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Sobriety Uncensored is a casual, conversational podcast that explores different perspectives on living life sober.

Sobriety Uncensored Daniel Patterson

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Sobriety Uncensored is a casual, conversational podcast that explores different perspectives on living life sober.

    EPISODE 72

    EPISODE 72

    aniel and Jenna talk about "residual shame" as Daniel continues his job search and is faced with some previous acquaintances via social media. They discuss the rationale for amends and how it can sometimes be authentic and sometimes self-serving, and the importance of making that distinction before approaching someone from the past. 

    • 40 min
    Episode 71

    Episode 71

    Jenna and Daniel talk about how their sobriety has affected their marriages. Having much different experiences, they share the differences and similarities of how their relationships have evolved as they have discovered their true authentic selves in sobriety.

    • 42 min
    Episode 70

    Episode 70

    Jenna talks about going to a Phillies game and how her sobriety gave her a sense of freedom versus restraint. Daniel talks about how much his recent injury continues to limit his activities and how he's handling the associated frustration. They discuss weed, CBD and THC, and talk about how some people in recovery will sometimes seek "permission" to start smoking in place of drinking.

    • 41 min
    EP 69

    EP 69

    Daniel tells Jenna of a recent neck injury which leads to a discussion about the disruption of certain activities in his sober toolbox. They talk about the critical nature of maintaining routine and adjusting their sober activities as needed. Daniel asks the question "what is this trying to teach me" versus feeling overly frustrated or defeated. He acknowledges how different his situation would be in active addiction as they discuss boundary-setting and supporting loved ones.

    • 37 min
    Episode 68

    Episode 68

    Jenna and Daniel talk about navigating parental choices when their children are considering drinking. They discuss trust and respect and how that ties into their parenting styles. Daniel talks about some recent travel which leads them to recall some of their habits when it came to planning drinking during road trips.

    • 38 min
    Episode 67

    Episode 67

    Daniel talks about planning some upcoming travel and being careful not to overthink the plans. Jenna shares about attending the first happy hour she's been to since getting sober and acknowledges her signals to know when to leave. They discuss having acceptance of potentially missing out on some things, or not being invited to certain events, in return for maintaining their sobriety.

    • 42 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
595 Ratings

595 Ratings

Colin Coconuts ,

Funny: humorous banter IS vital to sobriety!

As honest as it helpful!

Keep going; keep going!

Boodam ,

Highly relatable and meaningful convos

I very much enjoy the personality, humor, and meaningful conversations as they’ve been very relatable and I will definitely keep listening to more episodes!

acarlin04 ,


This podcast is the best. The humor that comes out because both Jenna and Daniel are so honest is wonderful! These are people you would want to have lunch with!

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