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REDRUM is a podcast focusing on the true victims of crime. Each episode focuses on a new story. Real life, real victims, real crime. This is REDRUM.

Written and presented by Grace Cordell.
Audio, including composition and edit by Russ Clark.
Title music by Benjamin James.

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REDRUM is a podcast focusing on the true victims of crime. Each episode focuses on a new story. Real life, real victims, real crime. This is REDRUM.

Written and presented by Grace Cordell.
Audio, including composition and edit by Russ Clark.
Title music by Benjamin James.

    Episode Fifty One, The killer dentist (Lesley and Trevor) part 2

    Episode Fifty One, The killer dentist (Lesley and Trevor) part 2

    This is the second part of a two-parter. If you haven't listened to part one, I'd recommend heading back to episode 50 and starting there.


    Spoilers below!






    This report, would be the official record of the events of that fateful day... all the way up until almost 20 years later, when the horrific and unimaginable truth would come to light. The joint suicide pact between a broken hearted husband, and a depressed, devestated wife, would be revealed to be an unbelievable series of events, that started with an affair, and ended with a double murder.

    • 58 min
    Episode Fifty, The killer dentist (Lesley and Trevor)

    Episode Fifty, The killer dentist (Lesley and Trevor)

    This is the first part of a 2 parter on The Killer Dentist. The second part is available to download immediately.


    After she’d been in the bath for a little while, Colin came in and said he wanted to use the tape recorder. He lifted it up, and as he did so, the cable came out and somehow landed on Lesley’s arm, in the bath. This was attached to the main electricity supply and meant that as it touched her arm, and the water, it gave her an electric shock. Thankfully, the cord had then fallen straight onto the floor, so she was able to get up and out to safety. She didn’t really know how the cord had ended up in the bath, and afterwards, Colin asked her not to tell anyone. To promise she wouldn’t say anything. Lesley thought it was odd that he’d made her promise not to tell anyone, so she called 3 of her friends over the next couple of days, saying 'I’m telling you this in case anything happens to me’

    • 56 min
    Episode Forty Nine, Bessie Sheppard

    Episode Forty Nine, Bessie Sheppard

    As Bessie walked along the road, the murderer raised the stake up to shoulder height and brought it down with his full force on her head. The attacker then brought the 4 foot long sharpened fence stake down on her head again….. and again….. and again. The murderer then dragged her body into the ditch at the side of the road so it wouldn’t be seen by passers by.


    With many thanks to our guest writer for their help with this episode!









    • 54 min
    Episode Forty Eight, The Chinatown murders

    Episode Forty Eight, The Chinatown murders

    Benjamin pulled open the brown paper bag and threw the nylon chords onto the floor. One by one, the customers hands were tied behind them. Then their feet.

    With many thanks to Tingying Dong and Kwok Hei Tung for their help on this episode.









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    Episode Forty Seven, Luby’s restaurant massacre

    Episode Forty Seven, Luby’s restaurant massacre

    One man had managed to jump out of the way of the initial blast of glass and pickup truck that had come hurtling towards him.

    He ran towards the drivers side door of the pick up truck.

    He could see the window was open, or smashed open... either way, it didn’t matter. As long as the window was open, he’d be able to asses the state of the driver, and potentially help them out to safety. 

    As he approached the window, he let out a slight sigh of relief when he saw an arm move. The driver was alive. 

    He then felt fear flood his entire body as he came face to face with the barrel of a semi-automatic gun.



















    • 51 min
    Episode Forty Six, The Classroom Murder (Ann Maguire)

    Episode Forty Six, The Classroom Murder (Ann Maguire)

    On Christmas eve, William exchanged a facebook message with a friend where he he spoke of ‘brutally killing’ Mrs Maguire and spending the rest of his life in jail so he didn’t have to worry about life or money. Not that he was taken seriously. He also started contacting friends offering to “kill Maguire for a tenner".


    Then his facebook profile picture changed. Instead of his image, there was now an image of the grim reaper.

    A harsh reflection of what was to come…


    With the hugest thanks to our guest writer for this final episode before he takes a bit of a well deserved break !










    • 49 min

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4.7 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Lindelwa01 ,

Excellent work

This podcast is great and the narrator’s voice is so calming

khanyisa Makahane ,

Awesome podcast

I love your podcast. You are well spoken. Thank you for all the research and efforts you put into this podcast. I appreciate how you respect victims.

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