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Exploring the effect of Martech tools on strategy, people and processes in search of Martech Best Practises. Hosted by Frans Riemersma and Roel Seegers.

The Martech Effect Roel Seegers

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Exploring the effect of Martech tools on strategy, people and processes in search of Martech Best Practises. Hosted by Frans Riemersma and Roel Seegers.

    Grey Martech, (how) are we managing?

    Grey Martech, (how) are we managing?

    We’re getting deep into grey matter in today’s episode. It’s a bit of a special episode, because we’re concluding our discussion of your blog post series regarding Frans’ analysis of marketing technology stacks. Furthermore, we’re talking Google Drive and a friend’s agency’s best practise with Google Drive stack’ Of course, Slack is a favorite topic, and also invision app, and Frans is using a dirty word you shouldn’t take out of context.

    1:20 — Frans feels like going cold turkey, thinking about life after the blog posts series.

    5:00 — Quick rundown on the final blog post: ‘Using Marketing Management tools to fuel the marketing engine in four stages (6/6)’

    8:40 — Why are PIM and DAM tools not included in the Supergraphic?

    10:00 — Vendor analysis tools.

    12:14 — anal-retentive (!) —‘often used in nontechnical contexts to describe someone as extremely or excessively neat, careful, or precise’

    12:20 — Best practise on Google Drive in an agency setting, by Steven de Bruijne of Aan Zee Service Design (www.aanzee.nl)

    21:00 — ¡AppDate!: e-mail forwarding to Slack, new integration

    22:05 — ¡AppDate!: Gmelius.com, by Samuel Schmitt

    23:15 — The Dutch supergraphic didn’t include WeTransfer. Where does it belong actually?

    25:04 — ¡AppDate!: send.firefox.com

    27:10 — What’s up with Microsoft OneDrive?

    29:15 — Collaboration with InvisionApp

    31:13 — Frans quickly going over some tools in each of the categories.

    33:32 — It’s a wrap!



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    Blue Martech, it’s the R of ROI

    Blue Martech, it’s the R of ROI

    This episode is the penultimate one evolving mainly around the series of six blog posts. In this case, number 5, titled ‘Using Marketing Data tools to manage the customer lifecycle in five stages (5/6).’ We also talk a bit about GDPR and Frans gives insights into how he once built dashboards in Google spreadsheet.

    5:26 — a climate change analogy to collecting data

    9:10 — 7 steps to make your Google Analytics setup a bit more GDPR compliant

    12:05 — Jobs to be done in data, Martech of the blue kind. 

    14:44 — Why are country specific super  graphics important? 

    16:00 — How do you make data available so you can actually use it to your advantage?

    17:38 — Working with Zapier to manage data and workflows

    20:00 — Dashboard and data visualization tools

    22:07 — ¡AppDate!: Thunderhead

    25:70 — Data is all about the R of ROI 

    27:07 — Frans explains how he built a dashboard with Google spreadsheets

    30:49 — Go to https://make-everything-ok.com


    Some websites we mentioned in our podcast:

    - https://martechtribe.com/blog/marketing-data-tools-manage-customer-lifecycle-five-stages - 

    - https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/sites/default/files/atoms/files/138._handleiding_privacyvriendelijk_instellen_google_analytics_aug_2018.pdf - 

    - https://www.reshiftmedia.com/gdpr-google-analytics-adwords/ - 

    - https://userdatatrust.com/ - 

    - https://allamericanbowling.nl/free-bowling-dinner-deal :p

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    Green Martech, feeling salesy!

    Green Martech, feeling salesy!

    Frans and Roel take a look at past, present and future of Sales & Commerce Martech (the Green kind of Martech, to be exact). We go over the fourth blog post in the series, titled: 'Using Commerce & Sales tools to convert customers in four stages (4/6)'

    0:40 — When Roel worked in sales, there was no sales automation, intelligence, nor enablement.
    3:00 — 50% tot 60% overlap in SalesTech and MarTech landscapes
    4:20 — Sales automation
    6:25 — Frans reminisces about his past sales career for a bit
    7:30 — Sales intelligence
    8:20 — Sales enablement
    10:00 — Frans pulled some numbers from research on content creation and usage by sales reps
    13:10 — ¡Appdate!: Crystal tells your personality and communication style (www.crystalknows.com)
    17:12 — 'E-commerce platforms & Carts' are a different breed of Martech
    20:55 — We've covered AIDA, next weeks we're going for the R and I of ROI.



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    Yellow Martech, underestimating effects in the long run

    Yellow Martech, underestimating effects in the long run

    We discuss Yellow Martech: Social & Relationships. Not so much the social networks, but rather the tools to master them. Frans shares his findings on tool popularity with us, and Roel reminisces about his first IT sales job. 

    1:20 — Frans is telling software vendors now which tools to integrate.
    3:39 — Some of the most popular Social Media Marketing and Monitoring tools.
    5:38 — Why is Salesforce CRM in this category?
    10:30 — Events, meetings and Webinars
    13:50 — ABM (B2B) vs CES&S (B2C), iirc ;-)
    17:25 — Amara's Law: 'We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.'


    p.s. Sorry people, the ¡Appdate! we had in mind didn't make the cut this week.

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    Orange Martech, getting all AMP'ed up

    Orange Martech, getting all AMP'ed up

    We discuss Orange Martech: Content & Experience. Frans goes over the feedback he received from the review panel and the most popular tools in this category. 

    3:14 — Great insights from the review panel (special thanks to Stacy Falkman with regards to Optimizely)
    3:45 — Most popular Martech tooling from the research 
    6:05 — Google AMP Stories (link to the article by Samuel Schmitt in the footer) 
    9:00 — A new weekly item is born: ¡Appdate! 
    10:10 — Roel wonders whether algorithms aren’t too easily tricked, which lead to less valuable content being served. 
    12:10 — And the first ¡Appdate! is about: Reeder 4 
    15:18 — Frans gives us the most popular Orange Martech tools from his research (Optimizely, Unbounce, Wodpress,.. among others) 
    17:50 — Talking about Marketing Automation, let’s not forget about Mailchimp.  
    19:55 — Search Engine Optimization (Moz, SEMrush) and Video Marketing (Youtube. Wistia, Vimeo) 


    AMP Stories: https://samuelschmitt.com/amp-stories/google-amp-stories.html

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    Red Martech, going down the waterslide

    Red Martech, going down the waterslide

    First of all, we’d like to apologize for the lousy audio quality of this episode. We had a couple of setbacks in hardware and broadband, and Frans’ phone suffered a flat battery.  and nearly decided to cancel this week’s session. But, we want to keep momentum, so went through with it after all. We’re sorry, and will improve audio quality from next episode onwards.

    In this episode we push ourselves down the waterslide of Red Martech, aka Ads & Promotions. Although we're no big fans, we do understand the power and necessity of it. We might as well say: it's a job that has to be done.


    0:25 — Frans’ early morning eye opener about the future of work.

    1:50 — Red Martech, Ads & Promotions, and the necessity of it, despite that we’ld rather avoid it.

    5:33 — Fine tuning the research based on the super graphic and co creating blog content.

    9:42 — Roel doesn’t like Red Martech, but does think ‘amplification’ of inbound content is okay. It allows you to blend Red and Orange Martech, which is nice.

    12:44 — Going into the article about ‘Unlocking The Full ‘Marketing Technology Supergraphic’ Potential’, the number of stacks and population examined, and the concept of Jobs To Be Done (JTBD).


    Article: https://martechtribe.com/blog/unlocking-marketing-technology-supergraphic-potential/

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