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Imagine if Howard Stern met the Daily Show. Thats what the Q hailing from St. Louis, MO attempts to achieve weekly. Hosted by Mark Bland, The Q is a current affairs and pop culture show with a political twist. Weekly the guys interview actors, writers, artist and a revolving cast of characters to bring you multiple views of some of the most controversial and engaging topics of our time.

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Imagine if Howard Stern met the Daily Show. Thats what the Q hailing from St. Louis, MO attempts to achieve weekly. Hosted by Mark Bland, The Q is a current affairs and pop culture show with a political twist. Weekly the guys interview actors, writers, artist and a revolving cast of characters to bring you multiple views of some of the most controversial and engaging topics of our time.

    The Q - 429 - The New Roaring 20's

    The Q - 429 - The New Roaring 20's

    Mark Bland is bringing this into the 2nd decade of it's existence and now we have a new group of years and experiences to take a trip together on and learn about! 

    It's 2020 and things are starting off hot in the world of President'ing. First up, joining Mark on the show for this first episode of the decade is none other than Gary Weed and St. Louis Hip Hop artist Marzo!  Marzo has slowly been working his game up and performing all over the midwest, but decides to grace the Q microphone for this show. 

    First up, Mark wants to discuss with the guys the good, the bad and the ugly from the past decade. Race immediately gets brought up as the guys discuss the Ferguson and Trayvon Martin situations, Trump being elected as well as some fun things that happened in that decade. This also goes down a road where Gary thinks some words should be as bad to hear as the N-word and everyone discusses.

    Next the show switches gears to discuss the current affairs in the USA and what is going on. The President is still dealing with Impeachment and it's not getting better at all. Mark explains how the democrats dropped the ball on this impeachment and how it's not looking like it will work out well for them. This turns to Mark asking "Could Civil War happen at this point?"  Will it or won't it. Country is definitely divided and wanting to tussle it up a bit, but will it happen.

    Finally all new guests on the show have to go through our little obstacle course that we like to call "The Hot Seat". Marzo is on for the first time, so he is fielding random questions he did not know about. You get a chance to break down that artist facade and learn a little bit about the guy behind the magic. And we learn Marzo needs to watch more TV...he's horribly lacking in knowledge of popular shows...LOL. 

    All this and much more on the Q!

    Facebook: MARZO
    Twitter: @itsmarzo

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    The Q - 428 - End of a Decade

    The Q - 428 - End of a Decade

    Mark the host of the show has spent the entire decade spilling his heart and thoughts into the Q show and trying to bring some semblance of morals and thought to the political things he says and puts out. With that, we go into the 2020's ending on the most important discussion of the show's history...The impeachment of Donald J. Trump 45th President of the USA. 

    As this show was ramping up, the House decided to vote and Impeach the 45th president of the USA. This has been talked about for weeks and weeks. Debated for weeks  and months. It's a very serious and sensitive subject, but also a huge change to the way the President is viewed worldwide and by other foreign leaders.  Mark is joined to discuss all of this by Brandon Travis (our verified high flyer and resident thrill seeker) and Owner of Take A Hike Bike Shop, Joe Russell.

    First up, Mark and the guys discuss being thrill seekers and how they connect and become acquainted with each other. This leads directly into impeachment talk. Joe and Brandon not being deeply ingrained in national politics discuss why Trump is in the position he is in. Mark illuminates other aspects and the gentlemen discuss their opinions about Trump and this impeachment that is ACTUALLY happening.  Including the way the debates went defending Trump with crazy Pontius Pilot talk and other things. 

    This leads to discussion of False Flag operations and some conspiracy theories that Brandon wants to discuss. Mark points out to the men that being conspiratorial is technically anti-american in it's normal stance. Mark must defend his remarks but it all comes back to Trump not even having his cabinet full three years into his presidency. 

    Finally, and on the last one of this decade, Joe Russell of Take a Hike Bike shop jumps on the HOTSEAT to discuss all the questions Mark and Brandon pose to him. This leads down a road discussing the past decade and the favorite moment in the past 10 years for Joe and Brandon. This open another pandora's box and the guys talk about life and the strange places it takes you when viewing such huge chunks of your past. 

    From everyone at the Q...Joe Russell and Brandon Travis...and to all of you and your families...Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are gonna finish off the decade in Style and bring in the New Roaring 20's. Thank you 2010's for being amazing to The Q and all the friends/fans we made in the past decade. We look forward to doing it great for another decade too!  

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    The Q - 427 - A Better Organization

    The Q - 427 - A Better Organization

    Patrick Wilson and Comedian Jonathan (Award winning) May come on the Q to disucss the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump...but the story starts off before that. 
    Mark starts by checking into the music background of Patrick and early growing up in St. Louis County. This leads to a interesting discussion of the best shows the guys ever seen at clubs in St. Louis or even at all. 

    Mark then changes the focus to music and culture. Ferguson shows up in the convo and Patrick discusses how his day went the day the Michael Brown incident happened. Which leads to stories from Jonathan and Mark.  This tuns to talk of the Beach Boys and how black culture views white crossover artists and which ones have been taken in by black culture.

    Then the talk switches to the Golden Globes and specifically Mark wants to discuss if Tom Hanks playing Mr. Rogers is a SUPPORTING ROLE. He's nominated for Supporting Actor in a movie and not as the Lead Actor. This brings up some great movies and which ones you should watch for or see.

    Finally, Mark turns the topic to impeachment and Trump and where he is at at this current point. Jonathan May comes up witha genius way to explain Trump to people that might not get how the man operates. But sadly, that is the end of our show...due to technical difficulties, the last 20 minutes of the show did not record and therefore must bid you adieu at that point. But we will work the kink out and be back to fresh next week! 

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    The Q - 426 - Media Blackout

    The Q - 426 - Media Blackout

    Oh the world we live in. Enjoy this episode of the Q with myself and Jason Kull. 

    I'd try to explain but there is a media blackout and I can't. 

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    The Q - 425 - POGAN

    The Q - 425 - POGAN


    Parental Guidance is SUGGESTED HEAVILY! 


    On this episode of the Q, Marcus and Cecil of The Soulardians podcast joined Mark to discuss their show and everything else in their world. 

    First up Mark and the guys discuss their political positions. Cecil focuses much more heavily on the local STL scene when dealing with Politics, where Marcus doesn't put it out there all that much.
    From there, the guys discuss Candace Owens and her new push to be Anti-Vax and tell people something special about HPV. Find out what our friend Candace said....

    Next, Mark and Cecil start talking about conspiracy theory and podcasting. Of course Rogan comes up and it's so easy to say his name and " You're listening to Rogan!" So Mark gets a unique idea to try and see how it works. Probably will fail, but oh well.

    This finally leads to a discussion about the new Marijuana Laws and how Joe Biden and Bloomberg and all the different people are kinda spinning their support for and against the drug as it becomes a larger national focus. Finally, Mark puts The Soulardians on the HOTSEAT! They answer the questions and we all enjoy an interesting cultural discussion that pops up. 

    If you would like to listen to the Soulardians, you can find more info here:


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    The Q - 424 - OK BOOMER

    The Q - 424 - OK BOOMER

    Professional Wrestler Damion Cortess joins the show along with Gary Weed and Producer Bobby. But there is one thing on the mind of host Mark Bland, the new "OK BOOMER" line and hashtag on social media. 

    First off Damion tells the guys about his upbringing. Where wrestling fit into his life. How it changed his perspective. But most of all, the story of his aunt and him regarding Wrestlemania one year...you have to hear the story!

    Next, Gary is hot and bothered because his life is changing a bit and he is on the search for a new place to live. But he keeps running into some pretty tough agents and renters. Are they int he right or is Gary in the right about the financial expectations in 2019 and what they will and won't look at?

    Finally it's Mark's turn....He's recently been getting called BOOMER n social media and realizes that it is misplaced lack of info that has grown this worthless hashtag. But more than that, it's become a way to be dismissive to people that are older than you...But YOU OWE EVERYTHING YOU LOVE TO GEN X....The internet the way it is, the video games that became your favorite all tested on GEN X before you existed. Mark goes in on thisrant of the YEAR candidate. See if you agree with him!

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