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The Weekly List is a podcast hosted by Amy Siskind, author of The List. It supplements the popular Weekly List on our website, www.theweeklylist.org, which tracks the ever changing new normals of American politics. The podcast gives greater context to the "not normal" news items from the previous week, and will highlight a few stories and changing norms from the Trump regime that you may have missed.

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The Weekly List is a podcast hosted by Amy Siskind, author of The List. It supplements the popular Weekly List on our website, www.theweeklylist.org, which tracks the ever changing new normals of American politics. The podcast gives greater context to the "not normal" news items from the previous week, and will highlight a few stories and changing norms from the Trump regime that you may have missed.

    Week 190 - Russian Bounties

    Week 190 - Russian Bounties

    This week the coronavirus spread further out of  control, topping 50,000 daily cases for three consecutive days — more  than 10,000 higher than the early peak in April. Trump continued to  largely ignore the pandemic, refuse to wear a mask, and make the most  trusted source of information, Dr. Anthony Fauci, less accessible,  leading to confusion in the patchwork of state responses.

    This week reporting indicated Trump knew as  early as 2019 that Russia had put bounties on U.S. troops in  Afghanistan, and several U.S. Marines were killed as a result. Trump  pretended he had not been briefed, and after he officially was briefed  Tuesday, continued to call the matter a “hoax” repeatedly, and took no  steps to hold Russia accountable.

    Trump continued to stoke an us vs. them divide  in America, invoking a straw man “new far-left fascism” in a divisive,  dystopian July Fourth speech at Mount Rushmore, claiming to be the  savior of law enforcement and our “heritage.” Even as Trump continued to  fall in the polls, and the mood of the nation continued to darken,  Trump seemed unable to rise to the occasion, and do anything other than  revert to racism and divisiveness — moving in the opposite direction of  the country’s mood amid what the New York Times coined the broadest social movement in history. By week’s end, even  Republican lawmakers worried Trump would forever associate their party  with racial animus.

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    Week 189 - Out of Control

    Week 189 - Out of Control

    This week started with a humiliating return to  the campaign trail for Trump, as a mere 6,200 supporters showed up for  his rally in Tulsa, after the campaign bragged more than one million had  registered. Trump’s poll numbers continue to sag amid his mishandling  of the pandemic and racial justice protests. Instead of rising to the  challenge, Trump reverted to drumming up racism and division — resulting  in even the conservative Wall Street Journal Editorial  Board warning he was in danger of not only losing to Democrat Joe  Biden, but also taking the Republican Senate down with him.

    This week the coronavirus pandemic got out of  control in several states that reopened without proper precautions.  Trump ignored the record number of daily cases, repeatedly lying that  the increase was due to an increase in testing. The White House  Coronavirus Task Force returned after a two month hiatus, and Vice  President Mike Pence likewise used it as an opportunity to lie to the  American people that the curve was flattened and states were reopening  safely. The Trump regime refused to take any leadership in testing or  contact tracing, leaving states on their own, as the death toll passed  125,000 Americans in just four months’ time.

    As the week came to a close, shocking reporting  indicated that Russia had put a bounty on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan,  and that Trump had been informed months ago, yet took no action, raising  renewed questions and concerns about his strange relationship with  President Vladimir Putin.

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    Week 188 - Tulsa

    Week 188 - Tulsa

    This week grave polling results revealed a  downtrodden country feeling the impact of concurrent and intersecting  crises, as national pride fell to its lowest level in two decades, while  just 20% were satisfied with the direction of the country. Trump  received poor marks for his handling of the coronavirus and for dividing  the country amid social unrest.

    The coronavirus was back with a vengeance this  week, as several states experienced spikes and daily record highs, weeks  after reopening and Memorial Day celebrations. Nonetheless, Trump  denied the new surge, claiming the virus was “dying out” and it would  “fade away.” Vice President Mike Pence also pivoted to get behind Trump  as a denier, falsely claiming that cases “had declined precipitously”  and blamed the media in an op-ed. Despite numerous warnings and pleas  from Oklahoma officials to postpone, Trump planned what the campaign  claimed would be a huge rally there for Saturday night — claiming as  many as one million had registered to attend.

    There was another Friday night firing this week,  of U.S. attorney general for the SDNY Geoffrey Berman, who initially  resisted late Friday and said he would not leave, leading to a standoff  as the week came to an end. Berman’s SDNY has several investigations  relating to people in Trump’s orbit, and there was much speculation  about the abrupt departure of a Trump appointee. One explanation put  forth was information gleaned from former NSA John Bolton’s book, which  was released to the media, and pointed to Trump wanting to help out his  dictator friends.

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    Week 187 - Questionable

    Week 187 - Questionable

    This week Trump seemed to fade into the  background, unsure of how to respond to a triple set of crises that  gripped the nation: continuing social unrest, a second wave of  coronavirus, and the stock market plunging with the economy officially  entering a recession.

    Trump spent most of the week locked up in the  White House, behind the layers of fencing he had constructed, which  protestors in turn decorated with signs reading “Black Lives Matter,”  “F**k Trump,” “I Can’t Breathe,” and other such posters. Trump finally  emerged on Thursday, heading to Dallas, but still without addressing the  killing of George Floyd whose funeral was in Houston days earlier, or  coming up with any policies or plans despite one of the most rapid  shifts in opinion in our country’s history: support for Black Lives  Matter and the need for police reform.

    The military continued to turn on Trump, as the  nation’s top military officer, Gen. Mark Milley, publicly apologized for  his role in Trump’s photo op at St. John’s. He and Defense Secretary  Mark Esper were called out in a letter signed by more than 700 West  Point alumni, as Trump delivered a commencement address there Saturday.  More than 1,250 former Justice Department officials also called for an  investigation of Attorney General William Barr for his role in gassing  peaceful protestors.

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    Week 186 - Coward-in-chief

    Week 186 - Coward-in-chief

    This week, in a scene reminiscent of a crackdown  in an authoritarian regime, U.S. troops stationed in our nation’s  capital at Trump’s behest fired tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful  protestors to disperse them as Trump delivered a “law and order” speech  from the White House Rose Garden. The sounds of protestors screaming and  shots being fired could be heard in the background as Trump spoke tough  talk, and threatened to send the U.S. military to cities to take  control. Trump then awkwardly swaggered to St. John’s Church, with a few  in his inner circle, and held up a Bible. It was a scene evoking a  democracy in collapse —while the country and the world looked on in  horror.

    While Republicans largely remained silent and  went along, top generals, some of whom formerly worked in the regime,  spoke out about the violation of our Constitution, and Trump and the  military troops he used, violating their oath. Democracies turned on  Trump, while he embraced strongmen from Russia and Brazil, and by week’s  end said he would pull troops out of Germany.

    Trump spent most of the week cowering in the  White House — having extended its perimeter with, ironically, walls of  his own — and continued his tough talk, using term like “dominate” and  referring to protestors as “terrorists.” As with his inability to show  any empathy for 100,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus, Trump made  no effort to acknowledge the social unrest with healing words or  actions.

    But the American people were not deterred.  Protests continued, and by Wednesday, the 9th day, had turned mostly  peaceful. Americans, who had been cooped up at home for months from the  coronavirus took to the street in the broadest protest in U.S. history,  spreading to more than 650 cities and towns, across all 50 states — and  even in cities worldwide.

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    Week 185 - Kerosene on the Flames

    Week 185 - Kerosene on the Flames

    This was one of the darkest weeks since I  started the list. The week began with Trump spinning conspiracy theories  to distract from the country reaching the grim milestone of losing  100,000 Americans to the coronavirus, and ended with our country  literally burning in the flames of our racial divide, with Trump  throwing kerosene on the flames.

    Susan Glasser, a writer for the New Yorker,  noted the year 2020 has been some horrible combination of the 1918 (the  deadly Spanish flu pandemic), 1929 (the Great Depression), and 1968  (the Civil Rights Movement). The heaviness, sorrow, and sheer exhaustion  our country felt this week was the summation of Americans suffering,  dying, and starving from the pandemic, and yet another death of a Black  American at the hands of police. Trump was ill-equipped to handle any of  it — let alone all at once. He golfed, tweeted, threatened Twitter for  fact-checking tweets, and played upon every worse impulse in some hope  of salvaging his approval and re-election prospects.

    As we head into the November election, and Trump  plays at every ploy he can to make voting less accessible, and raise  concerns about the validity of an election with mail-in ballots, it is  starkly clear that our country may hobble through to the election, but  we could not withstand another four years of Trump — that would spell  the end of the great American experiment.

    Read the full list here: https://theweeklylist.org/weekly-list/week-185/

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321 Ratings

vuwere ,


Amy Siskind, your show is so informative, and because of the racist glut in the white house, very upsetting and almost unbelievable.

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Must listen

Brilliant. Terrifying. Amy Siskind delivers the truth that the media seems squeamish about covering. Well done!

Rukusoo7 ,

This is History as its Happening

Gives one a more profound understanding of the curse ‘may you live in interesting times’

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