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Documenting the antics of a few Michigan natives scattered across the U.S. The GDS lets you become a fly on the wall during conversations of nonsense, laughs and stupid personal behavior while attempting to bring you pop culture, news and other dumb content .

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Documenting the antics of a few Michigan natives scattered across the U.S. The GDS lets you become a fly on the wall during conversations of nonsense, laughs and stupid personal behavior while attempting to bring you pop culture, news and other dumb content .

    Mom Jeans? Lets stop that shit already

    Mom Jeans? Lets stop that shit already

    Kid, Zaldor and Sizzle do a post Deja Vu show where we touch on topics including what in the ever living f**k is up with Mom Jeans, Zaldor trying to make the Kid listen to country music, old guys banging young women and we wrap with a call to Zaldor’s wife to see how drunk she is. Listen in. Go Deep.
    1:00 Hard times with new nicknames
    2:00 I can’t really like that name 
    3:00 We needed a cause 
    4:00 Bang without the parts 
    5:00 Popularity vs Money or both 
    6:00 Al Pachino 
    7:00 There’s nothing weird about it 
    8:00 Guy sleeps with young woman 
    9:00 How many times do you come into town 
    10:00 Hot Tub - mom jeans and no naked chicks 
    11:00 Hell Michigan Mountain Dew 
    12:00 Garbage country shit  
    13:00 Talking about country music 
    14:00 Who’s gonna f**k me tonight 
    15:00 S****y Music 
    16:00 Kid was wondering if you were wasted
    17:00 We’d go broke 
    18:00 She hung up 
    19:00 Parasail fail  
    Go Deep.

    • 20 min
    My pussy the Chia Pet

    My pussy the Chia Pet

    Kid and Fiona discuss road head, hot dresses, mustache rides, looking good, hiking up dresses to get f****d at weddings and how pig like men are. Kid discusses soft pussy hair and trim jobs, Fiona fills us in on getting waxed and we’re taking applications for crustache rides. Kid suggest video work that gets Fiona over her current situation and tells every bitch that he’ll be asleep with a tongue out for some face rides. Listen in. Go Deep.
    1:00 Sunshine and happiness - all that b******t
    2:00 If a genie came down - Wish for simple things 
    3:00 I’m f*****g pissed - Neglect the pussy 
    4:00 Conversation on trim 
    5:00 Just to see how fast it would grow back in 
    6:00 This is gonna be fun when its done 
    7:00 What could make you get over someone 
    8:00 My mustache is crustache worthy 
    9:00 You’ve discussed this before - pussy on the regular 
    10:00 Its important to show how much you care 
    11:00 Looking phenomenal 
    12:00 Hiking my dress to my neck and getting f****d 
    13:00 I’m just getting dutch ruttered 
    14:00 People need to stop the worry so much
    15:00 Curious about this wedding thing 
    16:00 GDS logo on the pussy
    17:00 Watching me and WTF are you looking at 
    18:00 I’m a pig 
    19:00 So we can hi five each other 
    Go Deep.

    • 20 min
    Kick me in the nuts

    Kick me in the nuts

    Kid and Fiona tell you not to drink pee pee shakes in this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. Topics also include messing with Fiona, Devil spawn saying stuff at school they shouldn’t and words that just shouldn’t be uttered no matter how disturbing the scenario. 
    1:00 You look so tan - sitting in the sun for hours
    2:00 I will mess with you - The killer word 
    3:00 I know you’re bigger than this 
    4:00 Your offspring - Devil’s spawn 
    5:00 You describe what happens
    6:00 Good to see you super polite
    7:00 That one morning
    8:00 So and so kicked me in the nuts 
    9:00 Clearly you know how I feel 
    10:00 Don’t tell people about mom’s biz 
    11:00 They’re mine so I kinda gotta like em 
    12:00 I’m gone for the weekend 
    13:00 Bill Burr 
    14:00 My Aunt TT said the N word 
    15:00 This is f*****g b******t 
    16:00 Love weird awkward strange feeling
    17:00 I need a tinkle shake 
    18:00 Knowing is half the battle 
    19:00 Destroy my hopes and dreams 
    Go Deep.

    • 20 min
    Flicking his dick under the table

    Flicking his dick under the table

    Kid and Fiona welcome back JayBird and Hi Ho The Thundercat where we discuss our favorite new commercial on CNN and how to actually cover the war. Kid sends you off on a jack mission to check out some BiBi Jones, We compare our big parties and the Kid gets called out on for not going to Florida. We talk age differences, hot musicians, famous people and butter faces.  Listen in. Go Deep.
    1:00 Oh my god remember that
    2:00 Sirens ring out 
    3:00 Isn’t that f*****g amazing 
    4:00 Its time for war m***********s 
    5:00 Sending our troops in 
    6:00 Bibi Jones - go jack off to this bitch 
    7:00 He’s got a butterface like a m**********r 
    8:00 Ed Belfore 
    9:00 This is probably my ghostbuster dream 
    10:00 Jaybird autograph - Seinfeld 
    11:00 Halloween Party’s being epic 
    12:00 I’m a little Italian chick 
    13:00 Two sucky’s 
    14:00 She’s a Vag-ician 
    15:00 She didn’t know - no way to get home 
    16:00 He’s dead now
    17:00 Only met when I was very little 
    18:00 Dad could play a trumpet 
    19:00 Hot musician women? 
    20:00 You’re 46 are you f*****g with me
    21:00 He was 45 and she was 22 
    22:00 She doesn’t sleep at all
    23:00 I’m not even joking - laugh at that
    24:00 They make stools
    25:00 No No I can’t do that - fly you to Florida
    26:00 Guess who shamed him a little
    27:00 You could have come to Florida
    28:00 When am I allowed to have a girlfriend
    29:00 Decide to do the right or wrong thing
    30:00 Fiona you ever done that before
    31:00 Women are scary attractive
    32:00 Playing with his dick
    33:00 Alot of b******t going on here
    Go Deep.

    • 33 min
    Fiona’s Side Piece F**k Buddy

    Fiona’s Side Piece F**k Buddy

    Special Hour Long Edition where we all learn to not piss off Fiona. She tells the tale of how to really have a dysfunctional relationship, end a marriage and maintain some chitty chitty bang bang time with someone “special” even after a traumatic abandonment in another state.  This one also includes Our boy JBird and Hi F*****g Ho The Thundercat.  Topics include how many holes you can stick a dick in, who Fiona reminds us of, feelings are for dumb f***s, a duffle bag full of fun things to play with sexually and the tale of Fiona’s love hate love with the wonderful drama in her world.  We wrap up with naked shaved celebrities and telling pussy bitches to f**k off.  Its all good in hood.  For some people.  Listen in… if you dare. Go F*****g Deeper. 
    1:00 At least three maybe for - probably 5 holes
    2:00 They’re all busting a nut on the hat
    3:00 Do you need some help - WTF 
    4:00 You reminded me of Christina Applegate
    5:00 They just turned all their ages too 
    6:00 Kinda being a douche
    7:00 He only did it the one time 
    8:00 Decided to move out 
    9:00 Nobody knows J-Bird 
    10:00 Eat that f****r 
    11:00 Feelings are just gonna happen 
    12:00 Done some dumb f*****g shit 
    13:00 I’m not sure where he’s at 
    14:00 F**k like rabbits or raped apes 
    15:00 X hubby hope 
    16:00 Duffle bag of f**k
    17:00 Your mommy in law is at the front desk 
    18:00 Cover my face in the lobby 
    19:00 Mommy in law flew home 
    20:00 Guess what? More people know
    21:00 Throw on a face
    22:00 After the Nashville situation
    23:00 You wanna f**k? Yeah!
    24:00 To be a dick - Take me for Valentines day
    25:00 I was hitting him up for it
    26:00 There’s no lumpy there
    27:00 At least I got flowers on Valentines day
    28:00 He can’t not look at my Facebook
    29:00 So far from what you’ve heard what’s your take?
    30:00 He’s wasting your time right now - The done deal
    31:00 Doesn’t help when the crazy bitch wife holds the kids overhead
    32:00 She sowed her wild Oates
    33:00 Not believing or trusting
    34:00 At least you tried
    35:00 Deployed? A long time ago
    36:00 Instead of doing the right thing
    37:00 Apparently I’m outta here - The complexity
    38:00 He hasn’t tried - When’s the last time you banged him
    39:00 When you keep f*****g giving it up - Come to me
    40:00 Convince me I’m not the side piece
    41:00 All I needed was to get mines
    42:00 We don’t say that - Grunt and moan and bark a little bit
    43:00 I’m talking about your sweet spot
    44:00 You want to eat it too. - Shove it in my face
    45:00 You washing the whore off? 
    46:00 Dua Lipa
    47:00 The lighting - Guarantee the airbrushing
    48:00 Sara Jean Underwood
    49:00 The convention and Sara
    50:00 I could botox her
    51:00 She had a film
    52:00 Who was the poor girl - Tom Hanks - Meg Ryan
    53:00 Let time happen
    54:00 Jumps but I gotta go bye. Get what you want
    55:00 Rosanna Arquette
    56:00 Wiffleball Field skinny dip - Final Words
    Go Deep.

    • 57 min
    Let’s fake our deaths

    Let’s fake our deaths

    Kid and Fiona sling a bunch of b******t at ya, Kid does the show with no glasses, talks about Depp wanting to stick his bitch in a trunk, Fiona’s porno potty mouth, faking our deaths, being depressed and how to break out of it along with saying and playing inappropriate things in the car while you take your kids to Jesus School. Listen in. Go Deep.
    1:00 I have to wear my glasses on the tip
    2:00 Any rules - Share away 
    3:00 All better now - stomach hurt 
    4:00 If you don’t know the trial you’re a rah-tahd 
    5:00 Ferrari’s are awesome 
    6:00 Everyone knows how porno potty mouth Fiona is 
    7:00 This woman was into squirting blood during sex 
    8:00 Is that the proper term 
    9:00 Michigan Music History Podcast 
    10:00 Getting up there. Weird without glasses 
    11:00 Discuss the show - getting out of the funk 
    12:00 LB in the card with kids and normal conversations 
    13:00 It still exists 
    14:00 Va-gagger - Giant poon 
    15:00 She’ll go all space cadet - zone out 
    16:00 Music pretty damn loud - gangster rap
    17:00 Fiona left me a drink 
    18:00 Playlist for funeral 
    19:00 Get face lifts and fake our deaths 

    • 20 min

Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

gospelofjon ,

Dumbest show ever

Absolutely immature and unnecessary. I love it.

Donut Lover 2003 ,

Always happy to kill 30 minutes with these guys

One of the O.G. podcasts on planet earth right here. Back catalog going all the way back to 2003? Seriously? Not very many shows can say that. Keep it up Kid and the rest of the crew. Go Deep.

Taos Artist ,

Could have been 5 stars except...

...for the overt homophobia. Grow up, boys.

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