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She Speaks Life is a weekly encouraging podcast where everyday women share their God stories hosted by Jayme Elizabeth. Together letting the world know one story at a time that God always has a plan and a purpose for our lives.

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She Speaks Life is a weekly encouraging podcast where everyday women share their God stories hosted by Jayme Elizabeth. Together letting the world know one story at a time that God always has a plan and a purpose for our lives.

    Faithfulness in the Messiness

    Faithfulness in the Messiness

    Have you ever felt like your expectations didn't match up with the circumstances in your life? I believe most of us have envisioned a plan for our lives to go a certain way, but then ultimately it took a different route.

    My friend and author Nicole Wiencek talks about her struggles when God interrupted her life to relocate her to a different state for ministry. She gives us her life lessons on how to stay obedient to God and have faithfulness even when the messiness in life tries to take us down. Nicole wrote and published a Bible study about Joseph called, "Found Faithful When Life is Less Than." She never expected after its release she would experience similar trials to Joseph and find herself asking "Where are you God? How do I stay faithful when everything around me is falling apart?" I love that she points out that God wants us to ask the hard questions and how obedience is our job and the results are His. Coming from a heart for ministry to serve alongside her pastor husband in Colorado Springs, she has a desire to minister to women in their brokenness and lead them into breakthrough.


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    8 Ways to Boost your Immune System Today!

    8 Ways to Boost your Immune System Today!

    Breast cancer survivor and author Ginny Dent Brant, shares with us about her incredible journey on fighting an aggressive form of cancer and how her courage to not give up helped promote healing in her body. With three years of research and firsthand experience, she pulls back the curtain on how we can boost our immune system to prevent and fight today's viruses and diseases. She talks about her Biblical approach to how God designed our bodies to naturally heal, nutrition, sleep, exercise, using Godly wisdom, conventional and holistic medicine to promote healing. I love that she shares about lifestyle habits that can either enhance or suppress our immunity and how gratitude and attitude have a substantial impact with our healing.

    This conversation is packed with pertinent information, especially during the pandemic time in keeping our immune system going strong. You'll want a pen and paper nearby as you listen to her story, she has a lot of applicable recommendations to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Her book called, "Unleash your God given Healing: 8 Steps to Prevent and Survive Cancer" will inspire and surprise you with the different ways we can take care of ourselves to live out the callings with vigor God has placed in our lives.

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    Not a Standard but a Celebration!

    Not a Standard but a Celebration!

    Ever struggle with the expectations from the chapter 31 Proverb woman? Author and Professor Lauren Crews delivers a whole new meaning of the Proverb 31 woman through extensive studying and research. With her seminary background, she discovered Proverbs 31 is actually an acrostic Hebrew poem sung heroically over women. She talks about how Proverb 31 woman is not a standard to uphold but it's an honor given by Jesus to behold! It has forever changed the way I perceive the Proverb 31 woman and I know it will for you too! Her award winning book in Christian non-fiction for 2020 called, "Strength of a Woman: Why You are a Proverb 31 Woman" goes into even more detail of this amazing discovery!

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    Preparation during Separation

    Preparation during Separation

    Author Dorenthea Nemeth shares about how God's faithfulness and trustworthiness that brought her through during her husband's unexpected incarceration. She prayed for her husband to have a deep relationship with God, but little did she know it meant behind bars. Her incredible story is filled with wisdom to fight against the enemy and how to walk into your God given purpose even when life brings pain. You'll be encouraged by Dorenthea's God given strength and her inspiration to keep ourselves devoted to God no matter what trials come our way.

    Connect with Dorenthea and her books here

    Dorenthea Nemeth is a wife, mom, author, worship leader, and women's conference speaker who is on the move. She is a skilled orator who effectively navigates both secular and spiritual platforms.
    She loves empowering women with her inspiring and God-glorifying story of overcoming adversity and disappointment when her husband went to prison for 12 years, leaving her alone to care for their two small children.
    In Dorenthea’s book, "Next: Four Steps to Get Unstuck and Walk Into Purpose", she provides an amazing blueprint for walking in purpose. She successfully communicates the power of moving past your pain into purpose and picking your dreams back up again following life’s disappointments.
    Life didn’t follow the path of her dreams, but that didn’t deter Dorenthea from living the faith and believing that God is bigger than the storms we face. She survived her storm and came out of it with a message for the world, letting women know that no matter what, quitting is not an option.

    Website: https://www.dorenthea.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmDorenthea/

    Instagram: @iamdorenthea

    Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCfX-GuAnX7Wc7oOFmnhIX0g

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    Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears

    Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears

    Author Amanda Florczynkowski of Unraveled: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears, shares about a horrifying abduction attempt of her daughter from a human trafficker at the check-out isle in the grocery store! This astonishing story will make you cautiously aware of your surroundings and how to listen for when the Holy Spirit prompts us to be careful. Amanda talks openly about another tragedy event of her son's near death drowning experience and how God miraculously saved his life. She encourages us with biblical wisdom on how to face fear in motherhood and is the founder of AbleMoms.org that provide a place for mom's to get together, receive discipleship, and discuss practical parenting while having fun. She also has collaborated with experts in the field of anti-human trafficking and launched the first ever online training course called, "Vigilantfamilies.org" for parents and children to be aware of trafficking, surroundings, social media, and self-defense.

    Connect with Amanda Florczykowski

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    Grace-filled Mindset

    Grace-filled Mindset

    Podcast host of Graced Health, Amy Connell shares about her transparent struggle with body image and how it negatively affected her life. When her faith collided with fitness she started to live with a grace-filled mindset towards health and found freedom. She loves to encourage and equip women, spiritually, mentally, physically and nutritionally as a personal trainer. 

    Click here to receive Amy’s free download, “How to enjoy shame-free health by breaking 8 rules (plus a bonus 1 to keep).” Amy is passionate about women knowing their eating, movement, and body don’t have to be perfect, they just need to do what they are called to do. And all the “health rules” many of us have grown up with need to be broken. Check out her download to receive a huge helping of freedom and grace.

    Amy also has a free 14-day health and body devotional. You can get it here.

    Connect with Amy:

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    Instagram: @GracedHealth
    Facebook: @Graced Health

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5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

AECHouston ,

Get ready for some encouragement!

Jayme and her guests offer wonderful encouragement through sharing their testimonies. Regardless of where you are on your faith path, listen in to feel heard and connected.

thejesusleader ,

So encouraging!

I love this podcast and the encouragement it provides. Jaymee is such a great host and asks thoughtful questions. The whole vibe is uplifting and points us to Jesus!

SusanNealYoga ,

Encouraging Christian Podcast

This is such an inspiring Christian podcast that will help you draw closer to God. The stories that are shared by the guest are so encouraging!

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