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Where Cutting Edge Science Meets Cutting Edge Health.

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Where Cutting Edge Science Meets Cutting Edge Health.

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3.8 out of 5
14 Ratings
14 Ratings
Nanul-45 ,

Manic Podcaster

I gave this Podcast a 2 Star for the sheer fact that I am interested in his guest but unable to grab anything valuable because of the over talk and rambling he does on all his guests. It’s almost unbearable to get through his podcast.

Here’s a hint, we are not here to hear you talk as much as we are for your guest. I find it rude to invite someone on your podcast and control the whole interview with your view points without giving the guest the same opportunity to express their viewpoints, ideas and whatever else that listeners want to hear.

Manic podcaster

History non-buff ,


Hey this is an interesting and really informative podcast… it’s way above my head on health strategies available to everyone that the government sure as hell doesn’t want people to know about, for fear of losing stock from the whole pharmaceutical market. I mean some of it is pure common sense, but in the rat race we tend to take the convenient route….take a listen and hope this spawns your curiosity! Thanks for this podcast!!! Keep going! I’ve listened to health-related podcasts and this one is packed full of informative stuff that you’ll definitely be want to be taking notes.

@__daboss ,


I listen to many podcasts it is almost rare that i write a review. I happen to check this program mainly because i saw dr. Campbell's name from The China Study. Listening to your interview was so irritating. I don't know what your background is but when you invite a very respectable researcher like dr. Campbell you should not interrupt trying to put your opinion. It was my first time listening definitely my last. If you want people to listen to your podcast you need to learn how to seat back and listen once you ask a question. I was confused with your questions because they were all over the place. Just read this review and use it to your benefit. Know your audience!!

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