trinity Ministry! To learn more about LTM, programming, and to donate visit lifeinthetrinityministry.com/about
    Shame, The Avett Brothers Laura Addis (E3 on The Enneagram Journey Podcast, June 2022) Barbie (Warner Bros. 2023) Ted Lasso (S1, E8)

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    Change, Change, Change

    Change, Change, Change

    Very cool episode of The Enneagram Journey podcast today.
    In the Spring of 2023 Suzanne and Joe taught a 2 day workshop on Change. Change and Spirituality, Change and the Enneagram, Change and Me, Change and You, CHANGE!
    The conversation today between Joe and Suzanne is the second segment of that workshop after the Reverend's opening. You can find that opening teaching here on the LTM website.
    The entire workshop will be available beginning September 12th in the LTM store.
    Suzanne is teaching in Dallas September 23rd, in Houston September 30th, and in Porterville, CA October 13-14. We hope you can make it for one of these events! You can find all of the information and links for registration at lifeinthetrinityministry.com/events
    Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp, Kid Rock Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004 DreamWorks Pictures) Changes, David Bowie Scrubs (S2.E14) Changes, 2Pac  

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    August 2023 Q&A

    August 2023 Q&A

    Its your monthly Q&A session with Suzanne!
    I'm struggling between knowing if I'm a 1 or a 2 Question from a 6 and 9 in relationship and new to the enneagram Several questions about Enneagram 4s and relationships How can a 5 and 9 get stuff done? A parenting question AND MORE "It's never really a matter of the withdrawing stance not knowing what to do. It's a matter of wanting to do what needs to be done."
    Its a quick plug, but a great one! The Road Back to You has sold over 1 MILLION copies!!! Join LTM and The Enneagram Journey podcast in celebrating on Friday, October 20th at The Ivy Tavern in Dallas. There will be a live recording of the podcast and you'll get to be around the LTM community as well as other enneagram enthusiasts in a really fun cool atmosphere. You can find all of the information as it is made available at lifeinthetrinityministry.com
    Congratulations Suzanne!!
    Family Guy (S16, E12) "Just Breathe", Pearl Jam (2009) The Office (S9, E18) Just Friends (New Line Cinema, 2005)

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    Jasmine Miller (6) - Layered Thinking & Doing Things Afraid

    Jasmine Miller (6) - Layered Thinking & Doing Things Afraid

    Meet Jasmine Miller!
    Enneagram 6, mother of two, married to Nat (9), and your new favorite Public Service Announcer. In today's episode, we're going to listen to a little of the show Lost, talk about Fear and Anxiety, journaling, and what it's like to be an enneagram 6 with two little ones around.
    Two upcoming events!
    Houston, TX - September 30, 2024 join Suzanne at St. Paul's UMC for Relationships and the Enneagram. Click here for more information and registration. Porterville, Ca - October 13-14 you can dive into The Path Between Us and Relationships and the Enneagram with Suzanne on her birthday! Want to know what present to give her: your attendance! Click here for more information and registration. Don't wait until it is too late to apply for the 2024 LTM Cohort Program! The final day to apply is September 1, 2023.
    Visit lifeinthetrinityministry.com/2024cohorts for all of the dates, information and application.
    LTM is a place for solitary work that cannot be done alone, and the Cohort program is the perfect example!
    Friends (Season 10, Episode 9) Let's Be Cops (2014, 20th Century Studios) Wedding Crashers (2005 New Line Cinema)

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    Back to School with the Enneagram Parents

    Back to School with the Enneagram Parents

    It is that time!
    Joey and Billy Schewee ,aka the Enneagram Parents, join Suzanne and Joel at The Micah Center to talk about this magical time of the year that is: BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!
    They're going to share some of their experiences, what they've learned from others on The Journey and help us to better understand our children during this transitional period as well as help us make some better parenting choices. After listening, we're sure you'll want to find them on social media. They're most active on Instagram and Facebook @enneagramparents.
    2023 Enneagram Bootcamp: Naming and Navigating was so wonderful. You can still register to watch the replay of all 3 days of teaching at lifeinthetrinityministry.com. Apply today for the 2024 LTM Cohort Program! In 2024 LTM will offer 4 Cohorts: The Enneagram Cohort, The Contemplative Cohort, The Family Systems Cohort, and the Deconstruction/Reconstruction Cohort. Click here to find the dates, descriptions, and expectations as well as the application. LTM is a place for solitary work that cannot be done alone! Lifeinthetrinityministry.com
    South Park (Season 24, Episode 1) Big Daddy (1999, Columbia Pictures) Billy Madison (1995, Universal Pictures) "What I Go To School For", Jonas Brothers

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    June 2023 Q&A

    June 2023 Q&A

    A lot packed into today's episode!
    This Q&A conversation was recorded in front of a live audience on The Table. Suzanne answers questions that have been sent in via the voicemail app on theenneagramjourney.com as well as some that were submitted live during the recording.
    What is her experience with twins and enneagram numbers? Comparing a 7 in stress vs. an 8 in low space Mistyping between a 1 and 4 2s and altruistic giving aaaaand more!  
    Kansas City, June 23-24, The Enneagram with Suzanne Stabile.
    Find your enneagram number and explore the role it plays in your life and in your relationships.
    Tickets are only $30 at Resurrection UMC. Click here for more information and registration.
    2023 Enneagram Bootcamp: Naming and Navigating, August 3-5
    The flagship event each year for LTM. This 3 day teaching event is for everyone no matter where you are on your Enneagram Journey. Suzanne will be combining Enneagram Triad teaching with Enneagram Stance wisdom to help participants better name and navigate their way in the world. Join us in Dallas for an incredible opportinity of growth and community, but if you cannot be with us in person, join online from where you are in the world!
    Todays INTRO:
    "Nobody Like Me (Think I'll Go Eat Worms)" ABC Kids The Office - S6: E4 Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley, SNL (NBC)

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4.8 out of 5
2.1K Ratings

2.1K Ratings

::kmccox:: ,


This podcast is fun, insightful, helpful, and packed with depth and compassion. Probably my favorite podcast when I want to feel more hopeful.

TJK Avid Kistener ,

Thank You Thank you for your wisdom

I love this podcast. It’s helped me so much to understand who I am and how to use that information effectively. I love Suzanne & her team.

ibbykb ,

Often helpful and sometimes frustrating

I've listened to most of The Enneagram Journey podcasts. I have often found them helpful in understanding myself, my loved ones and colleagues. Suzanne is a well- read, thoughtful and wise woman; however, I get frustrated at times when listener questions aren't adequately answered. Suzanne can go off on a tangent...., especially if a question comes from a type she doesn't relate to as closely.

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