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I work with moms who want to be fit and toned, WHILE balancing family life and their career! Have you tried other fitness programs, 6 week challenges, or fad diets? You may have lost weight or got results… but did it LAST? As a working mom I know first hand how hard it can be, which is why I’ve created this podcast to help you be a Bomb Mom!


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I work with moms who want to be fit and toned, WHILE balancing family life and their career! Have you tried other fitness programs, 6 week challenges, or fad diets? You may have lost weight or got results… but did it LAST? As a working mom I know first hand how hard it can be, which is why I’ve created this podcast to help you be a Bomb Mom!


    Travel Like a Bomb Mom, Tips & Tricks With Melissa Vogel |123

    Travel Like a Bomb Mom, Tips & Tricks With Melissa Vogel |123

    Today’s episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens.

    Ignite Your Daily Routine


    What are your travel plans this summer? Do you know where the closest gym is to your destination? And, how will you keep a good diet?

    It’s officially summer! You know what that means, vacations, vacations and more vacations. Are you prepared to say no to all the carbs you’ll without a doubt be coming across? This week we’ll go over some of the tips and tricks I use to stay on track even while traveling.

    It won’t always be easy but it’ll always be worth it. When you return from your trip you won’t hate yourself for overdoing it with bad food choices. Does that mean you can’t eat at the restaurant everyone is going to for dinner? Of course not! Just mind what you eat, you’ll be happier with yourself and getting back into the routine on monday will be much easier.

    Remember to keep your goals in front of your mind. Use the screensaver on your phone. Either a quote or photo that will motivate you to keep going on the right track.


    In This Podcast


    * Find the gym

    * Continental breakfast for the win

    * Bring all the snacks

    Find the gym

    Summer is when people are most careless about their diets. We’ve worked out all year for this right? Or is that the winter holidays? Nope, it’s summer. This is when all the barbecues, lake trips, and flying to see family while kids are on school break happens. The best thing you can do is stay on track. When traveling, look for a hotel with a gym and look into that gym. Look at the photos to see what kind of machines are available or call and ask what machines are there. If you have to book somewhere with no gym or less than desirable machines, rest assured there is a gym nearby wherein you can use a guest pass. And lastly, plan your workouts in the morning. We know sometimes it won’t be possible because you have early plans but you’re less likely to workout if you save it for the evenings.

    Continental breakfast for the win

    If your hotel serves breakfast, even better! You’re not spending money, you don’t have to get ready, and you can always find something that jives with your diet like hard boiled eggs or granola. There will be a lot of temptations like cream cheese bagels (who doesn’t like cream cheese bagels?) and waffles but try to resist. Get your breakfast and bring it back to your room then you aren’t eating around strangers in your pj’s. You can eat in the comfort of your room while you watch television or get ready for your day.

    Bring all the snacks

    Ask for a fridge and bring snacks. If you can’t get a fridge, pack a cooler. Bring berries, cucumbers, hummus, granola, low sugar yogurt, protein packs, we could go on forever. But make sure you have options for you and your kids. You’ll be so proud of yourself by the end of your trip. That’s not saying don’t indulge every now and then but everything in moderation. Sometimes you just can’t, like if you’re camping and everything is pre-packaged. However, keep your goals in mind and remember them when you’re making your food/eating decisions.

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    * It’s The Ladies Turn, Women’s Sexual Health with Dr. Kate White | 122

    * G2G Bars – use code ‘Melissa’ for 15% off

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    It’s The Ladies Turn, Women’s Sexual Health with Dr. Kate White | 122

    It’s The Ladies Turn, Women’s Sexual Health with Dr. Kate White | 122

    Today’s episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens.

    Ignite Your Daily Routine

     Are you comfortable with your body during sex? Are you in a sexual rut? Where do you draw the line?

    Meet Dr. Kate White

    Dr. Kate is a practicing gynecologist, the Vice-Chair of Academics and the director of the Fellowship in Complex Family Planning at Boston Medical Center, and an associate professor of OB/GYN at the Boston University School of Medicine. She is also the author of Your Sexual Health: A Guide to Understanding, Loving, and Caring for You Body

    Dr. White is happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to email her any concerns and/or questions you would like. You can find her email on her website.



    Visit her website here. Follow Dr. White on Instagram and Twitter.

    Get a copy of Dr. Whites book Your Sexual Health.

    In This Podcast


    * Dominating your period

    * The “Back Door”

    * Stop settling

    Dominating your period

    Are your periods painful? You’re not alone, 15% of women have painful periods. We’re not talking just cramps. We’re talking about staying in bed, calling out sick, vomiting, and almost passing out from pain. And most women don’t know they don’t have to live that way. Your period shouldn’t be that painful. Bring it up to your Gynecologist and see what the best option is for you. For example, Motrin is a popular option but birth control can do some amazing things for your period (whether or not you’re sexually active). There’s some taboo around sex and birth control at a young age but rest assured birth control is one of the most studied drugs EVER.


    The “Back Door”

    “Just because it’s on the menu doesn’t mean you have to partake”

    Let’s get this out of the way, porn is not educational. Sex is rarely ever how it looks in the movies. You don’t have to experiment with everything sexually to be a good partner. And, as long as you are comfortable and ready to, It’s perfectly ok to do a**l. Done correctly, it’s enjoyable and not likely to cause damage. For instance, there should be no thrusting in a**l, it should be a rocking motion. But most importantly, don’t try to replicate the movies because that’s where you’ll go wrong.

    Stop settling

    “There’s no sex like new sex”

    New sex is always going to be great! But what happens when it’s not new anymore? When you’ve been having sex with the same person for 14 years. Stop settling and get in touch with your body. How? I’m glad you asked. First, come to grips with your body. Understand that most people don’t look like the girls in porn movies. And if you do, it was probably expensive. Second, m********e more. Get to know yourself better so that you can give gentle directions to your partner. Trust me, they’ll be happy to please.

    Asking for what you need is not selfish it makes your relationship better. Think about it, the more pleasurable sex is for you, the more you’ll want to do it. It’s a win win. We all know it takes longer for women to get aroused than men, it’s no mystery, and it’s very important because without arousal you obviously won’t enjoy sex. However, there’s nothing wrong with a quickie every now and then. Sex doesn’t have to be a marathon every time to be good.

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    Men’s Sexual Health For Ladies With Brian Ayer |121

    Men’s Sexual Health For Ladies With Brian Ayer |121

    Today’s episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens.

    Ignite Your Daily Routine


    Is your man getting the sleep and nutrition he needs? Do you need to switch up your daily routine? How’s your sex life?

    Meet Dr. Brian Ayer

    Brian “Uncle B” Ayers is a men’s sexual performance coach with over 22 years of experience. His research into men’s sexual health lead him to create the Men’s Sexual Performance Scale and the revolutionary ESEIS 25 sexual health program along with 2 books, How To Be A Better Lover In 30 Days or Less and Go Hard.

    In 2019, Brian started sharing his knowledge on YouTube. He now has over 150k subscribers with 8.5 million minutes of watch time. He connects with

    people by showing an easy way to build lifelong health without relying on

    medications. He focuses on helping people build stronger relationships by

    having superior health for a fulfilling sex life. Brian keeps the show funny, engaging and very serious…like an Uncle is supposed to. He brings that same energy to interviews as well.



    Visit his website here. Follow Brian on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

    In This Podcast


    * African Fly hormone

    * Let’s talk about sex baby

    * ESEIS25

    African Fly hormone

    Brian started his coaching journey as the performance coach for African Fly, the liquid aphrodisiac. After talking with 1000’s of men he noted that some would have success with African Fly while others would not. The difference was in what they were doing to supplement the supplement. Your body has to get rid of the poisons before it can take the nutrients. For example, taking the supplement then eating terribly all day isn’t going to have optimal effects. One of the worst things for you is energy drinks. Our bodies weren’t designed for that level of sugar. Your body shouldn’t need that much caffeine. If it does, there are other health reasons involved. Not to mention, energy drinks are erection killers. The high levels of sugar lower testosterone.


    Let’s talk about sex baby

    “You can’t perform if you can’t get it up”

    The most important thing when it comes to erections is good sleep. The male body has 5 erections during the rem cycle. If a man isn’t getting these erections there is no blood flow and no testosterone being created. Consequently leading to lowered performance. And when a man can’t function, it’s a cascading effect. Self doubt or the woman feeling unattractive or at fault, and in comes Viagra. However, Viagra is only masking the problem, it cuts off the blood flow leaving the man’s penis therefore leading to forced erection.

    On the other hand, your body creates testosterone while you sleep. So, if you’re going to have sex, the mornings would be best. That’s because he’s built that testosterone over night and hasn’t started lowering testosterone levels with milk and sugar yet. During an informal pole in divorces, 49% of men and 67% of women cited sex as a main reason. So make him get some good sleep and build testosterone as long as possible.



    Energy-Sleep-Exercise-Intermittent Fasting-Soul

    This is a program designed to open your eyes and see where you are lacking and what you can improve. First, you score yourself daily on each level and decide where you need improvement. Give yourself points from 1-5 depending on the quality reached of each level. Second, set a goal for improvement. Lastly,

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    Why You Are Still Sick with Dr. Gary Kaplan |120

    Why You Are Still Sick with Dr. Gary Kaplan |120

    Do you know what’s causing your chronic fatigue? Why do you keep getting headaches? Are you getting enough sleep?

    Meet Dr.Gary Kaplan

    Gary Kaplan, DO, is the founder and medical director of the Kaplan Center

    for Integrative Medicine, and author of Total Recovery: A Revolutionary New

    Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Pain and Depression (Rodale, 2014). A pioneer and leader in the field of integrative medicine, Dr. Kaplan is one of only 19 physicians in the country to be board-certified in both Family Medicine and Pain Medicine.

    He is board-certified in Medical Acupuncture and has worked with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to establish acupuncture as a medically effective treatment for a range of chronic pain problems. In addition, he has studied and practiced Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Herbal Medicine. In response to growing numbers of patients presenting with heavy metal toxicity, Dr. Kaplan received certification in the science and practice of chelation therapy.

    Dr. Kaplan’s newest book, Why You Are Still Sick, is set to be released on June 14th 2022.



    Visit his website here. Follow Dr. Kaplan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    In This Podcast


    * What is ailing you?

    * You need better sleep

    * Integrative Medicine

    What is ailing you?

    “Are you always tired?”

    There are 20 million people diagnosed with chronic fatigue, post Covid syndrome, post treatment Lyme syndrome, or chronic depression. However, all of those are only symptoms. You get your pills and you’re on your way. As a result, you’re only treating the symptoms, masking them in a sense, you aren’t getting to the root of the cause. Consequently, your ailments return and/or you’ve accrued a whole new set of symptoms which will now require new or more prescriptions.

    Some people suffer from Chronic Fatigue and are thought of as just lazy or told they’re crazy, when in reality the fatigue is a result of neuroinflammatory disease. It’s a ripple effect from inflammation of the brain, which is from an unhealthy immune system, as a result of toxins, lack of sleep, child abuse, stress, etc.  What we should be doing instead is changing our diet, our exercise, and our lives. And, that starts with sleep.


    You need better sleep

    Sleep stages 3 and 4 are the most crucial. To clarify, these are the stages wherein our brains detoxify and our bodies recover. Waking up and drinking coffee or taking prescription adderall is only going to make your problem worse as well as lead to more severe immune system weakness. Most importantly, is the quality of your sleep. 18%-20% of your sleep time should be in that 3-4 stage. Keep a schedule and try to stick to it. There are devices that help measure the quality of your sleep. These will aid in a better understanding of your sleep habits. For example, you might discover that the reason your fighting to stay awake throughout the day may be sleep apnea. And you can treat how you feel is necessary.


    Integrative Medicine

    In 1985, Dr. Kaplan created the Kaplan Medical Center to offer patients suffering with chronic pain and illness a more effective model of medical care. The Center’s physicians, nurses, psychotherapist, dietitian and physical therapists collaborate closely on patients’ progress to ensure the best outcome for each patient. This coordinated, multidisciplinary approach has proved to be highly effective for patients suffering with complex and long standing medical problems. Integrative medicine combines the best of different medical appr...

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    Crucial Conversations That Will Empower You With Amy Birks |119

    Crucial Conversations That Will Empower You With Amy Birks |119

    Today’s episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens.

    Ignite Your Daily Routine

    Does your significant other tell you no? Are you apprehensive about having conversations about your needs? Do you know how to prepare for such convos?

    Welcome back Amy Birks

    Today Amy Birks is back as my co-host discussing how to start crucial conversations with your significant other. The questions and discussions we have with women on a weekly basis (if not more frequently). Today you’ll be inspired to stand up for yourself, make your own decisions, and have a stronger marriage as an outcome.





    In This Podcast


    * Are you asking permission?

    * How bad do you want it?

    * Where to start

    Are you asking permission?

    Of course not. Right? You’re simply “running it by” your significant other. A new expensive diet when you’ve already spent XYZ amount on three other ones that didn’t work or gym passes to that really nice new gym with the hydromassage beds that you swear you’ll go to everyday. But you’re afraid to bring it up because that person has seen you fail all those other times. What’s going to be different this time? Are you ready for that question? Because if you aren’t, you’ll set yourself up for failure and that potentially life changing decision gets put on the back burner.

    How bad do you want it?

    First and foremost, ask yourself, how bad do you want it?  You don’t have to be 100% right away, it takes time. You just have to want it more than you don’t, 51% is all it takes to start. Once you see results that number will rise naturally. Find your WHY. Maybe your children. How do you want them to see you? Tired and sluggish or energetic and lively? The latter we know. Show them that’s possible, be the example. Then consider the possibilities when it does work. It will change everything! The value is you’ll feel amazing, move faster, your body won’t hurt, you could run with your kids, pick them up, you could sleep better, have better sex, all of it.


     Where to get started

    First off, talking to your significant other about a goal you want to achieve is never a bad thing, especially if it requires monetary investment. Yes, you have to consider yourself first and do what’s best for you. However, they’re still your partner and best friend so having that conversation is a sign of respect. And if they see how important it is to you, they should understand and figure out how to make it work with and for you. Don’t be afraid to have the discussion, you might be surprised by the response. Think about the questions your partner may have and be prepared for them to come up. Also, go into the convo thinking collaboration not adversaries. For example, “How can we make this work” instead of “Can I”.  Also, know your value. Because you are on the back burner quite often and your happiness is important too.


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    * BTBFM ...

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    Cutting Through The Fitness B******t Part 2 with Nate Palmer | 118

    Cutting Through The Fitness B******t Part 2 with Nate Palmer | 118

    Today’s episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens.

    Ignite Your Daily Routine


    Are you still tracking your calories? How many detoxes have you tried? And, do you know why detoxes are a waste of your time?

    Meet Nate Palmer

    Nate is the go-to fitness and nutrition expert for busy parents and business owners. Nate believes that being in incredible shape gives a massive advantage in business, focus, and family time.

    He also happens to be a dad, husband, and the #1 bestselling author of The Million Dollar Body Method. Nate helps entrepreneurs and busy parents get back in the best shape of their lives using nutrition frameworks and without tracking a single calorie.

    Visit his website. Get his book for free here. Or try his 5 day sugar detox for free.

    Follow him on Instagram.

    In This Podcast


    * Breakfast is sacred

    * Choose your discomfort

    * Where to get started

    Breakfast is sacred

    Some people don’t eat breakfast, some fast and skip it, others eat the bowl of cereal that’s loaded with sugar. The cereal eater crashes a couple hours later. However, for the other two, the potential for a great day starts with their first meal whether it’s at 6am or noon. That first meal is best when it’s a high protein and high fat meal. This stabilizes your blood sugar, mood and provides energy for the day ahead.  In short, let’s rethink that bowl of cereal tomorrow morning.


    Choose your discomfort

    “Choose your discomfort or it will be chosen for you”

    Starting your fitness journey is not always easy. You have to change up your exercises, change your eating habits and change your mindset. It’s a slow transition but it will be worth it when your health improves. You’ll get to know your body so much better. And you have to know your body to know when something is wrong. The results of poor eating and health habits are vast, from obesity to diabetes and far beyond. But, even though it can be hard at times, if being healthy combats those health issues (which are also hard to deal with), wouldn’t you rather choose the fitness route?


     Where to get started

    Not all training systems work for everyone and we know that. That’s why, this one starts with a simple conversation to pinpoint your “Why”. In other words, to make sure you’re in the right spot. Nate can be reached via email or you can try one of is complimentary options listed above. Either a 5 day sugar detox or his book for men. His strategy is primarily nutrition driven to give you a lot of energy and burn fat. In addition to showing you how to achieve a sustainable lifestyle without having to say no to every single carb you come across for the rest of your life. You’ll have to hold yourself accountable and be in it for the long game but you will learn how to have it all.


    Useful Links:

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    * a href="https://melissavogelfitness.com/course/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" data-saferedirecturl="https://www.google.com/url?q=https://melissavogelfitness.

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