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A podcast for people who are trying to figure it out. Join Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan for help figuring out everyday conundrums. If you’re bewildered, join us!

Bewildered Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan

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A podcast for people who are trying to figure it out. Join Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan for help figuring out everyday conundrums. If you’re bewildered, join us!

    Helping Too Hard

    Helping Too Hard

    Martha and Ro are back with another BeWild Files episode of Bewildered to discuss things that YOU, their listeners, are trying to figure out.

    This episode is all about codependency—sacrificing your own needs for those of someone else—behavior that can lead to exhaustion, resentment, even illness. And yet, our culture calls it "virtuous."

    The good news? We can unhook from codependency to create relationships in alignment with our true nature. If you've ever felt like an over-giver, this episode is for you!

    • 40 min
    Cave Early

    Cave Early

    Our culture stresses that we should never, ever give up on anything, no matter what the cost to our happiness or health. Yet our bodies have a way of telling us when something isn't right—first in a whisper but eventually, a scream.

    On this episode of Bewildered, Martha and Ro advocate for what they call "caving early"—giving up the moment you sense something isn't right for you. (That's right, you can quit!)

    If you've ever struggled with giving up, you won't want to miss this liberating conversation.

    • 36 min
    Elizabeth Gilbert gets Bewildered!

    Elizabeth Gilbert gets Bewildered!

    Martha and Rowan have a very special guest on this episode of Bewildered—the incredible Elizabeth Gilbert!

    The bestselling author of EAT PRAY LOVE joins Martha and Ro to discuss the question: Why is our culture so hostile toward women who are single and childless by choice?

    What follows is an engrossing conversation about the lies that benefit the patriarchy, the saving grace of oversensitivity, and how to trust the wisdom of the body to guide us to our truth. It's an episode you will not want to miss!

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Longing and Belonging

    Longing and Belonging

    It's that time again on Bewildered...Martha and Ro are bringing you another installment of The BeWild Files, where they talk about things that YOU, their listeners, are trying to figure out.

    In this episode they dive into questions from listeners Judy, Bryony, and Annette about masculinity and the pursuit of peace, how to explore identity beyond the binary, and the difference between wanting a house and longing for home. It's a conversation full of deep thoughts (and belly laughs), so be sure to listen!

    • 1 hr 2 min
    A Space for Dreaming

    A Space for Dreaming

    Culture teaches us to strive for stability—and that once we have it, we're never meant to change. But in nature, everything is always changing, including us.

    In this episode of Bewildered, Martha and Rowan explore the fascinating process of letting go of an old self to become a new one and the undefined "space for dreaming" that exists in between.

    Don’t miss this insightful and entertaining conversation about following your curiosity down the rabbit hole so you can become who you're truly meant to be.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    [Best of Bewildered] As Good As It Gets?

    [Best of Bewildered] As Good As It Gets?

    Martha and Rowan are taking a brief break, but the podcast is still here for you! This week we have another "Best of Bewildered" episode for you to enjoy.

    Why is it that sometimes when life looks most amazing, it often feels so…meh?

    Martha and Ro dig into the difference between a life that’s prescribed by culture and one that we invent from our inner wild selves. Instead of embarking on “adventures” based on cultural consensus, we can come to our senses to end up with the best possible experiences.

    • 54 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
74 Ratings

74 Ratings

savvyjenny ,

This Podcast = Essential Wisdom & Freedom for All

Articulate, thoughtful, authentic, evidence-based, and from the brains, hearts, and souls of profoundly on-purpose humans. This podcast has quickly become an anchor in my current season of turning 40, waking up to my TRUE nature, and being deeply ready to UNLEARN cultural conditioning and come home to myself. Marty, Row… it’s so nice to know I’m not alone. Thank you.

jp291 ,

Wonderful heartwarming podcast

I love Rowan and Martha’s authenticity and honesty, even when it is scary for them. The podcast with Liz Gilbert stands out, although I tend to enjoy them all. Really good insights and lessons to be learned. I’ve been listening to this for awhile, now as I am raising newborn triplets, and this helps me to ground myself. Thank you!

marnieleelaw ,

Feel all the Feels!

Thanks for this podcast Martha, Rowan, and Liz. I found the bit that starts around the 44 minute mark really hit home. The idea that we shouldn’t feel what we are feeling is one that I have noticed over and over in my own experience with grief. It is understandable. People want you to feel better; not be so sad. Your pain makes them uncomfortable. After my daughter passed away last year, I received notes and poems with well-meaning platitudes: “She is in a better place; don’t shed tears because she is gone, smile that she lived; don’t focus on your grief, cherish your memories instead.” All good advice (or not) and maybe in 100 years I will be able to consider it. The thing is, it is normal to feel grief when you lose someone you love, or get a divorce, or when your dog dies, or someone hurts you. It is okay to be sad, but that is not what society seems to want from us. Shake it off, move on, be positive. Look on the bright side.

I have used alcohol for years under the guise of a “normal” drinker to dull things down and pick myself up. From work/home stress, to socializing, feeling inadequate in so many ways, winding down at the end of the day, and recently, to drown out the agony of losing my bold and beautiful 26-year-old Christie to the horror of leukemia. It has been a way to temporarily dull the pain, to stop feeling it quite so intensely, to sink into oblivion. Except. It is still there, bigger, uglier, roiling, when I wake up in the night, in the morning, the next day, and every day after.

I recently heard an analogy: Imagine pain is a ball, prickly with sharp spikes, inside a box. It is so big it takes up the entire box, filling it and pushing into the sides, poking it with painful jabs. (Your shards, Rowan). I think that if we allow our pain to exist, talk about it with trusted friends, family, and counsellors, acknowledge that we see it, and it is valid; over time the box will grow larger, capable of holding our grief. At least I hope so. If we allow room for the grief and the pain, eventually there will be room for other feelings in the box too: contentment, happiness, even joy. The sharp edges will soften, until eventually it becomes worn and smooth. The ball of grief is still there, but we allow space for it. The thing though, with alcohol, (or whatever your thing is) is that it shrinks the box. It doesn’t allow room for the other feelings, the good ones, to be in the box too, and it makes those sharp jabbing points dig in even more. There is no room for healing.

So thanks for helping me make some sense of it all, you three. Thanks for listening, and answering my questions in the “Gathering Room” Martha. I have been joining on and off for years, reading some of your books, and enjoyed Write into Light a few years back too. Sending gratitude, love and more light.

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