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A catalog of artist interviews with a focus on providing a platform for visual artists to share their work and provide an in-depth look into their studio practice.

Studio Break David Linneweh

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A catalog of artist interviews with a focus on providing a platform for visual artists to share their work and provide an in-depth look into their studio practice.

    Curtis Anthony Bozif

    Curtis Anthony Bozif

    September 28, 2023

    This week Curtis Anthony Bozif joins the podcast to talk about his large scale abstract paintings, created through repetitious process and informed by environments of the Great Lakes.

    Curtis currently has a solo exhibition “In the Mist of a Great Fall” on view at Olivia Gallery (Chicago) that runs through October 7th.

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Noah Kashiani

    Noah Kashiani

    September 1,, 2023
    This week Noah Kashiani joins the podcast to discuss his studio practice that explores mixed media painting and sculptural forms. In the episode Noah breaks down his recent works that use found objects and various processes/materials to create mixed media works that examine consumer culture and late state capitalism.

    Noah has a solo exhibition “Built Similarly” that opens on Saturday September 9th from 5-8 PM at Studio Break Gallery in West Chicago.

    • 57 min
    Erin Raedeke

    Erin Raedeke

    July 20,, 2023
    This week Erin Raedeke joins the podcast to talk about her colorful paintings based off of observation that explore a variety of subjects that include still life, interior, landscape, and portraiture.

    Erin has a solo exhibition “46 Years” that opens on Saturday July 22nd from 5-8 PM at Studio Break Gallery in West Chicago. The show will feature 46 4” x 6” paintings, each one based off one of her 46 years of life. Works are available and can be reviewed on the gallery page.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Kit Palencar

    Kit Palencar

    July 22,, 2023
    This week Kit Palencar joins the podcast to talk about his studio work, which largely explores figurative elements and the landscape through a variety of 2-D materials.

    Kit has work featured in the exhibition “Paintings from the field” at Studio Break Gallery in West Chicago with fellow artists Ben Cohan, David Linneweh, Adam Mysock, Kit Palencar, John Reddington, Gary Schirmer, and Jake Wells.

    • 56 min
    Mia Risberg 2

    Mia Risberg 2

    May 5, 2023
    This week Mia Risberg returns to the podcast to talk about her studio practice and recent series of drawings that began during the pandemic quarantine.

    The solo exhibition“Quiet Contemplation” runs from May 12th- June 16th at Studio Break Gallery in West Chicago with an opening reception on May 12th from 5-8PM.

    • 35 min
    Lillian Young

    Lillian Young

    April 21, 2023

    This week Lillian Young joins the podcast to talk about her work, which utilizes lost or forgotten moments of Black history through painting and mixed media installation works.

    Lillian currently has work in the exhibition She/Her, at Ro2 Art Gallery in Dallas (TX) through April 29th as well as an upcoming solo exhibition at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center in June of 23’.

    • 1 hr 12 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
39 Ratings

39 Ratings

KenHyun ,

This is my favorite art-related podcast

I first discovered Studio Break a couple years back, when I’d returned to college for art and was spending long weekend hours in the studio drawing still lives with charcoal. It had a large backlog of episodes to fill that time, and it featured artists talking about art…what could be better when you’re having to determine how to draw a flat piece of paper in perspective?

The best thing about this podcast is that host David Linneweh does not come to the mic with an agenda. He is not flogging a related magazine and video course, encouraging boomers with too much disposable income to experience “the new golf.” He is not pushing a style of art or privileging the atelier life over the academic. His guests don’t all just happen to give lessons via the same website. He is not trying to convince you to buy into crypto.

What Mr. Linneweh does each episode is to hold a conversation with a working artist, exploring their interests, ideas and techniques, then relating them to the art they are producing now. It is refreshingly unpretentious and animated conversation, honest conversation, the kind of talk that illuminates so much because the connections made are so organic.

As said, there is no privileging of style here. Studio Break doesn’t concentrate just on abstract artists, or figurative artists, or illustrators, or sculptors…the show has hosted people from all these modes of practice and more. An interview with a photorealistic painter might be followed by someone who makes abstract sculpture from scrapped paper plates they find in a particular alley every morning. The variety of perspectives is refreshing and always gives me fuel for thought about my own practice.

To top it off, Mr Linneweh also sponsors annual competitions for student and professional artists, and features the winners and finalists in their own episodes. Especially for giving students a venue to express their ideas, the podcast deserves high praise.

Oh, and the host is also in a way cool ‘90s indie-sounding band, which just warms the nostalgic cockles of my heart.

Some of the early episodes are a bit rough around the edges, but worth hearing for the voices and to chart the growth of the host’s interview chops over time. In this way, the podcast is a neat metaphor for consistent studio practice. I’ve rambled way too long, and gushed way too much.

So: Subscribe. Listen. You won’t regret it.

Heres to your Convince Fee ,

Student Review

Studio break brings the best in the reality of all the artists. Davids voice is easy to follow during the podcast and pleasant to hear all the artist take aways.

Toddff ,

Nice show!

Love getting to go on studio visits places I would never otherwise get to go.

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