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A Simple, Brain-Based Approach to Help You Stop Binge Eating and Get on with Your Life.

Brain over Binge Podcast Kathryn Hansen

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A Simple, Brain-Based Approach to Help You Stop Binge Eating and Get on with Your Life.

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4.6 out of 5
239 Ratings

239 Ratings

sharonashere ,


They beat around the bush and talked more about podcasting then binge eating. Not what I thought it would be according to the title. Im not interested in their personal lives. I wanted to learn tips about stopping binge eating!

emmjay. ,


Although I truly appreciate and see the benefits of the information given by this podcast as well as the literature associated to it, i cannot look past the constant belittling of conventional therapy. As a mental health profesional, I do not agree with the statement made towards my line of work. For example, the authors claim that conventional therapy focuses of a persons weakness of faults. I find this to be far from the truth. I, as well as all other therapist I know, take on a strength centered approach and always look to how a persons positive attributes can help and lead to personal growth.

Another point made here is that all therapy looks to decipher the underlying traumas or causes that lead to a specific behavior (in this case binge eating). This depends on your therapist and their chosen style of intervention or therapeutic model. I, for example, am a big fan of cognitive behavior therapy that focuses on how our thoughts influence our emotions and behavior. This model doesn’t care much about the traumas or events that lead to the thought it simply works on modifying them now in the present. It’s a school of thought that, in my opinion, goes hand in hand with the approach shared in this podcast. Therefor, I am disappointed that the authors generalize the nature of conventional therapy.

Of course I am aware that not everyone wants or is able to participate in therapy and of course I can see the benefits this information can give to people suffering from binge eating. I am also truly sorry that therapy did not work for Katherine and that her therapist’s approach did not line up with her needs. However I do not think it is necessary to constantly put down therapy or share assumptions that are not necessarily true and can negatively affect people’s perception of conventional therapy.

Wet Chet ,

Great Approach

I’ve followed a similar path to recovery as re author, trying all theist common approaches, including therapy/CBT, OA/12-step, and SMART Recovery. I have literally never heard this perspective in such a straightforward way. As a rationalist, and scientific minded person it makes total sense to me. Well done.

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