Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
4.4K Ratings

4.4K Ratings

Meganxmama ,

Digital Marketing Masterclasses!

Love this podcast! It is a game-changer for anyone looking to master digital marketing. Each episode is packed with actionable insights and practical strategies. Amy's warm, engaging style makes learning enjoyable and accessible. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who has an online business!

lospellslove ,

Advertising for Betterhelp is contrary to her message

I love Amy and I’m a huge fan of this podcast, I bought 2 Weeks Notice and I never miss an episode. That being said, shilling for Better Help is doing the opposite of helping women build small businesses. Better Help pays its contracted workers pennys on the dollar, sometimes a quarter of the contracted insurance rates which can already be very low and has received a lot of heat about its ethics, and they are known to be very letigious with therapists who speak out. Mental health fields are predominantly women, many of whom listen to this podcast for guidance and support. Plenty of other podcasts do the same thing but they are in a different space.

RSTrotter ,

Realistic Actionable Effective Strategies

Amy’s no fuss, down to earth teaching style is incredible. She breaks down marketing strategies in easy to follow steps which are actionable and effective. I’m grateful for such incredible content That Works!

America's Love Queen ,

Amy is the most giving person in her field, PURE GOLD

Thanks Amy for everything you do for us. Every single episode is filled with pure gold. You are sooo generous! I can feel the love thru your content. You made learning Easy (that I feel Im, really, you made it easy, fun, simple, possible. You truly speak our language, I have no enough words to tell you how grateful I am for you and how much I love you. Thanks again, life as an entrepreneur is much better with you in it! America's Love Queen

AmberJBaldwin ,

Is SEO still working with new Google changes??

I know a ton of people with legit blogs making legit money each month through ad revenue, but last September and this March Google made changes so significant that these blogs are losing 70-90% of their traffic. Google now favors big business, Reddit, Quora and their own AI that they built off of our free content yet pushes our blogs way down in search. It’s been insane. So I’m curious how she’s navigated this and still uses SEO as primary form of building traffic.

FaithLivedOut ,

Thank you!

Thank you for the time spent on the lead magnet episode. As a podcaster myself, I fully understand the time this took and it’s so appreciated. The loads of information gave me the confidence I needed to spring into action. Now, I can not only do it, but do it well.

LBrand Realtor ,

Amazing content

Amy is so smart and generous! So grateful for women like her and podcasts like this that help all of us make more money and do our purpose and passion work. She’s just amazing. 🩵😁thanks Amy. You’re a trailblazer.

LauraBreite ,

Feedback on episode 690: Lead magnets

Wow! This episode is just what I needed to jump off the fence and get my lead magnet done and dusted. There is no one better than Amy Porterfield when it comes to crafting your best offer and building your email list through lead magnets.

Episode 690 is the perfect one to listen to, whether you are a new online entrepreneur or a seasoned business person with years of experience. You’ll get the basics and then you’ll be exposed to some juicy advanced strategies. Amy infused this episode with her extensive experience, her love of the process and joyous celebration of outcomes. She compassionately holds space for you to grow into the marketer you will become by following her teachings. I love how she is always upgrading her knowledge and only shares her best ideas. Thank you Amy, you are the best at what you do.

ImHereLA ,

Everything Now is Affiliate Marketing, Can’t Trust Her Content Any More

I won’t repeat what everyone else has said about the podcast, it’s pretty good and for a glutted niche (self-help; entrepreneurship) she is not an amateur disguised as a guru (marie forleo) or annoyingly chipper. HOWEVER her content is chock full of snuck-in affiliate referrals (where she gets a commission if we buy) and that undercuts her credibility and puts me on guard. She literally has entire podcast episodes that are all one big infomercial where she gets a commission, for example for Show It.

Target180 ,

Ad madness

I understand podcasters need ads to support production but ad breaks being inserted *in the middle of a guest’s sentence* is maddening and very off-putting.