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John and Jeremy Zogby break down the big stories of the week through the eyes of different generations and unpack what it means for you.

The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted John Zogby Strategies

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John and Jeremy Zogby break down the big stories of the week through the eyes of different generations and unpack what it means for you.

    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 52) 01.15.2021

    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 52) 01.15.2021

    Today we’re going to look at healing, legacy, and how we all can do our part to lower the temperature.

    People are losing the art of conversation and the ability to listen. We’ve been thinking a lot about empathy and how that might be going down the drain on both sides of the aisle.

    John Zogby Strategies · The Zogby Report | 01/15/21 – Let’s Talk About Healing

    Show Notes:

    So how can we begin the process of healing our divisions? Let’s check with what we really believe. How can we then go through a process of reconnecting? One of the things we see in our community (Utica, NY) is that most people think that our diversity is a good thing. This region has welcomed refugees from all over the world who now call Utica home.

    One thing is clear – it’s hard to hate someone that you truly see and know. It’s easy to de-humanize based on a caricature.


    One thought – we need a nationwide network of small conversations in this country. It should be presidential but it should involve religious leaders, activists, civic leaders, business leaders, and be non-partisan. These conversations should launch a dialogue. The most important thing that could come from an initiative like this should be relationships and empathy.

    The Inauguration

    Let’s shift gears – we have an inauguration next week. If you have 5 minutes with Joe Biden to discuss policy – what would you say?

    Thanks for all of your comments and messages and for subscribing. Have a great week!

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    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 51) 01.08.2021

    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 51) 01.08.2021

    We hope everyone had a safe holiday season, and on our first episode back, we’re starting with our country at a very low point in its history.

    So today – let’s talk about what happened, what should happen and debate a bigger picture of what’s happening in the United States.

    When we started this podcast a year ago – we predicted that 2020 would be the year of protest. That has certainly proven true.

    At the end of the day there needs to be accountability across the board. What happened on Wednesday didn’t start with the 2020 election.

    Stay safe, stay tuned – and have a good week.

    John Zogby Strategies · The Zogby Report | 01/08/21 – Should the President Go?

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    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 50) 12.18.2020

    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 50) 12.18.2020

    Today on the podcast we’ll be talking about some of the numbers that have come out of one of our recent polls on American’s feelings about the COVID19 vaccines. It’s the most comprehensive poll of it’s kind and we have found some significant differences in opinion.

    John Zogby Strategies · The Zogby Report | 12/18/20 – The Vaccines Arrive


    Vaccine Poll Results:

    We focused our poll on this new type of vaccine (mRNA) and our results have divided people into three camps – the Hopeful, the Hesitant and the Refusers.

    We get into the numbers:

    34% feel the vaccines are safe

    36% feel it could cause harm

    30% are just not sure

    When we look at key demographics, older Americans are the most likely to feel hopeful. The under 40 age group are the most likely to feel worry about the vaccine.

    There is so much more interesting data in our report which you can read here:

    Mandates (16:30)

    We also asked the question about vaccine mandates and again, polarization is prevalent. Could this cause a great migration between states? Might we also start to see a geographic and cultural re-alignment of the country?

    Another scenario – if things play out according to plan, does the rollout of immunity bring Americans who are hesitant to take the vaccine into the the group who will take it after some period of time?

    You can view our full report on our website at https://johnzogbystrategies.com/the-main-st-k-st-intelligenseer/ and we’d love your thoughts on the data.

    We’ll be off until the new year, and we’re grateful you, our listeners as well as your thoughts on comments. Stay safe and we’ll see you in 2021

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    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 49) 12.11.2020

    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 49) 12.11.2020

    We’ve spent a lot time talking about how divided the country is and today on the podcast we’ll dig into tribalism and how that is affecting this division. But even more important we’re going to look at better ways to determine what unites us and how we might find common ground moving forward.

    We’ll also talk about how tribalism in our states and in Congress is affecting COVID relief talks and we’ll recap some of your comments from last week on how you might rate Trump’s presidency.

    Moving forward we’re looking at including some guests on the show. Let us know in the comments or via email who you might like us to speak with as we head into 20201. Have a great week everyone!

    John Zogby Strategies · The Zogby Report | 12/11/20 – Tearing us apart and putting us back together


    01:30 – Tearing Us Apart and Putting Us Back Together Again

    Let’s start with one of the factors that is tearing us apart – tribalism. Recently, Rush Limbaugh suggested that we are at a moment where Republicans may be ready to split. Is this a real concern?

    Do we have the ability to come together or will our tribal instincts continue to fracture us across many cultural lines?

    Remember, America was not born as an ethnicity or a culture – it was born as an idea. Around that, the founding fathers developed institutions to serve a growing national community.

    10:00 – Re-thinking Tribes and Demographics

    So ingrained in our society are factors such as race, age, gender – but in the digital age this means less and less. Let’s talk about why. We need to re-think about how we segment people.

    Let’s look at categorizing people based on who define who they are. What drives decision making is less about age and race and more about their beliefs. What do these diverse groups have in common? How can we use those commonalities to bring our nation together?

    19:35 – Divisions and COVID

    We have people who have lost their healthcare, unemployment and more – and Congress is haggling over a band-aid and the focus has been around the divisions rather than the commonalities.

    23:30 – Your Comments and Guests

    We asked you how you might grade Trump’s presidency and who you think would be Time’s Person of the year. We received many interesting responses and we’ll talk about some of the common themes.

    We’re hoping to bring on some guests in 2021 – Who would you like to see on the show? Leave us a comment or send us an email.

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    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 48) 12.04.2020

    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 48) 12.04.2020

    Today on the podcast we’re going to look into the future and debate how historians will view the Trump presidency. We’ll provide our own takes on where Trump will rank as well as an analysis of how views of presidents have changed over time.

    We’ll also make our own predictions of who will be voted Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Let us know what you think by sending us an email to either John@johnzogbystrategies.com or Jeremy@johnzogbystrategies.com

    We hope you all have a great week and we will see you next Friday.

    John Zogby Strategies · The Zogby Report | 12/04/20 – The View from History

    Show Notes:

    2:00 – How will Donald Trump be viewed in history?

    It’s interesting to see how the ‘ranking’ of Presidents changes over the years and how they are perceived in history.

    As we talk about how Trump will be thought of, we’ll also debate the positions of some of the most well-known and revered Presidents.

    17:35 – Let’s look at how the Trump phenomenon was preceded by the Tea Party movement.

    20:15 – Who will be Time’s Person of the Year?

    Write to us and tell us what you think?

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    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 47) 11.27.2020

    The Zogby Report: Real and Unscripted (Episode 47) 11.27.2020

    We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. On today’s episode we’re talking about The Great Reset and whether a worldwide Universal Basic Income could help to stem inequality and lift millions out of poverty. What might that look like? And how does that impact power and control around the world.

    We’ll also talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution and discussions at Davis around this major shift. Large questions around whether or not people will be forced to participate in this transformation or not remain.

    Finally – can billionaires actually be a driving force to help lessen inequality? To have a counter-movement you have to have a movement.

    As always we welcome your thoughts on all of these topics. Leave us a comment or send us and email and we hope you have a great week.

    John Zogby Strategies · The Zogby Report | 11/27/20 – Time for Universal Basic Income?


    01:20 – Universal Basic Income

    11:35 – How Billionaires Can Save the Planet (Ralph Nader)

    15:00 – The Great Reset & The 4th Industrial Revolution

    23:20 – Do the anti-elite need the elite to drive a creative solution?

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8 Ratings

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Relying on religion does not mean you do not also trust science. Also, the people who point out the holes in science are not doing so because they’re religious. Please be careful what you imply on these subjects.

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Please improve on your plethora of “uhs,” “ahs,” and staccato rhythm. Very distracting to an otherwise professional format.

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