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#UnBlockYourself helps you get out of your own way. Unblock your mind, body, spirit, finances, and social interactions to increase to become all that you are called to be!

#UnBlockYourself JeffDBanks

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#UnBlockYourself helps you get out of your own way. Unblock your mind, body, spirit, finances, and social interactions to increase to become all that you are called to be!

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    In your alone time: 10 Journaling Prompts

    In your alone time: 10 Journaling Prompts

    #UnBlockYourself2020 E15
    In your alone time: 10 Journaling Prompts
    When you have a little time alone, try to put some of the ideas you think of, or some of the conversations down on paper.
    Today, here are ten journaling prompts to get you started
    Today I feel _______
    I always dream about ______
    My nagging inner voice keeps telling me to ______
    The thoughts that roll around my head are ______
    My soul longs to ______
    What I’m most afraid of is ______
    My inner critic tells me _______
    I am most grateful for _______
    I feel most useful when I’m _______
    I want to start ___________ this week

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    Alone time: In a place where nothing else really matters.

    Alone time: In a place where nothing else really matters.

    #UnBlockYourself2020 E14
    Mindfulness state of being... in a place where nothing else really matters.
    Last week I was down with the flu.
    Couldn’t move, didn’t feel like doing anything except focusing on healing.
    Here are a few observations.
    I was alone. This is not a bad thing at all. In fact, I think I was right where God wanted me.
    No distractions.
    He could speak, and since I’m focused, I could hear.
    Another thing that I noticed was that the things that I felt were “must be dones”, were no longer as important as they seemed when I could jump up and do them right away.
    Things I wanted to do...
    Not as important as my focus.
    The people I wanted to talk to...
    Not as important as my focus.
    The videos I wanted to shoot...
    Not as important as my focus.
    Even what I thought the people might want from me while I was down.
    It just was not as important as my focus.
    My focus seemed to contain the healing, clarity, and presence I was looking for.
    And nothing else mattered.
    How important is your alone time?

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    SCFR3: Creating a Value Circle

    SCFR3: Creating a Value Circle

    #UnBlockYourself2020 E13
    Smart Couples Finish Rich 3: Creating a Value Circle
    Recap: Money Mindset - Money helps you to:
    Our values have influence over the way we think about the purpose of money, but maybe not how we spend it.
    The way we spend it, (in my opinion) comes from how we have been Taught to spend it.
    Today we are going to work on a value circle, which will help us to start to live and spend according to our values.
    You want to ask yourself:
    What’s really important?
    What’s the purpose of money in my life?
    When working in this order, (Be, do, have)  you accomplish living your values (Be) and achieve goals (Do & Have), which leads to a very fulfilled life.
    Fill your value circle:
    Ask - What’s really important to me?
    Stay focused on values vs goals
    Values are a state of being
    Goals are usually what you are trying to do or want to have
    The 5 Core values you write helps you to stay on track
    Try to spend according to your values for 12 mos and see if there is a dramatic change in your life!
    #values #smart #couples #rich #money #goals #finances

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    Flexing your prayer muscle

    Flexing your prayer muscle

    #UnBlockYourself2020 E12
    Flexing your prayer muscle
    Focusing on plenty will produce plenty
    Focusing on lack will only produce more lack
    Because what you focus on grows.
    John Maxwell says the keys to focusing is priorities and concentration. I’d like to mix in with this intentional actions. What you are after will surely become closer when you operate in all three. The more intensity, the quicker the results.
    Just like the physical body, for there to be change:
    you have to decide to change. (Made up your mind)
    you have to be willing to change. (Use willpower)
    You have to be determined to change. (Stay with it until you see results)
    Your growth will come from your changes.
    You can’t expect to get better results  from doing the same thing you always do.
    If I want to enhance the whole body, I can’t only do leg day. I have to be holistic in my intentions.
    Prayer too, I can’t focus on just myself and money, God Didn’t set it up that way. Actually, when you try to pray without ceasing, it will show you that you can only talk about yourself for a short period of time.

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    Top Ten Tuesday: Focusing Inward!

    Top Ten Tuesday: Focusing Inward!

    #UnBlockYourself2020 E11
    Focusing Inward - Being focused on many fronts will spread you too thin to be effective.
    What is focus? Focus is the gateway to thinking: Perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making.
    Having our minds occupied with too many goals will be hard to maintain, so here are 10 reasons why you should focus inward.
    Too many goals at one time makes it hard to have win/win thinking on so many fronts.
    Overseeing too many projects at once will result in you overlooking important details.
    Brain breaks are necessary to recharge your creative battery
    Your goal will only be as good as the actions you take to execute them, make them count
    How you focus your goals will directly affect how they will influence others
    Being focused allows you to tune in (inward) to tap into your unlimited potential
    Focus allows you to gain speed to accomplish your vision
    Focusing inward builds self-control
    Focusing will cut stress. Stress from conflict between mind and spirit
    Focusing inward builds insight to what you need. Especially to build strength to ask for help when you take on too much
    #selfhelp #focus #strength #meditation #clarity

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    Mindset Monday: Life Makeovers 2

    Mindset Monday: Life Makeovers 2

    #UnBlockYourself2020 E10
    “Everything you need is in this room” - Kris Murray
    Most of the time when we are searching for ourselves, or trying to figure out what the right path is for us to take, we search high and low outside of our greatest resource. God speaking to the heart and mind.
    We get torn away from this idea because of social media, commercials, friends, life telling you what you need is: ______________.
    But God has infinite intelligence and is willing to share what you need if you are able to listen to Him. That “something” that you search for is usually so close that we miss it.
    Look inward
    A few suggestions to look inward she gives is:
    Keep a journal of your thoughts
    Capture your dreams
    Check in with your Support
    Develop your spiritual life
    Take time out to listen to your inner self.
    Prayer and meditation works wonders, and most people will not do it for lack of time. To gain time for it, you might have to schedule it until it becomes a priority for you.
    The more you listen to your inner being, the more trust you can have that everything you need  is in the room!
    #lookwithin #answers #soulsearching #selfhelp

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