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Sisters Lauren and Maddie Orlando chat about fashion, skincare, beauty, health & fitness and more.

The Sister Diary Lauren and Maddie Orlando

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Sisters Lauren and Maddie Orlando chat about fashion, skincare, beauty, health & fitness and more.

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

Simran x ,

Positive environment, inspirational and helpful 💓

I’ve listened to all of your podcasts 2 times already because they’re that good and inspiring!! Listening to this podcast really helps me take my mind off things that are pulling me down or if I’ve had a really stressful day at school for example, I just listen to ur podcast until I feel better, whether it’s an old episode or not. It basically lessens the insecurities I have and I’m facing, I’m even starting to become less shy than I was before. I couldn’t talk to ppl I didn’t know comfortably and now I’ve realised that I’m loosening up. I really feel like I’m getting to know you two so much better now especially Maddie since she doesn’t have a YouTube channel like how Lauren does, if that makes any sense? I love how you guys are so confident and speak with full honesty about stuff like about that skin care video. I just wanna say keep doing what your doing because your doing awesome!! Love you guys, also if you see this can you please tell Johnny that I love him and that he’s an amazing singer, oh and also can u bring kenzie into the podcast aswell please that would be amazing! <3

salsa2345 ,

Very interesting

i’ve followed you guys for like a year but i feel like i’m only now getting to know you guys properly because of this podcast; especially Maddie. It’s interesting to hear about your day to day life since like you guys always say, we only see a select and refined snippet of your lives on social media and i think your lives are so different from mine as i live if england and am a different age and i’m not a “social media influencer” lol. I think it’ll be cool to see a less structured approach of the podcast, with more of a conversation i guess because i feel like we would see more of your natural personalities but obviously if you’re not comfortable with that then do whatever you want. i’ll listen either way hahaha. love u guys, pls keep this going. even if you feel like you’re running out of topics to talk about, i’m so down for just what you guys are up to, like updates on your clothing line, school, opportunities coming up, family life etc. Love u bye

Panda Princess457 ,


Awesome and inspiring.

Thanks girls!

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