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The Art of Manliness Podcast aims to deepen and improve every area of a man's life, from fitness and philosophy, to relationships and productivity. Engaging and edifying interviews with some of the world's most interesting doers and thinkers drop the fluff and filler to glean guests' very best, potentially life-changing, insights.

The Art of Manliness The Art of Manliness

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The Art of Manliness Podcast aims to deepen and improve every area of a man's life, from fitness and philosophy, to relationships and productivity. Engaging and edifying interviews with some of the world's most interesting doers and thinkers drop the fluff and filler to glean guests' very best, potentially life-changing, insights.

    The Myths and Truths Around Suicide

    The Myths and Truths Around Suicide

    You might think we’re heading into a low time of year for suicides because they peak during the cold, dark months of winter. But, in fact, suicide peaks during the spring and early summer.

    This is just one example of the popular beliefs around suicide that turn out to be myths. Here to unpack more of these myths, as well as the truths around this poorly understood subject, is Rory O’Connor, the leader of the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory and the author of When It Is Darkest: Why People Die by Suicide and What We Can Do to Prevent It. Today on the show, Rory discusses possible reasons for why suicides go up in the warmer months and why men die by suicide more often than women. He explains that suicide doesn’t happen without some warning signs and why someone’s improved mood might be one of them. In the second half of the show, Rory walks us through the real reasons people move from having suicidal thoughts to acting on them, and what works to prevent suicide.

    • 48 min
    The Essential Guide to Getting Promoted

    The Essential Guide to Getting Promoted

    Have you been languishing in the same role at work, frustrated that you haven't been promoted to a higher position with more pay and different responsibilities?

    My guest can help you level up in your career. His name is Randy Ornstein, and he's the author of Grow: The Essential Guide to Getting Promoted. Today on the show, Randy explains why getting promoted is more beneficial to your paycheck than getting a raise and his case for why you should stick with working for the same company for a long time. We then talk about the things you need to do so that management thinks of you the next time a higher position opens up. We discuss how promotable employees participate in meetings, execute their communication, study their work, and develop best practices. We also talk about when to bring up the idea of being promoted to your boss and a couple of the challenges that can come with advancing up the ranks.

    • 42 min
    The Heroic Exploits of WWII’s Pacific Paratroopers

    The Heroic Exploits of WWII’s Pacific Paratroopers

    When people think of the paratroopers of World War II, they tend to think of the European theater — the 101st Airborne Division and the Band of Brothers.

    But paratroopers were also deployed in the Pacific, and here to unpack their lesser-known but equally epic and heroic story is James Fenelon, a former paratrooper himself and the author of Angels Against the Sun: A WWII Saga of Grunts, Grit, and Brotherhood. Today on the show, James tells us about the formation, leadership, and training of the 11th Airborne Division, the role they played in the campaigns of the Pacific — which included being dropped one by one out of a tiny plane described as a “lawnmower with wings” —how they built a reputation as one of the war’s most lethal units, and the division’s surprising connection to the creation of the Twilight Zone. At the end of our conversation, James shares what lessons we all can take away from the exploits and spirit of the 11th Airborne.

    • 53 min
    Answers to the FAQ of Modern Etiquette

    Answers to the FAQ of Modern Etiquette

    The charge to be well-mannered, to treat others with civility, kindness, and respect, is perennial. But the rules for how to carry those manners into action, the rules of good etiquette, change over time.

    Given all the cultural and technological changes modern society has experienced, it's not always easy to know the best practices for a contemporary gentleman. Here to offer some guidance on that front is Thomas Farley, aka, Mr. Manners. Today on the show, Thomas offers some answers to the frequently asked questions around modern etiquette, including when to send a handwritten thank you note, whether "no problem" is an appropriate response to "thank you," if it's okay to ghost someone, how to deal with our ever proliferating and out-of-control tipping culture, whether it's okay to exclude kids from your wedding, if you should still open a door for a woman, and more.

    • 50 min
    The Art and Science of Getting Unstuck

    The Art and Science of Getting Unstuck

    Do you feel stuck in life — that you aren’t making progress in a relationship, job, or goal and you don’t know how to fix the problem and move forward? Well, perhaps you can take a little solace in the fact that it’s a universal human experience, even amongst history’s highest achievers. Indeed, when Adam Alter, a social psychologist and professor of marketing, looked at the lives of successful actors, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs, he found that they all had passed through times in their lives and careers when they felt totally stuck.

    Today on the show, Adam, who’s the author of Anatomy of a Breakthrough: How to Get Unstuck When It Matters Most, explains why getting stuck is an inevitability in life, as well as mindset shifts and practices to escape from stuckness. We first talk about what contributes to getting stuck, including the goal gradient effect, and how the illusion of the creative cliff can keep you from seeing that you may end up doing your best work later in life. We then talk about dealing with the emotional angst of feeling stuck, and how it can be better to initially accept your stuckness than kick against the pricks. From there, we turn to some tactics for getting unstuck, including doing a friction audit and copying the work of others. In my favorite part of the conversation, we discuss the importance of recognizing when to move from exploring to exploiting, and vice versa. We end our conversation with why the mantra for getting unstuck is “action over all.”

    • 46 min
    The Essential Guide to Visiting and Camping in the National Parks

    The Essential Guide to Visiting and Camping in the National Parks

    America’s national parks are one of the country’s greatest treasures, and many people have it on their bucket list to visit one or more of these gems. But figuring out where to go and how to execute a national park experience can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

    Here to offer some really helpful advice on both visiting and camping in the national parks is Jeremy Puglisi, co-author, along with his wife Stephanie, of Where Should We Camp Next?: National Parks: The Best Campgrounds and Unique Outdoor Accommodations In and Around National Parks, Seashores, Monuments, and More. Today on the show, Jeremy walks us through how to navigate the complex reservation system some of the parks have in place and what it takes to secure a campsite inside the parks. He then shares his best tips for getting the most out of a national park experience in general, as well as when you’re visiting some of the country’s most iconic destinations, including Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon. At the end of our conversation, Jeremy shares the national parks he thinks are underrated, and if you want to avoid the crowds of the national parks, he also shares his picks for the country’s best state parks.

    • 51 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
13.2K Ratings

13.2K Ratings

David RD ,

Excellent Show

AoM is an excellent show with very important, thought provoking, and interesting topics, especially for men. As a registered dietitian nutritionist and health coach with over 17 years experience specializing in men’s health and longevity, I recommend this podcast and various episodes to many of my male clients. The host Brett McKay does a great job researching topics and guest, and just great questions and interviewing style. I’m not a big fan of the weight-centric approach to health they follow, but I greatly appreciate the depth and breadth of topics. Keep up the great work!

runner writer ,

My Favorite Podcast

Gentlemen, strap on your tool belts, lace up your brogues, and perk up your ears, because 'The Art of Manliness' podcast is an iron-clad handshake in a world of limp greetings. It's your unwavering compass in the often foggy realm of masculinity, and it's as tough and tender as a perfectly cooked steak.

Host Brett McKay, the tour guide of this testosterone-tinged terrain, is no mere rambler. Nay, he's a Socratic sage, deftly orchestrating discourse that dances between the profound and the practical. His queries are as thought-provoking as they are insightful, delving into subjects as diverse as the nature of honor, the power of resilience, the fundamentals of friendship, and even the art of donning dapper duds.

Each episode of 'The Art of Manliness' is a masterclass in masculine wisdom - it's as if the knowledge of countless fatherly chats and brotherly heart-to-hearts have been distilled into a rich, single-malt whiskey of a podcast. But, lest you think this show is all about flexing biceps and fixing engines, take heed! This podcast dares to venture into the shadows of manhood, eschewing shallow stereotypes for a deeper exploration of what it means to be a man in today's world.

'The Art of Manliness' is not just a podcast, it's a life-altering journey. It'll stir up your grit, spur your personal growth, and give you that extra push to bench press the weights of life's challenges. It doesn't just whisper sage advice into your ear, it bellows it with the force of a battle cry, urging you to be not just a man, but a great one.

Thanks to 'The Art of Manliness,' I don't just walk taller, I stand firmer, knowing that being a good man isn't about puffing up my chest but about lifting up others. This podcast has made me more than just a listener; it's forged me into a student of life, a scholar of manhood, and above all, a more confident, wholehearted man.

Tune in, gentlemen, to 'The Art of Manliness' - because real men aren't afraid of a little introspection or personal growth. As for me? I'm off to polish my boots, help an elderly neighbor with her groceries, and ponder the nature of honor, all before my morning coffee. That's the 'Art of Manliness' way.

NC Betsy ,

A great Host

Brett is a great host. His guests cover the gamut of all walks of life and interests. Without fail, he engages them with interesting questions and then allows them to talk with no interruptions, which is quite different than other podcasts. I am not interested in every single topic, but those I am are well worth it. Great job!

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