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Our motivational-minded podcast covers topics women want to know about as they journey to and through menopause. We cover topics that impact women’s health and healthy aging, including what it means to age healthfully. Hosted by the National Menopause Foundation's CEO, Claire Gill.

The Positive Pause National Menopause Foundation

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Our motivational-minded podcast covers topics women want to know about as they journey to and through menopause. We cover topics that impact women’s health and healthy aging, including what it means to age healthfully. Hosted by the National Menopause Foundation's CEO, Claire Gill.

    The Art of Being Unmessablewith – Josselyne Herman-Saccio

    The Art of Being Unmessablewith – Josselyne Herman-Saccio

    Today’s episode of the Positive Pause is with Josselyne Herman-Saccio. For more than 30 years, Josselyne has been leading transformative programs and coaching people who experience themselves stuck or "messablewith" in certain areas. She has worked with and impacted over 200,000 people directly in the areas of business and career, relationships and family, communication and self-expression, fulfilling vision, resolving conflict, and overall “well” being. In addition, since 2008, as the founder of the nonprofit organization, United Global Shift​, she has worked with leaders from more than 20 countries.
    Josselyne penned the concept “Unmessablewith” which means being able to create at any moment instead of just reacting. It means that no matter what you’re dealing with, no matter the person or the circumstance, you’re able to create at any time. 

    Discovery is a very powerful place. That’s where breakthroughs happen. – Josselyne Herman-Saccio

    In this episode, Josselyne shares the following practices she applies to be able to create the life she wants:
    Breaking down false mindsetsCreating vs. managing your lifeUtilizing calendars as a tool to createEvery decade of my life has been more exciting than the previous one. – Claire Gill
    She also shares stories throughout the years, how she constantly made decisions that led to her creating the life she wanted. And if there’s anything Josselyne can leave you with, it’s this message: get clear about what you want, then act on it.

    Fun fact: In 1993, Josselyne’s pop group, Boy Krazy, fulfilled her lifelong dream when their debut single, "That’s What Love Can Do", knocked Whitney Houston’s "I Will Always Love You" out of the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 40 Charts. This is when Boy Krazy joined the ranks of the Beatles and Elvis Presley as artists whose debut single went #1, truly a dream come true.

    To hear all the wisdom and practical advice Josselyne shares, listen to the full episode. 

    Connect with Josselyne:
    The Art of Being Unmessablewith
    JHA Management
    Calendar Workshop

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    Taking a Big Bite out of Life: Combining Foods, Friends and Fun

    Taking a Big Bite out of Life: Combining Foods, Friends and Fun

    In today's episode of The Positive Pause, Bonnie Tandy Leblang, National Menopause Foundation Board Member, leads the conversation on the fun of life with guest, Silvia Baldini.
    Silvia is a branding expert and an Italian-born chef known for her work with popular Italian ingredients. She’s knowledgeable and passionate about food and wellness, and she holds the belief that wholesome cooking and traditional wisdom combined with technology will be the key to living a happy and healthy life. Silvia is an exceptional and passionate speaker, storyteller, educator, vibrant creator, product developer, and food entrepreneur.

    Silvia approaches life with an excitement that comes across in this episode. She applies this in her cooking and her approach that it should go beyond just wanting to feed yourself. Her love for food has led her to look for and learn about the best quality ingredients she can use to create the best dishes and the best experiences.  

    Her pursuit of quality ingredients led to some of her most exciting work, like launching The Secret Ingredient Girls, developing Coconut X Oil (which will re-launch in September 2023), and collaborating with Grace Farms to create a line of locally manufactured products with ethically sourced ingredients.

    When it comes to her experience with menopause, and those of the women around her, Silvia is frustrated at how little it’s talked about and how little women actually know, and calls for more research and education to go behind it. She believes that it shouldn’t stop women from living their best life, and that products can be developed to help women during this time.

    Important Links
    Silvia Baldini Website
    The Secret Ingredient Girls
    Grace Farms

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    What the Tech is Happening in Menopause with Dr. Pamela Peeke

    What the Tech is Happening in Menopause with Dr. Pamela Peeke

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    Body Image at Midlife with Ellen Albertson

    Body Image at Midlife with Ellen Albertson

    In today's episode of The Positive Pause, we get to hear a relatable discussion on some of the shared struggles of women: low self-image, comparison, practicing self-compassion, going through menopause. Claire is joined by Dr. Ellen Albertson.
    Dr. Albertson is also known as The Midlife Whisperer™. She is a Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Mindful Self-compassion Teacher, and author. She helps women transform themselves so they have energy, confidence, and clarity to make their next chapter their best chapter.
    In this episode, Dr. Albertson shares that there are two parts to improving our self-image: getting rid of basing our self-work on our looks and practicing self-compassion. She breaks down her research on self-compassion, what it is, how to practice it, and her discovery that in order for us to love our bodies, the only successful approach is by practicing compassion.
    Menopause can also be the perfect time for transformation. Though a difficult time, it’s still a great time to slow down, take a pause, and take in your life, check what is and isn’t working, and ask how you can take better care of yourself. It’s a great opportunity to transform your entire self.
    Menopause is a journey and it’s different for each woman, but it can be a beautiful time if we allow ourselves to go through it with compassion and take it as a time for ourselves.
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    National Menopause Foundation
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    WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInRock Your Midlife Podcast

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    Women’s Health Tech with Ann Garnier

    Women’s Health Tech with Ann Garnier

    Today’s guest is Ann Garnier, a healthcare leader and the driving force behind Lisa Health, the creator of the Midday App for menopause and healthy aging. As co-founder and CEO, Ann has dedicated her career to improving women's health using technology.

    Her passion for transforming women's health after 40, coupled with her expertise in artificial intelligence and advanced technology, positions Ann as a true trailblazer in the realm of midlife women's health and menopause support.

    We’ve all heard the myths: that technology can’t help midlife women, that digital health can’t provide menopause support, and that it’s not safe to share personal health information online. Ann Garnier is here to share the truth about women's health and technology and how it can help all of us.

    Acknowledging menopause as a life stage enables women to better manage their health and wellness during this time, fostering a positive, informed approach to their journey. In this episode, Garnier shares her insights on addressing menopause as a life stage. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing that every woman's experience with menopause is unique, highlighting the need for personalized guidance and support.

    Ann also highlights the abundance of misinformation and ineffective solutions in the menopause space. She stresses the importance of guiding women through their menopause journey with evidence-based and science-backed guidance. Garnier's dedication to accurate information and personalized support is exemplified in the development of the Midday App.

    Claire and Ann also discuss the importance of providing accurate information. The Midday App was developed through collaborative research with top clinical and research institutions, such as Mayo Clinic and others. The app ensures that all information provided is supported by scientific evidence. Garnier emphasizes the need to break down ageist assumptions by demonstrating the potential of technology to transform women's health in midlife.

    Download the Midday app from Lisa Health 

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    The Whole Body Reset

    The Whole Body Reset

    Heidi Skolnik is joining Claire on the podcast today. Considered a thought leader in nutrition, Heidi has influenced millions through her media work, writing and thriving consulting business. Heidi has been part of The Women’s Sports Medicine Center at HSS for over 20 years. Her company Nutrition Conditioning, oversees the Performance Nutrition program at The Juilliard School and the School of American Ballet and she has consulted with numerous Broadway shows.

    Her book Whole Body Reset: Your Weight-Loss Plan for a Flat Belly, Optimum Health and a Body You’ll Love at Midlife and Beyond is the topic for today’s conversation.

    Weight gain is one of the things that affect women as they enter menopause. Heidi joined journalist and author Stephen Perrine to answer the question about why this happens. AARP staff also tested the science as part of this project.

    Our metabolism does not change in any significant way as we age.
    That’s right! It’s steady throughout our life. What does change is less muscle which begins declining at about age 30 and continues unless we actively work to maintain muscle.

    If muscle loss is the issue, what can we do about that?
    We are always breaking down and building back metabolically. When we are younger, building back happens quickly. As we age, the process continues but we don’t build back muscle at the same rate. 
    Part of the solution is protein timing. We need to hit 25 grams of protein at every meal to overcome the resistance to muscle-building. Heidi outlines how you can do this by adding protein at each meal since most of us consume most of our protein at the end of the day.

    All foods fit.
    Heidi explains why timing is key to your nutrition overall. The benefits impact our muscles, bone health, weight gain or loss as well as strength and balance. Staying active and functional as we age is related to keeping our muscles strong.

    The concept of aging is changing.
    That’s the good news. We now know things that we can do to not just extend our lives but to also to stay active so we can do the things we want to do. Heidi shares several easy concepts that will help support a long active lifestyle. It’s not an either or, it’s both. Good nutrition, more muscle and staying active are part of a complete solution to aging well.

    She recommends thinking about fat loss and muscle maintenance and growth instead of weight loss. Learning to eat in a way that support muscle mass is a great first step.

    Changing habits is part of the solution.
    Part of the solution is making changes in movement, nutrition, and lifestyle. Addressing things like portion control, moving more, adding resistance training, and making sure you add more protein and fiber to each meal will all make positive impacts to your health.

    Start where you are.
    Heidi encourages all of us to focus on the process and the behavior. We have control of our choices each day and making incremental changes in those choices can result in better health outcomes. 

    If you’re looking for specifics about how-to the book is a great place to start. There are things all of us can do to feel good. 

    Whole Body Reset Book
    Heidi’s Website
    Heidi on Instagram

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