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The podcast where we explore how ditching diet culture makes our whole lives more satisfying.

Satisfaction Factor Naomi Katz & Sadie Simpson

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The podcast where we explore how ditching diet culture makes our whole lives more satisfying.

    [REPLAY] #51 - Is Intuitive Eating for Everyone?

    [REPLAY] #51 - Is Intuitive Eating for Everyone?

    Often when we talk about Intuitive Eating with new people or on social media, we hear variations of "I'd love to eat intuitively, but I can't because..." The end of that sentence is sometimes about weight loss, sometimes about health concerns, or sometimes about something completely different. So this week, we're talking about who gets to practice Intuitive Eating! We're digging into all the nuances of whether or not Intuitive Eating is really for everyone, including: whether you need to lose...

    • 56 min
    #90 - Approaching Exercise Performance Goals Through an Anti-Diet Lens

    #90 - Approaching Exercise Performance Goals Through an Anti-Diet Lens

    Can you work toward a performance goal while still practicing joyful movement & intuitive eating? This week, we're answering this question, and talking all about:how to know if you're ready for goal-oriented movementwhat to do if you find that uncomfortable feelings about your body pop upwhy restriction is not the answer to improving our performancehow some specific intuitive eating principles can support performance goalsand more!Want to connect with us to deepen the conversation? ...

    • 45 min
    #89 - Intuitive Eating for Perimenopause & Menopause

    #89 - Intuitive Eating for Perimenopause & Menopause

    This week we’re covering a topic that is often full of harmful diet culture advice - perimenopause & menopause! In this episode we're talking about how we can apply the Intuitive Eating principles to this experience instead. Since we are not registered dietitians, we’re not giving specific nutrition recommendations, but instead, we’ll be discussing:what perimenopause & menopause arewhy it's important to approach this transition through an anti-diet lens how we can apply the ...

    • 58 min
    #88 - Oprah, Ozempic & Ob*sity

    #88 - Oprah, Ozempic & Ob*sity

    This week, we're coming in hot with a breakdown of Oprah, Ozempic, and ob*sity.... oh my! A couple of weeks ago, Oprah did a TV special called “Shame, Blame & the Weight Loss Revolution," which was basically an hour-long infomercial for weight loss drugs. In this episode, we talk about:Oprah's history with diet culture & moral panicThe difference between Oprah exercising her own body autonomy vs. going on TV to promote her dietsA breakdown & critique of all the main points of...

    • 1 hr 15 min
    #87 - Taking the Weight Stigma Out of PCOS with Chelsea Levy

    #87 - Taking the Weight Stigma Out of PCOS with Chelsea Levy

    This week, we’re talking to Chelsea Levy all about PCOS!Chelsea is a Certified Intuitive eating counselor, Registered dietitian nutritionist, and diabetes educator candidate. She is the founder of Chelsea Levy Nutrition – a private practice in NYC serving individuals worldwide.She earned her Master of Science degree from Hunter College and completed her dietetic internship at the City of New York School of Public Health in New York City.Chelsea is a self-identified fat health care provider co...

    • 41 min
    #86 - Weight Loss Surgery Fact & Fiction with Kirsten Morrisson

    #86 - Weight Loss Surgery Fact & Fiction with Kirsten Morrisson

    This week, we’re talking to Kirsten Morrisson all about weight loss surgery.Kirsten Morrisson is an Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. She is the Host of Intuitive Bites Podcast and runs her own virtual private practice helping women heal their relationships to food and body.We had an awesome conversation with Kirsten about...how her experiences working in a bariatric surgery department got her started on the path to intuitive eating & Health at Every...

    • 42 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Debra Benfield ,

So much love for this podcast!

Naomi and Sadie are good people. I find the folx who are interviewed to be broad-reaching who bring helpful lessons to the topic of fat liberation. Naomi and Sadie themselves are approachable and are providing much-needed community. Love this podcast!

E. Todd 80 ,

A great and practical addition to anti diet culture

Naomi & Sadie are charmingly themselves in supportive relationship with each other as they walk through the journey of deprogramming from diet culture. They don’t pretend to be perfect, and they give you permission not to be either. Instead, they dig into the ups and downs of finding a new way through intuitive eating and other tools.

Empiper ,

Just-in-time guidance on how to amplify my autonomy

Several times when I’ve listened to Satisfaction Factor, I’ve wondered if Naomi & Sadie have been reading my mind all week. They shed light on patterns that I’ve been noticing and messaging/norms I’ve been questioning on my own (always pushing me one step further than I would have gotten independently). I’m so grateful for how gracefully they share their experiences in confronting diet culture. They give concrete ideas on how I can identify threats to my autonomy or to body diversity, and help me think about how I want to respond in ways that are authentic & tied to the world I want to live in.

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