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The PowerShell Podcast highlights what makes PowerShell so great, the community. Each week we want to highlight people, blogs, videos, and Galleries that have gone into making PowerShell so great.

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The PowerShell Podcast highlights what makes PowerShell so great, the community. Each week we want to highlight people, blogs, videos, and Galleries that have gone into making PowerShell so great.

    Capitalizing on Opportunity with Mikey Lombardi

    Capitalizing on Opportunity with Mikey Lombardi

    In the episode, Mikey Lombardi explains how his involvement in the PowerShell community has opened opportunities throughout his career. We discuss how imposter syndrome can prevent you from even trying for a fantastic opportunity and how much growth can come from being brave in those moments. We learned the reasons behind his PowerShell course, pwshop, and why he has made it free. We also cover, cross-domain learning, documentation, biggest mistakes, and more. 


    See the episode on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uCzTuojMbY


    Guest Bio and links:

    Mikey Lombardi is a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft, working on PowerShell Learn content. Always a gentleman, Mikey has been a positive force in the community for a long time. You like PowerShell? Awesome Documentation? Amazing tabletop campaigns? You found them, my friends. Follow him. FOLLOW HIM NOW!!!!!! 










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    Patterns and Projects in PowerShell with Chris Bergmeister

    Patterns and Projects in PowerShell with Chris Bergmeister

    In this episode, we learn more about how Christopher, a traditionally trained .NET developer, approaches PowerShell patterns and projects. He shares with us a wealth of wisdom that he’s learned throughout his career. From discussing the learning opportunities that a Pull Request gives, all the way to getting started with open source and the role it played in getting his Microsoft MVP status. Chris also shared with us the meaning and importance of KISS. 


    Guest Bio and links:

    Christopher Bergmeister is a Microsoft MVP, open-source aficionado, ScriptAnalyzer maintainer, and more. You can find him speaking at conferences/user groups, contributing code online, and being a positive force in the community.  








    See it on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJr4kJFam8c


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    Shy Bairns Get Nowt with Brett Miller

    Shy Bairns Get Nowt with Brett Miller

    In this episode, we discuss Brett’s unusual path to IT. He discusses how his contributions to the community have changed over the years. We discuss the similarities in problem-solving between daily tasks and coding. Jordan learns that listing yak shaving in Twitter bios is not a secret language between the PowerShell community but is a common expression. Last, we discussed his trip to South Hampton to attend a PowerShell user group, where he was able to catch up with several people from the PowerShell community. 


    Guest Bio and links:

    Brett Miller is a cloud platform engineer and Microsoft MVP, using PowerShell and related technologies on the regular. You can find him regularly speaking at user groups like the Southampton PowerShell User Group, blogging on his website, on Twitter, and more. 








    See the podcast on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaErbstVKAQ

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    Exploring AutomatedLab and DSC with Raimund Andrée

    Exploring AutomatedLab and DSC with Raimund Andrée

    In this episode, we revisit AutomatedLab with the other primary maintainer, Raimund Andrée. Raimund teaches us about DSC and shares details of the DSCWorkshop project, which is a great way to go about learning more about DSC in a hands-on manner. We also learned about Cattle vs. Pets and how that applies to your servers. You can hear all of this, plus more in this companion episode to our first AutomatedLab episode. 


    Guest Bio and links: Raimund Andrée is a Cloud Solution Architect and Microsoft with over 20 years of experience. Raimund has been involved in Open Source and the PowerShell community for a long time. Raimund works on several projects that have a large reach and has helped thousands of PowerShell users. You can find him tweeting on Twitter, contributing to projects on GitHub, speaking at conferences, and more.  





    The PowerShell module toolbox and templates for Continuous Delivery - Raimund Andrée - PSConfE... 

    The DSC project blueprint or how to start a DSC project the right way by Raimund Andrée 





    View the Podcast on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMALY186tdk

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    Introducing AutomatedLab with Jan

    Introducing AutomatedLab with Jan

    Episode Summary:

    In this episode, we get an initial introduction to AutomatedLab by one of the primary maintainers, Jan-Hendrik Peters. We learned about what AutomatedLab is used for and how you can benefit from it. We also got to hear about his observations from teaching PowerShell over the years. All this, plus our usual foolishness, is included. We also talk about how tech is always changing. See it on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sPqoxqFgaY


    Guest Bio and links:

    Jan-Hendrik Peters is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. Jan-Hendrik has been helping others take advantage of PowerShell and Microsoft technologies for a long time. He enjoys brewery, blacksmithing, and closing issues on AutomatedLab.








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    Toasting Git with Cory Knox

    Toasting Git with Cory Knox

    In this episode, we chat with Cory Knox. We talked all about the PowerShell discord and how it’s grown over the years and is a great resource to connect with the community and have your questions answered. Cory and Jordan find common ground in their experiences with Toastmasters. Cory also talks to us about Git, how to get started using Git for PowerShell projects, an awesome PowerShell module to enhance your Git console experience, and more. 


    Guest Bio and links:

    Cory is a Chocolatey Software Engineer with a background in End User Computing who enjoys working with PowerShell and C# while dabbling in whatever language a project that needs a fix might be using. Constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and improve developer experiences. You can see Cory in the PowerShell community Discord, on Twitter, speaking at conferences, active on GitHub, and occasionally streams on twitch. 












    View the webcast on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjjFbTa_ffs


    • 1 hr 26 min

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18 Ratings

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