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Where Cutting Edge Science Meets Cutting Edge Health.

SelfHacked Radio Joseph Cohen

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Where Cutting Edge Science Meets Cutting Edge Health.

Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

cactusflower59 ,

Host issue

The podcast is informative but its almost painful to listen to because the host. The tone of his voice is unpleasant, and I wish he'd calm down and let his guests finish their thoughts without interupting them.

Paul Blazer ,

Very disappointed

Joseph was extremely disrespectful to T Colin Campbell. He demonstrated his bias during the entire interview. Why would you consistently attack someone that you invited to be your guest. Some of us are interested in learning from your guest. Joseph sounded like an immature spoiled brat trying to bully Mr Campbell. I’ll never listen to another podcast.

Nanul-45 ,

Manic Podcaster

I gave this Podcast a 2 Star for the sheer fact that I am interested in his guest but unable to grab anything valuable because of the over talk and rambling he does on all his guests. It’s almost unbearable to get through his podcast.

Here’s a hint, we are not here to hear you talk as much as we are for your guest. I find it rude to invite someone on your podcast and control the whole interview with your view points without giving the guest the same opportunity to express their viewpoints, ideas and whatever else that listeners want to hear.

Manic podcaster

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