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Increase your calm, focus and happiness through mindfulness & meditation. Learn from business experts and entrepreneurs like Andres Pira, Pat Flynn, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Dr. John Hagelin so you can be more relaxed, earn more money and be happy & contented. Interviews, tips and strategies to live in the moment and & be more centered. For entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, CEOs, teachers & parents. Hosted by Bruce Langford.

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Increase your calm, focus and happiness through mindfulness & meditation. Learn from business experts and entrepreneurs like Andres Pira, Pat Flynn, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Dr. John Hagelin so you can be more relaxed, earn more money and be happy & contented. Interviews, tips and strategies to live in the moment and & be more centered. For entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, CEOs, teachers & parents. Hosted by Bruce Langford.

    How To Live From The Heart; Nanette Hucknall

    How To Live From The Heart; Nanette Hucknall

    Nanette V. Hucknall is a recognized authority on relationships, healing psychological wounds, overcoming obstacles and self-empowerment. She is an award-winning author, teacher, trained therapist, career counselor and painter. Through her books, classes, lectures, and retreats, she has deepened the lives of hundreds of spiritual practitioners. Nanette is the author of seven non-fiction books on the teachings of the Higher Self. Her background in both the Agni Yoga tradition combined with the application of Psychosynthesis in her therapy practice has placed her in the unique position of being able to speak to both the conceptual elements of the Higher Self Teachings and their practical applications in everyday life. Her book, How To Live From The Heart, includes compelling stories and illuminating exercises to show you practical ways to listen with your heart and relate to others.

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    Contact Info
    Website: www.nanettevhucknall.com

    Book: How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, and Discover Inner Wisdom by Nanette V. Hucknall

    Most Influential Person
    My spiritual teacher

    Effect on Emotions
    When I was in my twenties, my worst problems were my emotions. If I would date somebody and break up with them, I would suffer for at least six months. If I loved the person, I would suffer for a year or two years.

    When I started working with my higher self, it put me in that place of asking, why am I doing this to myself; why am I not being mindful about myself. Let go of these emotions.

    My main focus when I was in my twenties was to really let go of my emotions. Every day at the end of the day I would do a nightly review. Why was I emotional? Who made me emotional? Now I have my clients do nightly reviews.

    Thoughts on Breathing
    I do a lot of exercise. I've done the happy yoga which is a physical yoga. They really talk a lot about breathing.

    I do pilates and my pilates teacher talks a lot about breathing.

    I'm going to a physical therapist now for some of my arthritis and she gives me all kinds of breathing exercises.

    Breathing is very much a part of my exercise routine.

    Suggested Resources
    Book: Mindfulness For Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn

    Book: Mindfulness Meditation by Tara Brach

    Book: How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, and Discover Inner Wisdom by Nanette V. Hucknall

    Bullying Story
    I was an art director in the 1960's and there were very few art directors at that time who were women.

    Companies told me at the time that they never hire women. In my mid twenties I finally managed to get an art director's job.

    I had to work with an account exec who was an older man in his late fifties. He said he would not work with a woman. The head of the agency told him he had to work with me.

    The first two or three weeks he was terrible to me. He ordered me around and made me do things I didn't want to do.

    After that I told him, you're not my boss, you're my co-worker and you don't tell me what to do in this job.

    Then I started producing work and he liked my work. From then on we were very good friends. It was rough.

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    Special Offer

    Would more confidence help you to feel better about yourself and be more successful? Your inner bully may be holding you back. Imagine if you could live a life of contentment while reaching your goals. I believe it's possible. Book a Free Consultation to help you become more calm, focused, and happy. Send me an email bruce@mindfulnessmode.com with ‘Nanette' in the subject line. I look forward to our conversation.

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    Booster Shot of Happiness; Soren Russow

    Booster Shot of Happiness; Soren Russow

    Soren Russow was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib) over 15 years ago at only 31 years of age. He was expecting his first child at the time (he now has three amazing daughters), he was playing competitive beach volleyball and eating well. Why did this happen? Would he be taking pharmaceuticals for the rest of his life?
    Soren made a decision to tackle this condition in a natural way and become a guinea pig of sorts. Through his research and experimentation, he has found great results in easing his A-fib and is empowered to share his findings with others.
    Through harnessing his story and results, Soren has shared his transformation with many people at various conferences online and in-person. He made it to the District Public Speaking Championships (Toastmasters International Speech Contest) three years in a row with this powerful message.
    Recently, Soren has become a Transformational Coach helping those with A-Fib discover natural solutions to transition from overwhelm around their A-Fib condition to living with more vitality and ease.

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    Contact Info
    Website: EaseYourAfib.com

    FB Group: Laugh Your Troubles Away

    Book: Ease Your A-Fib by Soren Russow

    Most Influential Person
    Matti Anttila Laughter Yoga Teacher

    Effect on Emotions
    Mindfulness really helps my emotions because when you look at something and you go, oh my gosh, I can't believe someone did that, and you start to judge and go into this whole story, and then you redefine that thought.

    Then what happens is, it turns you from kind of a depressed state to more of an elated state of mind. That switch can happen so quickly but it takes awareness and consciousness of where that's happening.

    Being able to analyze your thoughts and be able to redefine them, has made a huge shift.

    Marcy Shimoff, who wrote Happy For No Reason, talks about the happiness set-point. So ultimately, we want to increase our happiness set-point. We all have a happiness set-point but it can be adjusted and moved up but that takes time and that takes awareness.

    Thoughts on Breathing
    Breathing helps me access the now or the present moment. One of my favorite writers is Eckhart Tolle, and The Power of Now is a fantastic book.

    When you just focus on breathing and take the time to consciously breathe, you're not thinking about all those things. You're just right here, in the present moment. That's where breathing, and then meditation, when you go into deep breathing for a long period of time, you start to allow yourself to just be.

    We're called human beings, after all, and sometimes I think we should be called human doings because we put such a value on the doing. We need to focus on the being as well.

    Suggested Resources
    Book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

    Book: Happy For No Reason Marci Shimoff

    Book: Ease Your A-Fib by Soren Russow

    Apps : N/A

    Bullying Story
    When I was around 13, in grade 8, I had a really rough year. I ended up having to change schools. Both of my parents had lost their jobs during the recession. This was in the early 80s.

    I just had one pair of shorts, one pair of pants, a t-shirt, a sweater and I was going to a school where there were a lot of rich kids. They started to bully me a lot. I'm almost 6′ 3″ now, but I was the shortest in my class in grade 8.

    They would say nasty things to me and they would stuff me in lockers and lock the lockers so I would be in darkness for a couple hours. It was awful.

    One time I was attacked by two guys in my class and they pushed me over, close to this creek when I was on my way home. One of them jumped on me and the other one pulled off my shirt. The other one started to twist my nipple. It's called purple nurple; they twisted it so much that it started to turn purple.

    I was also thrown in garbage cans and rolled down the hallways of the school. I got through the school year with a lot of difficulty.

    I really could have used la

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    Color Is An Energy Vitamin

    Color Is An Energy Vitamin

    Color is the topic today. Did you know that color is an energy vitamin? I found that sentence in the book, Feel Better In Five Minutes by Amanda Hainline. And if you've been listening to the show, you know that she was my last episode. I wanted to talk about this whole idea of color because this sentence, ‘Color Is An Energy Vitamin’ is the title of one of the chapters in Amanda Hainline’s book.

    I interviewed and released Amanda’s interview on Thanksgiving Day in the US. I noticed the episode got quite a few downloads, but I think it's worthy of even more. You can listen to the episode here: www.MindfulnessMode.com/713.

    Amanda is so vibrant, so upbeat, and so knowledgeable about many things when it comes to gaining control over your emotions and feeling better. After all, feeling better, has everything to do with our emotions. That's why I wanted to talk to you about this topic of color and how it can affect us.

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    Colors For Energy
    Did you know that colors correlate to different emotions? We are naturally drawn to colors that benefit us energetically. Some of us benefit from bright, vibrant colors, and some of us are naturally drawn to the more muted tones. Colors can be used in healing. I encourage you to get Amanda’s book, Feel Better In Five Minutes, because it has so much interesting content about learning to deal with your emotions. The subtitle of the book is, ‘An Empowering Guide To Gain Control Over Your Emotions.

    Clothing Choices
    Dressing with certain colors can help your mood. Observe your mood when you're around certain colors. I am well aware that for me, there are certain colors that make me feel really upbeat, and energetic, and other colors that sort of drag me down. Take the next few days and think about what colors empower you, what colors agitate you, what colors drain energy from you. Pay attention to what colors you're naturally drawn to and then begin to surround yourself with those colors.

    A Mug?
    When you identify the colors that make you feel good, get a cup or a mug in that color and drink from it. Eating foods of that color will incorporate that color into your body. Amanda also said that sunlight is a great way to get the full spectrum of color into your energy system and clear your energy. I think it's such an interesting concept that color is an energy vitamin. Because even though I never thought of it that way before I realized that yes, color is an energy vitamin.

    Win With Color
    Because color is such a powerful tool and holds the energetic vibrations of emotions, it makes sense that we should use it to our advantage whenever possible, like the clothes we wear. She says it's important to note that sometimes you may need a color that does not look particularly great on you. And so if this is the case, wear that color as a small accessory, or a belt or shoes or whatever.

    A Chill Day?
    Think about what you have to do during your day. Is there an important meeting on your calendar? Or are you having a chill day? Take stock of how you're feeling? Are you confident, bold, depressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Refer to the color and emotions charts that she has included in this book to see what fits you best. If you're having a big meeting and feel like you're lacking confidence, try wearing something red or orange to bring on the power to boost you.

    Relax With Color
    If you are relaxing after a long week, cuddle up in some soft off white, pink or grey loungewear for the morning. If you're not sure what colors to wear, just open up your closet and see what colors you're attracted to that day and let your intuition guide you. Again, colors correlate to different emotions. The book includes a chart of all the different colors and how they correlate to different emotions.

    Color Charts
    ‘Feel Better In Five Minutes’ has QR codes because there are some charts and some different kinds of images that she w

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    Feel Better in Five Minutes; Amanda Hainline

    Feel Better in Five Minutes; Amanda Hainline

    Amanda Hainline is an emotional freedom mentor, intuitive healer, and author of the book Feel Better in Five Minutes: An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions. In Feel Better in Five Minutes Amanda shares 79 emotional freedom methods to help others gain freedom from the anxiety, depression, and stress that are rampant today, to help themselves and others.

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    Contact Info
    Website: www.amandahainline.com

    Book: Feel Better in Five Minutes: An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions by Amanda Hainline

    Most Influential Person
    Sara Blakely

    Effect on Emotions
    I used to feel that I was a victim of my emotions. I carried it as part of my identity, for example, I am depressed, I am anxious.

    Now when I'm experiencing an emotion, actually I am grateful for it because this shows me that it's linked to something deeper.

    I will go into my emotional state and work on understanding what that emotion is connected to.

    Then I will start working on the underlying trauma or cause of that emotional state. This is true especially if I realize I am over-exaggerating my reaction to something.

    Thoughts on Breathing
    Breathing is one of those things that's very powerful because it supersedes or interjects itself into your body and into your mindset.

    I suggest doing intentional breathing, a deep breath into your belly, and breathing out, and focus on that for mindfulness.

    You can focus on breathing in calm energy and breathing out anxious energy, or breathing in happy energy and breathing out depressed energy.

    This is a very good way to come back to center and come back to focus because it takes your mind off of all other extraneous things that may be distracting you.

    Suggested Resources
    Book: The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk

    Book: The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer

    Book: Feel Better in Five Minutes: An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions by Amanda Hainline

    App: Calm.com

    Bullying Story
    I wasn't usually at the brunt of being bullied. It was more feeling like I was left out a lot of times. Having developed a better sense of self when I was younger, if I'd had some kind of support, it would have been wonderful.

    When my youngest son was in first or second grade, there was a girl who was picking on him and he was really angry about it. He said, “I told the teacher and she won't listen because she's grown and I'm just a boy.”

    There was this whole dynamic that the teacher was just not understanding what was going on.

    I told him, “there's a reason that she's acting that way towards you. This is not about you, it's about what she's going through in her life. It's about her misery.”

    I said, “what she's feeling inside is so much harder for her than what she's giving to you, so you need to think about that. When she's mean to you, think, she must be really going through something.”

    He said that he got to where he could talk to her and he said, “mom, I found out that her parents were getting divorced. She was really angry because her mom was living with somebody else and she missed her dad.”

    He said, “I understand now”.

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    Are you experiencing anxiety and discouragement? Do you wish for a life of contentment? I coach people like you. I’m Bruce Langford, a practicing hypnotist. As a result of hypnosis, I began to reclaim my life and feel grounded and happy. Book a Free Consultation to receive insight into a better way to move forward in life. Send me an email, bruce@mindfulnessmode.com with “Amanda” in the subject line.

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    Embracing The Peace Process

    Embracing The Peace Process

    The more we can learn to deal with our emotions, the more we can understand about this part of who we are. I've just attended a 4-day event and I want to share it with you, at least one aspect of the event. This was a four day intensive virtual event with Christian Mickelson, a powerful leader who's helps people to be incredible coaches. The event was called Instant Miracle Mastery and one of the skills we learned is called The Peace Process. This process has changed lives, and it has brought a lot of calmness to people and helped them resolve conflicts and challenges in their lives. During the event, we learned four specific techniques to use to help people, and the one I am going to focus on today is The Peace Process. It can help you resolve some of the difficulties in life; some of the, the conflicts or mind blocks that are holding you back.

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    One Technique
    There were 430 people at the event and after Christian Mickelsen taught us the skills that we needed to know, we broke out into small breakout sessions to practice with each other. He demonstrated how to use the techniques that he taught.  We watched, listened, took notes, and then practiced in a breakout session with three, four or five people. I felt so in alignment with The Peace Process and so that's why I've decided to focus specifically on that one tool for this podcast episode. I will share with you seven details about the peace process that I thought would be meaningful for you.

    5 Aspects of The Peace Process
    Yourself or Others

    Giving Space


    Natural and Straight-forward

    Easy To Learn

    KISS – Keep It Simple


    More Details
    1. Once you learn the peace process, you can do this technique with yourself. Or you can do it with others. As you know, I do hypnosis with people to help them and I also do self hypnosis. This method is not hypnosis; it's different. But it was very interesting to know that, as with hypnosis, we can use this technique on ourselves or on others . At the event we practiced with other people. I haven't had a lot of time to use this technique with myself but I will be doing that. It was really quite incredible how much peace and resolution people in these breakout sessions were able to experience.

    2. The second point I want to share with you is that this involves giving space to whatever issue you have. This process helps simplify the issue and make it more clear. The Peace Process will help the issue you're dealing with become less overwhelming and less complicated

    3. Listening is a very important part of The Peace Process. When you sit down with a friend, maybe you're just sitting down to have a coffee, or to talk, I'm sure you know that, the more you tune into your friend and what they are saying, the more you will connect as a friend. The value of your time together will increase depending on each of your listening skills. Truly, I think that throughout life, we can continue and continue to learn to be better listeners. I know that I've been working on being a good listener for most of my life.

    4. The Peace Process feels natural, straightforward, and comfortable. If you have a coach, or even if you're sitting down with a friend, I think most of us want to have a natural, comfortable conversation. That's one of the things I loved about the peace process. It felt natural, straightforward, and comfortable.

    5. It was easy to learn. Christian made it that way because he's been teaching for a very long time, and he has the skill of presenting concepts in a straightforward way and offering them to participants so they are easy to understand and simple to digest. Like I mentioned, being a great listener and the skill of giving space is a big part of The Peace Process.

    6. The simple aspect of this technique is why so many of the people I talked to truly appreciated The Peace Process. I personally think, as human beings, we tend to com

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    Ancient Wisdom for Today‘s Mindfulness; Master Lama Rasaji

    Ancient Wisdom for Today‘s Mindfulness; Master Lama Rasaji

    Master Lama Rasaji is one of only 12 Master Lamas in the world. He lived and trained at the original Tai Chi Gong Lamasery in Tibet. Master Rasaji has been trained in Lao Tzu's regenerative health system for more than 50 years and has been teaching for over 40 years.  This is a health system for longevity that has been passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage for more than 3,000 years. Master Rasaji is the founder of Circle of Life and helps his students overcome challenges and teaches them how to know and live abundance in all aspects of life: health, finances, relationships and service to the world.

    Listen & Subscribe on:
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    Contact Info
    Website: www.rasaji.com

    Free: 45 Day Challenge

    Podcast: Patriot & Lama Show

    Most Influential Person
    Master Bojong Gede

    Effect on Emotions
    In the early stages, people think they are their emotions. Every time something tips us one way or the other, when we are in that reactionary consciousness, I look at it like an emotional pinball on a pinball machine from years ago.

    After several decades of meditating and doing the Tai Chi Gong art, you realize that emotions are like the wind; they flow through you and out of you.

    Sometimes they stem from things you were doing and sometimes they stem from other people that you're actually picking up on.

    One of the most profound things that you learn in the early training of Tai Chi Gong is that a human being has the ability to feel beyond their physicalness

    Thoughts on Breathing
    Praying with prayer beads and learning to breathe basic energy is at the base of everything that we do. That was handed down from the ancient teachings.

    What we learn is that, everybody knows that they are born of the water and they have their physical umbilical cord cut, we actually have what is referred to as the psychic umbilical cord. It's about an inch to 2 inches higher than our physical one.

    Many talks and scriptures focus on breathing in that area. The moment that energy starts to feed the vortex of the chakras and they stimulate the spokes that come out of the chakras called the nadas, which is sanskrit for spokes, everything changes.

    When we hit puberty, what puts us into this metaphysical second birth, or the wakening of the kundalini, is the pranayama of learning to breathe energy instead of just oxygen. It changes everything.

    Suggested Resources
    Book: The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

    Book: The Autobiography Of A Yogi By Paramhansa Yogananda

    Book: Circle of Life by Master Lama Rasaji

    App: Rasaji Circle of Life

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    Are you searching for confidence? Are you discouraged? I coach people just like you. I’m Bruce Langford, a practicing hypnotist, and have helped many clients with confidence issues. Move to your place of peace and contentment. Book a Free Consultation to get you on the road to feeling more confident and more self-assured. Send me an email at bruce@mindfulnessmode.com to book a free session.

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