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AI Podcast Network is your top insurance podcast network with many unique series that let you hear from both agency owners and industry influencers. Learn from real agents in real agencies, get the latest and greatest that thought leaders in the industry have to offer, and more!

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AI Podcast Network is your top insurance podcast network with many unique series that let you hear from both agency owners and industry influencers. Learn from real agents in real agencies, get the latest and greatest that thought leaders in the industry have to offer, and more!

    RHS 149 - Chris Greene on Content Marketing as a Competitive Advantage

    RHS 149 - Chris Greene on Content Marketing as a Competitive Advantage

    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley, interviews Chris Greene, the Flood Insurance Guru. Chris joins the podcast for a master's level conversation on content marketing and how properly using your CRM can create an undeniable competitive advantage in your business. Don’t miss this episode…

    Episode Highlights:

    Chris discusses how insurance is not the problem but the risk is, and how he is working on this data to solve the issue. (4:13)

    Chris explains how their flood risk analysis provides a huge value to their referral partners to grow their business. (8:29)

    Chris mentions that videos used for education and advice are still considered streamlining. (14:31)

    Chris shares how he uses automation to follow up with his clients. (22:32)

    Ryan explains that this is the moment where HubSpot tools, like video cards, give you a true competitive advantage. (25:35)

    Chris explains that conversations like why they weren't closing more business can be seen at HubSpot as one of its features. (36:34)

    Ryan shares that the industry needs a company that offers Accord form integration and creation at a price that the industry can afford. (44:09)

    Chris talks about Hubspot being better than any AMS, and shares how they are currently using it in their interview process. (51:14)

    Chris shares that what he likes about Ryan's content creation is that it is very neutral and does never put out any misinformation. (55:53)  

    Chris shares three different books he requires people to read before they come on board. (59:50)

    Key Quotes:

    "We just need one company that offers Accord form integration and creation and mapping easily at a price the industry could afford and they would absolutely friggin dominate." - Ryan Hanley

    "It's not about us. It's about the customers, you know? So, it sticks in my head and everything I do now." - Chris Greene

    Resources Mentioned:

    Chris Greene LinkedIn

    Flood Insurance Guru

    Reach out to Ryan Hanley

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Millionaire Insurance Producer: How to Get More Referrals

    Millionaire Insurance Producer: How to Get More Referrals

    Referrals, referrals, referrals! You've probably heard that referrals are great to get and have the highest win percentage when compared to other forms of prospecting. And, you'd be right to think that because it's true. However, most insurance agents and agencies do either a very poor job at systematically asking for (and receiving) referrals from their client base or COIs, or they have no process for referrals at all. In this episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht will give you a step-by-step process you can use to get more profitable referrals from your clients and COIs.

    Episode Highlights:

    Charles reveals that while he was a producer for almost 10 years, he wasn't very good at getting references. And it was partly because the kind of company he was pursuing was not one that relied heavily on referrals. (2:01)

    Charles explains that when it comes to requesting referrals, you must be careful what you ask. (5:56)

    Charles discusses the reasons why it is critical to have prospects prepared ahead of time. (9:04)

    Charles mentions that if you are comfortable with your customers and your circle of influence, the recommendation will be substantially better. (12:00)

    Charles explains that when you work with clients and centers of influence, you highlight possible opportunities that can be powerful for prospecting. (14:47)

    Charles suggests that if you've saved 30 customers in various places, you can create Excel lists for different prospects you're analyzing and identifying as possibly good prospects to go after in those geographic territories. (16:37)

    Charles believes you should invest heavily in referral prospecting. (18:46)

    Charles explains that when he asks his coaching clients, who are insurance agents, about their methods of prospecting, very rarely do they mention referrals. (21:57)

    Charles mentions that we are severely lacking in getting referrals, an excellent method of prospecting but that it shouldn't be too tough to improve. (25:04)

    Key Quotes:

    “If referrals are important to you, then choose wisely.” - Charles Specht

    “When you work with each of your clients, and your centers of influence and you're going through the list of these potential prospects and they're highlighting them, you need to utilize that information because you're going to have multiples. You're going to have multiples. And that becomes very, very strong information to use when you're prospecting.” - Charles Specht

    “I encourage you to start looking into getting better at doing referral prospecting. And then thank me later.” - Charles Specht

    Resources Mentioned:

    Reach out to Charles Specht

    Permission Network Insurance Agency, Inc.

    • 27 min
    Power Women In Insurance: Make Your Mark In The Industry Through Curiosity And Growth

    Power Women In Insurance: Make Your Mark In The Industry Through Curiosity And Growth

    In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Debby Kallinikos. Debby and Teresa talk about how she has built her career around being curious and serving others.

    Episode Highlights:

    Debby shares her insurance journey and how she got to where she is today. (1:26)

    Debby mentions how important it was for her to be around someone that knew what they were doing when she was training and how she sought that ought. (5:31)

    Debby explains that the better you are at asking what you want to know, the more you will be able to learn. (9:10)

    Teresa asks Debby what qualities she is looking for in a person or mentor to ask questions to. (14:36)

    Debby explains that she helps her clients see their coverage by asking them what it covers. (17:08)

    Debby shares that she prefers in person classes and finds online classes challenging. (22:20)

    Debby explains why it is important to take ownership of your own knowledge and education. (24:59)

    Debby shares that people need to take responsibility for learning things that they don't know. (27:04)

    Debby advises everyone to make a plan and find the right fit for their career and what they really want. (29:00)

    Debby encourages everyone to listen to the past podcasts that Teresa has done that connect people in the industry. (31:45)

    Key Quotes:

    “For me to become good, I've got to be around someone that knows what they're doing. And I've got to surround myself with that knowledge." - Debby Kallinikos

    "I think if it's something you're passionate about, and you really feel like you can help this industry and be of service, then you should go for it." - Debby Kallinikos

    "I think that the people that work for companies typically as reps, those people seem to have the most education because they're on a salary, they're not getting paid commission." - Debby Kallinikos

    Resources Mentioned:

    Debby Kallinikos LinkedIn

    USI Insurance Services

    Contact Teresa Kitchens

    Sterling Insurance Group

    • 34 min
    Throwback: Brian Blakely: Asking For Advice And Taking Action

    Throwback: Brian Blakely: Asking For Advice And Taking Action

    In this throwback episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, guest host Mitch Gibson interviews Brian Blakely, the director of property & casualty insurance at Stonebridge Insurance and Wealth Management and host of The Good Life Small Business Podcast. Brian talks about what he learned from Bradley Flowers and how he started a podcast.

    Episode Highlights:

    Brian shares the best things to do in Kearney, Nebraska. (2:40)

    What has attributed to Brian’s career, skill or luck? (9:38)

    Brian shares his background. (13:32)

    Brian mentions what he’s currently working on with his podcast. (24:08)

    Has Brian seen any success that’s helped him grow as an agent and with his podcast? (31:19)

    Brian shares why podcasting is something that he’s passionate about. (38:51)

    Brian mentions what he’s trying to accomplish this year. (40:06)

    Brian shares a story about his first conversation with Bradley Flowers. (47:34)

    Key Quotes:

    “I trust everybody in here and I don't need to look over my shoulder. We've all got the client’s best interest at heart. So, another instance of where I got pretty lucky is the people that I get to work with every day and the culture that we have here is great.” - Brian Blakely

    “Sometimes it's good to hear from other people who may have the same story as you do or can use some support when you think you're all alone. What better time to come out with a small business podcast locally here in my community where people can not only get to know these small businesses better, they can learn about their story.” - Brian Blakely

    “You may be embarrassed about some of the content that you have out now. I mean, it gets better the more you do it but you just have to be consistent. Don't be scared, just do it. Have someone help you. There's plenty of people out there.” - Brian Blakely

    Resources Mentioned:

    Reach out to Mitch Gibson

    Brian Blakely LinkedIn

    Stonebridge Insurance and Wealth Management

    The Good Life Small Business Podcast

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Power Producers: Throwback: Protecting What Matters in Life with Greg Zahn

    Power Producers: Throwback: Protecting What Matters in Life with Greg Zahn

    In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Greg Zahn, AVP of Multiline and Digital Strategies at Highland Capital Brokerage. Greg talks about his career in the insurance industry and the significance of life insurance. He also discusses the benefits of understanding the disability policy in life insurance, and the value of digital tools in creating systems that are more accessible.
    Episode Highlights:

    David introduces Greg Zahn. (1:29)

    Greg shares his background in the insurance business. (2:02)

    Greg says that most of what they do at Highland will make sense as to why he works on a digital footprint, and what he does for PNC and benefits organizations. (2:21)

    Greg shares the goal of their company. (3:01)

    Did Greg work initially in life insurance after college? (4:42)

    Greg says that his experiences led him to understand many aspects of life insurance. (5:52)

    Greg shares that one of the key elements of life insurance is a disability. (12:41)

    Greg mentions that term insurance is a great and easy solution to get the death benefit done. (13:43)

    What is the significance of disability? (15:45)

    Greg shares that there are plenty of options about disability to where a business can have a disability policy for their customer, or their employee. (16:57)

    Greg mentions that life insurance has a significant aspect when it comes to cash value inside the permanent policies. (17:53)

    Greg shares that when it comes to death and disability, facts and figures are helpful, and sometimes they like stories of where things have gone wrong, but at the end of the day, helping them understand that a minor cost compared to a major issue is vital. (24:02)

    Greg thinks that having a network is a big factor. (28:05)

    David says that most financial planning companies out there are beholden to their products, and they are not regularly the best thing for the situation. (29:54)

    Greg shares the beauty of brokerage. (31:05)

    Greg mentions that Easy Life is an electronic application system and a client-facing tool. (34:54)

    David mentions that they have the Easy Life widget on their Florida Risk Partner website. (37:13)

    What are the biggest obstacles that Greg has come into when trying to engage with firms like them? (42:38)

    Greg explains the methodology with Highland Capital Brokerage. (44:20)

    Greg mentions that they have a new digital tool coming out that is more educational. (47:13)

    Greg says that Highland Capital Brokerage has support systems that can help those transactional opportunities and don't bury you in opportunities that are not cost-effective for you to work on, but at the same time making sure that you're visible. (47:50)

    David says that the thing he likes about digital more than anything else is the analytics that he gets from it. (48:45)

    Greg thinks that being digital, being aware, being connected, and the data in understanding how to read it is vast. (50:58)

    Tweetable Quotes:

    “The ability to help individuals find the right solution for their family and their needs, and work with insurance professionals that may not traditionally do life insurance is an awesome thing to do every day.” - Greg Zahn

    “If you don't have a good partner that you can trust that's going to deliver the right solutions to your customers, then don't go into it just to chase money, do it for the right reasons.” - Greg Zahn

    “Google is not the most helpful thing for good objective research, but customers do it. So make sure you understand, really work around the value, and anyone that's bringing a soul product, and not the market is not really truly bringing value to your customer solutions.” - Greg Zahn

    Resources Mentioned:

    David Carothers LinkedIn

    Kyle Houck LinkedIn

    Florida Risk Partners

    The Extra 2 Minutes

    Greg Zahn LinkedIn

    Highland Capital Brokerage

    • 57 min
    New Product: Parametric Insurance, If This Then That

    New Product: Parametric Insurance, If This Then That

    in this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Ryan Keating, Vice President of Keating Agency Insurance. Ryan shares his experience as the Season 2 Coach of The Protege, an insurance reality show, and discusses how the ways in which agents create value and connections is rapidly changing. 

    Episode Highlights:

    Ryan shares that he is an Android user and the last app he downloaded is called MyMind, for meditation. (2:43)

    Ryan explains that he loves to win because winning is a celebration, and losing gives you a negative feeling. (4:20)

    Ryan shares that luck has been a bigger factor than skill in where he is today. (4:42)

    Ryan shares his background story, and how he got into the insurance business. (5:28)

    Ryan shares that his experience on The Protege helped him to build his network on a larger scale. (7:01)

    Ryan talks about what it is like to work in a family business, and how generational differences can bring up issues. (14:30)

    Ryan explains that every agency is run differently, and when it comes to growth, there are 100 different ways to make it work. (17:00) 

    Ryan shares that the way agents create value and connections has rapidly changed. (20:48)

    Ryan talks about cyber real estate, cyber insurance in the future, as well as cyber liabilities. (23:24)

    Ryan explains that InsurTech is a software as a service, but also needs to have sales as a service. (27:20)

    Key Quotes:

    "Every agency's run differently. And when you look at acquisitions or growth, and you can do things, 100 different ways to make it work." - Ryan Keating

    "These InsurTechs need distribution, and there's SaaS, software as a service, but there is also a need for sales as a service." - Ryan Keating

    “I think as agents they get stuck in the narrow-minded, but our day-to-day is dealing with reactive issues for our clients. And taking a step back the industry as a whole, there's so much going on in it. - Ryan Keating

    Resources Mentioned:

    Ryan Keating LinkedIn

    Keating Agency Insurance

    Reach out to Jason Cass

    Agency Intelligence

    • 36 min

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4.9 out of 5
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44 Ratings

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Ton of great content

Great stuff for the newly appointed agent to the season veteran. Well done Charles.

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So many great guests and so much information. I’m definitely a “Loyal Listener”!

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5 stars!

This podcast will give you many tips you can use to grow your agency!!

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