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This Week in Mormons is the leading podcast on Latter-day Saintnews and issues, peppered with a bit of absurdist comedy and snappy wit! Join our host and editor-in-chief, Geoff Openshaw, as he partners with engaging Latter-day Saint co-hosts from around the world to bring you the best in Latter-day Saint news and commentary. Follow the blog at thisweekinmormons.com

Episodes typically published mid-week.

This Week in Mormons This Week in Mormons

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This Week in Mormons is the leading podcast on Latter-day Saintnews and issues, peppered with a bit of absurdist comedy and snappy wit! Join our host and editor-in-chief, Geoff Openshaw, as he partners with engaging Latter-day Saint co-hosts from around the world to bring you the best in Latter-day Saint news and commentary. Follow the blog at thisweekinmormons.com

Episodes typically published mid-week.

    EP 583 - Cardboard Cutouts on the Apricot Tree

    EP 583 - Cardboard Cutouts on the Apricot Tree

    It's a gargantuan show this week. A trio of hosts are with you to break down so much news: your beloved hero, Geoff Openshaw; longtime partner in temple predictions, Cory Ward; and host of "Pop Culture on the Apricot Tree," Liz Busby. Geoff and Cory both toured the Washington DC Temple. Liz has updates on the Latter-day Saint literary community.

    Latter-day Saint News

    * Cory attends the Young Adult devotional where President and Sister Nelson spoke, but there were no promised cardboard cutouts!

    * LoveLoud, a festival to help LGBTQ individuals, particularly Latter-day Saints, happens at the same time the Church releases a video tour of the Washington DC Temple

    * Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons pays off the mortgage of Velour, a beloved music venue in Provo

    * Missionaries are using social media to share the gospel now more than ever - but is it a successful approach?

    * Church humanitarian aid exceeded $900 million in 2021

    * The sister of "Under the Banner of Heaven" subject (and victim) Brenda Lafferty speaks out on the series

    * Liz writes reviews of the series at Public Square Magazine

    * The Washington Post covers Utah's dirty soda empire

    * 20 movies every Latter-day Saint has seen! 

    * 100th anniversary of Primary Children's Hospital

    * LDS Living writes a piece that seems to be native advertising for the author's Instagram account

    * Virtual tour of the Washington DC Temple

    * The Church News podcast covers the "reverse open houses" in Washington, DC

    * Should Brad Wilcox be teaching boys about puberty?

    * a href="https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/paigeskinner/black-menaces-at-byu-tiktok-interview" target="_blank" rel="noope...

    • 1 hr 12 min
    EP 582 - More than a Mission Mom

    EP 582 - More than a Mission Mom

    Another week, another newscast. Plenty has happened since we last convened, including updates to temple garments for military members, more "Mormons in crime" coming to the silver screen, a slew of temple updates, the evolution of the "mission mom," and much more. Devin Thorpe joins us from his alligator-infested hellscape to work through it all.

    Latter-day Saint News

    * Lisa Harkness profiled in Church news as a mission leader with no mention of her previous stint as a General Officer

    * Connecticut man attempts to set missionaries' car ablaze as neighbors watch

    * Salt Lake City has a cool new meetinghouse, and Devin toured it

    * Temples:

    * Rio de Janeiro Temple finally dedicated

    * Yigo Guam Temple open house kicks off

    * Farmington New Mexico Temple groundbreaking

    * Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch among VIPs visiting Washington DC Temple

    * President Nelson has dedicated the fewest temples of any modern Church president - on purpose

    * What happened to the mural in the Washington DC Temple?

    * The "Manacled Mormon" tale to become a Hollywood film starring two British people

    * Wall Street Journal op-ed on Under the Banner of Heaven think it is ridiculous

    * Hank Smith, a budding heir apparent to Brad Wilcox on the "fun, engaging fireside" circuit, accidentally endorses white nationalism

    * When (or will) the number of wards in Africa eclipse that of North America?

    * Trek essentials include unnecessary garb sold by Desert Book, do not include water, chlorine pills, or a bow staff

    We mention on the show that this famous John Scott mural has been removed from the Washington DC Temple:

    In favor of this one by Dan Wilson:

    • 1 hr 12 min
    EP 581 - Do Not Trifle with Sariah Wilson

    EP 581 - Do Not Trifle with Sariah Wilson

    It's May! And guess who's back after a year away? Sariah Wilson joins us to dissect the news of the week. She's got new books out and coming out, so make sure to visit sariahwilson.com for all things not-at-all-racy romantic comedy. Plus, we get into a fun discussion on the ubiquity of McMansions surrounding new temples in Utah.

    Latter-day Saint News

    * Sariah has her takes on Under the Banner of Heaven

    * Why former U.S. Senator Gordon Smith is giving tours of the Washington DC Temple

    * Here are other dignitaries and luminaries who have toured the DC temple, including Paul Ryan and Wolf Blizter

    * The Church updates COVID-19 vaccine requirements for some missionaries

    * Are you watching Julie Stoffer on the Real World reunion on Paramount+? Sariah subscribed just for this purpose and has plenty of intel

    * Things you may not know about the Church's history with logos!

    * BYU student shows her rainbow at graduation, some on Twitter accuse her of working for a place that harmed at-risk youth

    * LDS Living decides to cover the places in the world with the most congregational growth by rate, disregarding that 50% growth can literally mean going from two branches to three.

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    Geoff Openshaw

    Hey everybody? how's it going welcome to this week of mormons we're so thankful you took the time to join us this week I'm Geoff Openshaw yes she's back everybody so right, it's been a little while since we've had you on I think we've missed you I'm sorry it's been so long how you been.


    Sariah Wilson

    And I am Soria Wilson


    Sariah Wilson

    I've been good I'm really excited to be back I Love I Love being on this show. It's a lot of fun.


    Geoff Openshaw

    I'm trying to think when we when did we actually last have you on was it was is it been like a full year since we did the seat the seat filler and that's kind of when we last chatted how geez I'm sorry that's on me I I assume you've at least published 1 or 2 more books in that time. That's.


    Sariah Wilson

    It's been like a year yeah Yeah it's okay I have yeah I have one come out and yeah I think out one. Yeah.


    Geoff Openshaw

    • 1 hr 9 min
    EP 580 - Under the Banner of Idaho

    EP 580 - Under the Banner of Idaho

    The Sisters are here! It's time! And it's been five years since the Sisters starting gracing your ears with their dulcet tones. Let us commingle with our lovely Idahoans and talk news!

    Latter-day Saint News

    * A retrospective on Julie Stoffer appearing on The Real World, getting kicked out of BYU, and having left the Church since

    * She also has a reunion show on Paramount+

    * Actress Jennifer Garner, not LDS, surprises Donny Osmond, is LDS, on her 50th birthday

    * BYU's Cougarettes dance team wins national title

    * Church to rebuild Colorado meetinghouse that burned down

    * Former U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch dies at 88

    * Come be the Tabernacle Choir's managing director!

    * Tabernacle choir converts its canceled European tour into cruises for charity

    * More Washington DC Temple open house updates

    * Mainstream Latter-day Saints will not be happy with Under the Banner of Heaven

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    TWiM Sisters

    Hello welcome everyone to this week in mormons the sisters edition with your hosts Arian Smith and Tiffany Hales here we are at the end of April the end of April you know what? I was actually looking at the calendar and this. I didn't even share this with you I don't even know if you've realized this it has been five years since we have been hosting this are you kidding me I am not kidding you. We started in may of 2017 and I know this because your little boy. Just. Almost his turning 4 oh right? and started this before he was born started this before he was born I forgot about that I you know it in my head I was thinking like 3 or 4 kind of well it just struck me because one of the first things that we talked about. Since we podcasted in may was mother's day and we are kind of mixing it up for mother's day this year in my ward and I was like oh my gosh how many years has it been how many mother's day have we picked apart the presence that the wards give us, um,

    • 1 hr 4 min
    EP 579 - Holy Fetch, the Washington D.C. Temple Open House Is Actually Happening

    EP 579 - Holy Fetch, the Washington D.C. Temple Open House Is Actually Happening

    It's a great week in Latter-day Saintdom, and Kurt Francom, venerated host and founder of the Leading Saints podcast, is here to help make sense of it all.

    Latter-day Saint News

    * The percentage of proselytizing missionaries out of total missionaries is growing

    * Elder Bednar interviewed in the Washington DC Temple

    * President Nelson is now the oldest president in Church history

    * Elder Uchtdorf visits Holocaust sites in Germany

    * Elder Uchtdorf visits with Ukrainian refugees in Poland

    * Ground broken for Bahia Blanca Argentina Temple

    * Ground broken for Grand Junction Colorado Temple

    * The Church owns a bunch of real estate

    * Can an all-LDS cast pull off Fiddler on the Roof?

    * How to effectively plan, prepare for, and participate in interfaith interactions

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    Geoff Openshaw

    Hello listeners welcome to another episode of this week in mormons I'm Geoff Openshaw yes he is and we are here. Geoff it's fun I what one when did you last pod. It's like January or something. It's been a while.


    Kurt Francom

    And I'm Kurt Frankham yes I am Geoff I'm back invited me back here I am yeah I've been I've been ghosting you long enough. Yeah.


    Geoff Openshaw

    And well yeah, you know you tell me, you're trying to say no to things and I say I don't care say Yes, just as one of my my oldest son used to say when he's a tallddler. No say no say Yes, that's what he would say when he didn't get his. What.


    Kurt Francom



    Kurt Francom

    Nice yeah you say no a lot. You're a no dad aren't you Geoff and it's true. Good cop, bad cop in your house. Ah.


    Geoff Openshaw

    I can be someone's got to be a bad cop and I think it's me Yeah, how is the life of both curv frankum and the leading saints franchise. What's going on.


    Kurt Francom


    • 56 min
    EP 578 - Adam Jortner, "No Place for Saints"

    EP 578 - Adam Jortner, "No Place for Saints"

    Mormonism exploded across America in 1830, and America exploded right back. By 1834, the new religion had been mocked, harassed, and finally expelled from its new settlements in Missouri. Why did this religion generate such anger? And what do these early conflicts say about our struggles with religious liberty today? In No Place for Saints, the first stand-alone history of the Mormon expulsion from Jackson County and the genesis of Mormonism, Adam Jortner chronicles how Latter-day Saints emerged and spread their faith—and how anti-Mormons tried to stop them.

    Early on, Jortner explains, anti-Mormonism thrived on gossip, conspiracies, and outright fables about what Mormons were up to. Anti-Mormons came to believe Mormons were a threat to democracy, and anyone who claimed revelation from God was an enemy of the people with no rights to citizenship. By 1833, Jackson County's anti-Mormons demanded all Saints leave the county. When Mormons refused—citing the First Amendment—the anti-Mormons attacked their homes, held their leaders at gunpoint, and performed one of America's most egregious acts of religious cleansing.

    From the beginnings of Mormonism in the 1820s to their expansion and expulsion in 1834, Jortner discusses many of the most prominent issues and events in Mormon history. He touches on the process of revelation, the relationship between magic and LDS practice, the rise of the priesthood, the questions surrounding Mormonism and African Americans, the internal struggles for leadership of the young church, and how American law shaped this American religion. Throughout, No Place for Saints shows how Mormonism—and the violent backlash against it—fundamentally reshaped the American religious and legal landscape. Ultimately, the book is a story of Jacksonian America, of how democracy can fail religious freedom, and a case study in popular politics as America entered a great age of religion and violence.

    Adam Jortner is the Goodwin-Philpott Professor of History at Auburn University. He is the author of The Gods of Prophetstown: The Battle of Tippecanoe and the Holy War for the American Frontier and the Audible lecture series Faith and the Founding Fathers.

    Join Geoff Openshaw and Jared Gillins as they interview Adam about his new book and the complicated relationship between democracy and religious freedom during a singular period in American history.

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    Geoff Openshaw

    Everyone how's it going welcome to this week and mormons appreciate you tuning in again this week please visit us over at this week at http://mormons.com and subscribe to us where we get podcasts I'm Geoff Openenshaw there he is. We're happy this week that's why I'm getting better.



    I'm Jared gillins. Usually I wait for you to introduce me and then I'm disappointed because you forget to introduce me. So so thank you for leaving me that space.


    Geoff Openshaw

    Getting better. Our guest is not aware of this but often we have guests on and I do a full guest introduction and say oh yeah and Jared's here too and I forget so so this week excellent interview we have for you very excited about this because we love talking about early church history on this show. We've had. Interviewed many interesting people over the years who are experts in this space and so this week we're speaking with Adam J...

    • 1 hr 22 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
135 Ratings

135 Ratings

Jbernhisel ,

So refreshing to get on honest view of Mormon News!

The Podcast comes from a very faithful perspective but they can also say, “I’m not sure why they did that”, or “That’s part of Church History that’s hard to rectify.”.

The other podcasts I listened to bent over themselves to say the Church was perfect and every leader that there ever was never made a mistake.

This is a refreshingly funny and current look at Mormon news.

ceeceebee82 ,

Love the TWIM sisters

I love the TWIM sisters episodes! I feel like I’m sitting around a kitchen table hanging out with my own sisters!

kurthal ,

You can't go wrong with Geoff!

Great weekly podcast to keep one up-to-date with all things Latter-day Saint. Geoff and his co-hosts have a fun, light-hearted perspective on the news items they review while also adding commentary that is very thoughtful and light-hearted. I highly recommend this podcast.

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