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Welcome to the CYCLICAL Podcast with your favorite menstrual cycle expert and Naturopathic Doctor, Cassandra Wilder. We deep dive into the wisdom of your body and what it means to live a cyclical, empowered life. Join me for deep conversations surrounding women's health, authentic entrepreneurship and everything your mama didn't teach you about your body.

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Welcome to the CYCLICAL Podcast with your favorite menstrual cycle expert and Naturopathic Doctor, Cassandra Wilder. We deep dive into the wisdom of your body and what it means to live a cyclical, empowered life. Join me for deep conversations surrounding women's health, authentic entrepreneurship and everything your mama didn't teach you about your body.

    Six Tips for Balanced Hormones

    Six Tips for Balanced Hormones

    In this episode, Dr. Cassandra deep dives into hormones, the signs of imbalance and what you can do about it right! 
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    This is the ultimate period healing course for women that focuses on optimal hormone balance and healthy periods
    In this episode you’ll learn:
    The signs of a hormone imbalance
    When the doors for Period Reboot open
    Six powerful tips for optimal hormone balance
    Is intermittent fasting good for women?
    Does exercise help or hurt hormones? 
    How do we address chronic stress?
    Is there really hope for healing?
    Hormones and PCOS
    Blood sugar and hormones

    You do NOT want to miss Period Reboot! The doors open in June of 2021! 

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    Releasing Self Doubt and Living in Radiance with Leandra Rose

    Releasing Self Doubt and Living in Radiance with Leandra Rose

    In this episode, Cassandra welcomes the beautiful Leandra Rose to the podcast! After meeting at random two years ago, Cassandra and Leandra have both evolved and grown and this episode feels like a special conversation between two friends. In this episode surrounding taking big leaps, healing your story and overcoming self doubt, you’ll feel inspired, seen and excited for your next step as you follow the breadcrumbs. 
    In this episode you’ll learn:
    How Leandra went from an overworked school teacher to a powerful women’s coach who lives her mission
    What it means to take the leap even when we’re afraid and unsure
    Where inner blocks, limitations and beliefs come from
    How our beliefs manifest into our physical reality
    How to trace back these beliefs into childhood
    Leandra’s tips and tools to address inner wounds
    What it means to live in radiance and why Leandra created The Radiant Rebellion
    And so much more
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    Transformational coach and founder of The Radiant Rebellion, Leandra specializes in empowering awakening women to release the fears, limiting beliefs, and familial and cultural imprinting that blocks them from living their most authentic & fulfilling lives. 
    Leandra Rose holds a BA in Behavioral Science and Human Development and was an early childhood educator for 15 years. She started her transformational work in 2008 after healing her anxiety and panic attacks with meditation. This set her off on a journey to become an advanced teacher in breathwork, meditation, embodiment, energetics & mindset. 
    Leandra has transformed her own traumas into the powerful healing presence and process she brings to her sessions and workshops. It’s also her extensive background in psychology, somatic experiencing & mindfulness that creates a unique, empowering and safe space for her clients and students to unlock their highest potential.
    From teaching meditation to billion dollar corporations to leading small, intimate retreats for awakening men & women, Leandra holds an exquisite space that allows her clients to have profound breakthroughs in life, health, heart & purpose. 
    When she’s not working she loves making the most amazing home cooked meals with her beloved, spending time in nature, and hand drawing mandalas. She also thrives on travel and road trips have become her new favorite pastime.
    Connect with her:
    You can also grab her FREE Radiance Reset
    This is for you if you’ve been feeling stuck, depleted, & spinning your wheels trying to live your purpose. 
    Reset your Radiance to activate your aliveness, creativity, feminine flow and confidence. 
    This is a 7 day free course. Short videos with actionable exercises to help you feel RADIANT immediately. 

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    Detoxing 101 and an Initiation from Cancer with Carly Brown

    Detoxing 101 and an Initiation from Cancer with Carly Brown

    In this episode Cassandra welcomes Carly Brown! Known online as @carlyloveskale and the creator of Alchemy Juice, Carly is a pioneer in wellness, detox and healing. 
    In this episode they talk about:

    Carly's story being diagnosed with cancer and her initiation into the healing journey
    What a detox is and the difference between a lifestyle change and a quick juice cleanse
    Her top recommendations for detox
    Enemas: does she recommend them?
    Why she created Alchemy Juice in Austin, TX
    Her greatest words of wisdom to someone on the healing journey
    The importance of mindset with any healing journey
    How to pick a juice that's actually nourishing
    And so much more
    Connect with Carly at https://www.carlybrownwellness.com and sign up for her Daily Detox Program with code "cassandra" to save $20!
    IG: @carlyloveskale
    Check out Alchemy Juice - https://alchemyorganicjuice.com
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    Grab your free balanced period bundle - www.cassandrawilder.com/free-bundle

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    Eating for Wellness vs. Diet Culture with Bonnie Green RDN

    Eating for Wellness vs. Diet Culture with Bonnie Green RDN

    In this episode, Cassandra welcomes the lovely Bonnie Green RDN to the podcast. Going deep into diet culture and the subliminal messages we see in the online space, this conversation is juicy and full of powerful reminders. Above all else, take this reminder: wellness is different for everyone and there’s no one size fits all approach. 
    “A perfect diet isn’t healthy and a healthy diet isn’t perfect.”
    Together we talk about:
    -why BMI is not a real measure of health
    -where diet culture starts and how it affects us
    -what diet culture is and how this teaches us to shrink ourselves
    -stigmas around weight
    -the different ways wellness can look
    -how an obsession with clean eating can become disordered 
    -and so much more
    Bonnie Green (she/her) is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Registered Yoga Teacher from Southeastern Michigan. She wears many hats: she works with teenagers who have eating disorders, preschoolers and their families, and young women who struggle with a variety of nutrition-related issues. She believes that humans can be healthy at every body shape and size, and that "healthy eating" does not look any one way. She has a non-diet approach with her clients, meaning that she works with them to find out the root of their problem and form goals to feel more confident in their bodies, not focusing on eliminating food groups or favorite foods. 
    Be sure to tag Bonnie on IG @bonnietherdn and Cassandra @menstruationqueen if you loved this episode and feel others need to hear the message too 
    You can connect with Bonnie at https://www.peacefulpowerfulnutrition.com/
    Link for Bonnie’s free guide on how to ditch and detox from diet culture: www.peacefulpowerfulnutrition.com/detox
    For more information on eating disorders, including how to get help: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/ 

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    OMG - I’m Getting Married!

    OMG - I’m Getting Married!

    In this episode, I’m joined by my fiance Robert to share about our engagement, the top secret trip Robert had planned and our wedding prep. We are SO grateful for all your love and support! It means so much to us. 
    Follow Robert on IG @communicationking and on his website www.sterrycoaching.com to book a FREE 20 minute relationship call to learn how to get your relationship back on track
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    Entering Menopause with Grace with Dr. Helen Kociba

    Entering Menopause with Grace with Dr. Helen Kociba

    In this episode Dr. Cassandra welcomes her dear friend and colleague Dr. Helen Kociba. This deep dive into menopause is a must listen to for any woman approaching this powerful transition. 
    You’ll learn:
    How Dr. Helen reframes the experience of menopause
    The gap in answers for women in the doctor’s office
    Perimenopause vs. menopause 
    Dr. Helen’s top recommendations to ease menopausal symptoms
    How to determine if your body is struggling with stagnancy 
    Dr. Helen’s FAVORITE herb for women in menopause
    Info about Dr. Helen’s exclusive menopause course for women
    And so much more!
    Connect with Dr. Helen:
    IG - @wisewoman_nd 
    Facebook - (6) Wise Woman Natural Health Center | Facebook
    Webpage: www.wisewomannaturalhealth.com
    Email - wisewoman.nh@gmail.com 
    Dr. Helen is a mother of 4 beautiful children ranging from 10-21 years old, 2 boys - 2 girls, along with a wife of 25 years to a man named Michael.  The experience she brings forward comes from her life that has made her the woman she is today.  She has a deep love and reverence for the Divine Feminine and the balance family can bring to life’s journey.  We all are born and we will all die, but it is what we do with the time between that springs forth change throughout an eternity.  To live and to serve her family and others has been a true gift and passion.  
    Naturopathic Experience & Credentials:  Dr. Helen Kociba ND, CHBD has completed her degree as a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor [accredited through The American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board (ANMAB)] and is the owner of Wise Woman Natural Health Center in Midland Michigan.  She specializes mainly in Women’s Health, herbalism, homeopathy and nutrition. Her continuing work has led her toward a deeper understanding of genetics and how it impacts our health.  She conducts SWAMI assessments which utilize the Blood-Type Diet, genetics and epigenetics.  Live/Dried Blood Cell Analysis helps her follow the progress of her clients while working alongside them in their natural health journey.  
    Holistic Birth Doula Experience & Credentials:  She is a Certified Holistic Birth Doula and has been helping women in delivery for over 20 years.  She offers comprehensive care packages to ensure moms feel the support they need throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.  She has produced courses to help families learn about all the options they have in order to experience their perfect birth.
    Education Platforms:  Dr. Helen is an instructor at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education where she teaches in person courses on Conception, Childbirth & Childhood, Death & Dying, along with leading a specialized 6 part program to educate and train Certified Holistic Doulas.  Along with her in-person courses, she has various online courses available as well. 

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5.0 out of 5
390 Ratings

390 Ratings

Bre_ATX ,

Covers so many topics that I didn’t know I needed!

I’ve loved diving into so many topics from menstruation, to the moon cycle, manifestation, intuition, and more. Recommend for any woman seeking to understand herself!

Taylir* ,

Life Changing 💕

This podcast is an incredible way to not only learn about the body physically, but also how to learn about yourself & the people around you on a deeper, more honest level. There is at least one episode that I can recommend to EVERY person in my life, if not more. There is so much knowledge & validation in this series 🖤

jdgsfajf ,

Needed podcast

Nothing like this podcast, I love learning about this topic which is so important for all women!

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