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A monthly show that reviews one film director per episode with the occasional bonus episode. Episodes #123-172 were hosted by Brad & Al. Visit the website, subscribe via iTunes, find us on Letterboxd at NowPlayingJim or PatrickRipoll.

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A monthly show that reviews one film director per episode with the occasional bonus episode. Episodes #123-172 were hosted by Brad & Al. Visit the website, subscribe via iTunes, find us on Letterboxd at NowPlayingJim or PatrickRipoll.

    Bonus Episode: The Movie That Changed My Life

    Bonus Episode: The Movie That Changed My Life

    For this bonus episode, I announce the winners of the Blu-Ray giveaway during the introduction and talk about future plans and possible revisions. Those changes will be confirmed in the months to come but this episode is mainly just a quick showcase regarding the movie that changed my life forever. I’ve talked about it a lot in the past and have done some interviews about it. Here, I just put three excerpts together of moments where I discuss the film PUMP UP THE VOLUME with others including writer/director Allan Moyle and actress Samantha Mathis. Mathis also talks about River Phoenix and working with Peter Bogdanovich which I felt was timely to include.

    Later on I play an extended clip from Corey Pierce’s The Soundtrack Of Your Life which is a now-defunct podcast that I highly recommend checking out all episodes of which I linked below. I figured with Episode 200 around the corner (technically 300 with bonus episodes), I’d mention again why this film means so much to me for its partially responsible for turning me into the podcaster / cinephile that I am today. Thank you to everyone for the email entries for the contest and for your kind words and encouragement these past 11 years. It means a lot to me, truly. Stay tuned for more!

    00:00 - 15:09 - Introduction
    15:10 - 24:44 - Allan Moyle Excerpt
    24:45 - 35:02 - Samantha Mathis Excerpt
    35:03 - 59:04 - Soundtrack Of Your Life / Outro

    Allan Moyle Interviews:

    Samantha Mathis Interview:
    Soundtrack Of Your Life Podcast:
    New Website (work-in-progress):

    • 59 min
    Episode 196: Favorite Films Of 2021

    Episode 196: Favorite Films Of 2021

    Another year in cinema has come and gone. 2021 was certainly one of the more difficult and challenging years for me personally (we all needed lots of hugs) but it's ended on a high note particularly with the films discussed here. As always, I needed to invite special guests to celebrate the year in cinema, two familiar voices you know and love join me to discuss our favorite films of 2021. Returning to the show is my dear friend Patrick Ripoll, current host of Tracks of the Damned and former co-host of this here show. Another great returning champion and former co-host is Brad Strauss who was kind enough to take over hosting duties for a few years, doing stellar work with his compadre Al. Happy to have him join us too!

    This time you're in for a treat because you can actually win a couple of Blu-Rays by listening to the episode and following the instructions given (all entries/emails must be in by Jan 11th). After summarizing the year that was, we run down a list of categories/awards like we do every time as well as a list of honorable mentions before revealing our top ten favorite films of the year. Prepare yourself for a song later on to celebrate someone who is definitely there in spirit but couldn't join us this time, the one and only Bill Ackerman of Supporting Characters. This was one heck of a year and now it's time to listen to us talk about it for five hours. Much gratitude to all of you for listening and for all the support. 11 years of doing this show and there's never a dull moment. Happy New Year and thanks to my great guests for their lists and wonderful insights as expected - Jim

    00:00 - 20:54 - Introductions / Thoughts On 2021
    20:55 - 01:01:37 - Ancillary Awards / Categories
    01:01:38 - 01:23:04 - Honorable Mentions
    01:23:05 - 02:55:02 - #10-#5
    02:55:02 - 03:33:44 - #5-#3
    03:33:44 - 04:10:39 - #3, #2
    04:10:40 - 04:13:39 - Bill's 40 Favorite Films Song
    04:13:40 - 04:58:36 - Favorite Film Of 2021 / Outro

    Bill Ackerman’s 40 Favorite Films:

    Jim's Letterboxd:

    Brad’s Letterboxd:

    Check Out Patrick's Podcast:
    The Chicago Film Critics Awards For 2021:
    Send Me An Email By January 11th (details in the show):

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    Episode 195: Fritz Lang (feat. Kerry Finegan)

    Episode 195: Fritz Lang (feat. Kerry Finegan)

    Joining me today for a shorter but another in-depth discussion is the wonderful co-host of Christmas Movies Actually, Kerry Finegan. Over a year ago, she asked if I had done an episode on this director yet and of course, this is one I have wanted to cover for quite some time having only seen a couple of his films two decades ago. As stated in the episode, there simply has to be a sequel in the future for this name because we have so much left to cover mainly his very accomplished work in film noir! A couple of those I highly recommend when I reveal my list of favorites.

    Austrian-German filmmaker Fritz Lang, who is sometimes referred to as the “inventor of film noir," was initially known as a silent film director that made an eventual science fiction cult classic known as METROPOLIS. But as we both say in this episode, M stands for masterpiece so we cover that title along with his first feature made in America with Spencer Tracy, FURY, along with THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE. For the what we watched segment, I bring up the little-seen coming-of-age dramedy PINK SKIES AHEAD and there is also a review of a certain MATRIX sequel that has just come out as well.

    00:00 - 07:28 - Introduction
    07:29 - 31:13 - What We Watched Recently
    31:14 - 01:37:31 - Fritz Lang Discussion
    01:37:32 - 01:46:36 - Top 3 Films / Outro

    • 1 hr 46 min
    Bonus Episode: Andy Ostroy (Adrienne)

    Bonus Episode: Andy Ostroy (Adrienne)

    You may not know the name of today's guest but hopefully you are aware of the subject of his new documentary, ADRIENNE. This is one of the best films of 2021. Personally, the radiant Adrienne Shelly was one of my favorite actresses ever since discovering her in the early 90s through the work of Hal Hartley. Then she went on to write and direct one of my favorite romantic comedies, Waitress, which is now a successful Broadway play. I may be biased in loving Andy's film due to my love of Shelly but I guarantee watching it is an experience that everyone will connect to in some way.
    Whether it's discovering who Adrienne was as an artist or seeing how the family responds to tragedy, there is something for everyone here, as hard as it is to watch at times especially if you're a fan of her work and wish we could have so much more. But Andy's brave and compassionate approach is truly something to treasure and there's no doubt Adrienne would approve. Thank you so much to Andy for not only this film but for a lot of joy and insight in remembering a true talent, taking from us way too soon. I'm grateful to Adrienne for the legacy she left and please go back and celebrate all of her work as an actress/writer/director.
    View ADRIENNE:
    Learn more about The Adrienne Shelly Foundation:
    Follow Andy On Twitter:

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    Episode 194: Sarah Polley (feat. Kate Blair)

    Episode 194: Sarah Polley (feat. Kate Blair)

    Having made three films as a director, Sarah Polley has become one of my favorite storytellers. All of her work has reflected an experience I’ve had to one degree or another and I’ve been a fan of hers going all the way back to her roles in films like GO and THE SWEET HEREAFTER. Joining me for an insightful discussion on her extraordinary three movies is returning guest and friend Kate Blair, who has written for several film websites and remains one of my favorite people to talk movies with. 
    For this episode, we go through Polley’s exceptional work starting with her debut feature AWAY WE GO and ending on the hybrid docudrama STORIES WE TELL. And of course, there’s a lot to say about the rather divisive TAKE THIS WALTZ as well. Be sure to preorder Polley’s first memoir coming out next year and check out her interviews and podcasts because she’s passionate, articulate and remarkably brave and revealing in so many ways. In addition, we briefly talk about the HBO show SUCCESSION, PTA’s LICORICE PIZZA and the heartbreaking new Netflix documentary PROCESSION which was recently shown at the 2021 Chicago Critics Film Festival.
    00:00 - 09:08 - Introduction
    09:09 - 32:30 - What We Watched Recently
    32:31 - 02:04:09 - Sarah Polley’s Films
    02:04:10 - 02:12:16 - Outro
    Kate Blair’s Letterboxd
    Sarah Polley on The Thin Red Line
    DGC Podcast: Sarah Polley |  Adaptation Process & Changing Expectations for Directors 
    Sarah Polley Opens Up About What Really Matters to Her
    Sarah Polley - Interview Magazine
    Preorder Sarah’s Memoir Out in 2022

    • 2 hr 12 min
    Bonus Episode: Zeros And Ones (feat. Bill Ackerman, Chris O'Neill and Abel Ferrara)

    Bonus Episode: Zeros And Ones (feat. Bill Ackerman, Chris O'Neill and Abel Ferrara)

    Director's Club is proud to present a special episode hosted by regular contributor Bill Ackerman of the Supporting Characters podcast. He is joined by filmmaker and film programmer Chris O'Neill to talk about the latest film, Zeros and Ones from the last director we covered on the show, Abel Ferrara. In addition, there is an interview with the director himself which is a true honor.

    I can't thank Bill enough for doing this which I would've loved to have been a part of but my final semester in grad school is starting to wrap up so I've been extra busy. Looking forward to catching up with this film and for fans of Ferrara, this is a real treat. Thank you so much Bill & Chris for their hard work and thoughtful insights. Be sure to check out Zeros and Ones. The film will play in select theaters and available everywhere you rent movies on November 19th - Jim

    • 1 hr 18 min

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4.4 out of 5
128 Ratings

128 Ratings

quoxtops ,


So happy to have discovered this after randomly searching for a podcast about film! I especially recommend the Nicholas Ray, Alfred Hitchcock, and Agnes Varda episodes so far. I used to work in a DVD rental store that specialized cult, classic, foreign, and independent film, and this took me back that wonderful period in my life when I got
paid to watch two movies a day and then talk about them with other film lovers. That being said, I’m learning so much I never knew before, and I’m so grateful that this is out there. This podcast is definitely making my life better in this pandemic winter, so I’m grateful. :)

Also, have to say, I am particularly charmed by Jim as a host. Very charming and funny personality and great film insights without any pretension.

kevpasos ,

Love their deep dives on directors!

The Ingmar Bergman three part series is so good!

gregorygob ,

Don’t listen to such negativity

I genuinely feel sorry for a reviewer like ChristopherRants who decides to vent bile at such a well-done show especially based on one early episode. Maybe it was rough in the beginning, but why piss on something that is clearly made with joy. Granted it is subjective and there are always bound to be opinionated haters but it is just unproductive and uninteresting to say “I’m listening to an episode recorded in 2012 therefore it’s not relevant.” The podcast is about loving movies, film directors and the art form. The hosts have always done their best even when the sound quality falters or the content ultimately becomes dated due to passing time. Sure there are occasional opinions from all four hosts that drive me nuts over the years but I find the act of listening to them all discuss the art of film really fun and insightful whether going back in the archives or listening to the newer episodes. If you can't get joy from listening to the conversations surrounding Francis Coppola then that's a shame. Some people hear should lighten up and if you don’t enjoy something, delete it from your feed and don’t hate on something that people put a lot of love and positive energy into. But then again this is the Internet.

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