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Weekly interviews with authors of new marketing and sales books. Named by LinkedIn and Forbes as one of the top marketing and sales podcasts. Hosted by Douglas Burdett, a marketing agency principal, former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man, and stand-up comedian.

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Weekly interviews with authors of new marketing and sales books. Named by LinkedIn and Forbes as one of the top marketing and sales podcasts. Hosted by Douglas Burdett, a marketing agency principal, former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man, and stand-up comedian.

    397 Evolutionary Ideas by Sam Tatam

    397 Evolutionary Ideas by Sam Tatam

    Evolutionary Ideas: Unlocking Ancient Innovation To Solve Tomorrow’s Challenges by Sam Tatam
    About the Book:
    When faced with new challenges, it’s easy to feel our solutions need to be equally unprecedented. We think we need a revolution. But what if this is a big mistake?
    In Evolutionary Ideas, Sam Tatam shows how behavioral science and evolutionary psychology can help us solve tomorrow’s challenges, not by divining something the world has never seen, but by borrowing from yesterday’s solutions – often in the most unexpected ways.
    Just as millions of years of evolution have helped craft the wing and dorsal fin, thousands of engineers, designers, marketers, and advertisers have toiled to solve many of the problems you face today.
    Over time, through intent, design, social learning, and sheer luck, we have found what works.
    Armed with an enhanced ability to see these patterns in human innovation, we can now systematically approach the creative process to develop more effective ideas more readily and rapidly.
    In the same way, Japanese engineers reduced bullet train noise by studying the evolved biology of the owl and kingfisher, today we can see how Disney improved the queueing experience in the same way Houston airport made arrivals feel faster (while making people walk further).
    You’ll learn how the chocolate at the bottom of a Cornetto ice cream can improve an Error 404 message, and what a bowl of M&Ms has in common with a canary in a coal mine.
    These are Evolutionary Ideas.
    Exploring five of the most critical challenges we face today, we learn how to ‘breed’ more effective solutions from those that have survived.
    The result is a dynamic and exciting way of solving problems and supercharging creativity – for anyone in any endeavor.
    About the Author:
    Sam Tatam is the Global Head of Behavioural Science at Ogilvy. His passion is understanding human behavior, and his experience comes from organizational /industrial psychology and advertising strategy.
    From New York to Nairobi, Sam has led behavior change projects across virtually every category and continent. Today, he leads a global team of talented psychologists and behavioral economists to develop interventions and shape the communications of some of the world's most influential brands and organizations.
    And, interesting fact – the first draft of this book to his publisher contained a typo - in the headline!
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    396 Undisruptable by Aidan McCullen

    396 Undisruptable by Aidan McCullen

    Undisruptable: A Mindset of Permanent Reinvention for Individuals, Organisations and Life by Aidan McCullen
    About the Book:
    Understand the barriers to change and cultivate a reinvention mindset that will make you impervious to disruption
    In our world of incessant change, we are all threatened by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity—at the individual and organizational levels. Undisruptable will give you a new lens through which to consider change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.
    You’ll be inspired to consider the big questions of today:
    What does the future hold? What does the exponential growth of technology mean for the world of work? What does a changing job market mean for future generations? What do waves of disruption mean for business leaders? Society is evolving at breakneck speed. What does this mean for all of us?
    Undisruptable will help you to bridge the chaos and build the resilience you need to move forward.
    While we cannot see into the future, there are repeatable patterns that we can understand. Undisruptable demystifies the principles of change through a blend of analogies, innovation frameworks, and exemplars of change such as Fujifilm and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    The first step to becoming undisputable is to realize that evolution is a natural part of life, and nature provides many examples.
    Undisruptable will help you to:
    Understand the principles of change Overcome the barriers to change See change as an opportunity and not an obstacle Utilize simple frameworks and examples to guide you on your transformation By the end of this book, you will have the essential tools and techniques to foster a reinvention mindset that will help you and your organization to become Undisruptable.
    This book is part of a 3-part series. Part 2 looks at the biases and mental obstacles that prevent change. Part 3 examines the best ways to communicate change within an organization.
    About the Author:
    Aidan McCullen reinvented himself after a 10-year rugby career with over 100 caps for Leinster, Toulouse, and London Irish and is a full Ireland Rugby International.
    He worked in digital and innovation transformation and now works on culture and leadership initiatives after he discovered that you cannot change business models until you first change mental models
    He is the host and founder of the Global Innovation Show, which is broadcast on national radio in Ireland and is the only English-speaking show on Finland's Business FM. The show is also available everywhere you find podcasts.
    Aiden developed and delivers a module on Emerging Technology Trends at Trinity College Business School, ranked first in Ireland and in the top 100 globally.
    Aiden speaks globally on disruption and change for organizations such as MasterCard, Google, Epic Games, and many more. He runs workshops on permanent reinvention, bias, and communication.
    He is also a board director for National Broadband Ireland.
    And, interesting fact – in addition to English, Aiden also speaks French and German!
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    Interview recorded on July 15, 2022

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    395 The Indispensable Brand by Mitch Duckler

    395 The Indispensable Brand by Mitch Duckler

    Indispensable Brand: Move from Invisible to Invaluable by Mitch Duckler
    About the Book:
    What makes your brand indispensable?
    Increasing market share, commanding premium price points, enhancing profit margins--the overall growth and enduring success of your business are inextricably linked to the strength of your brands.
    Whether it is a corporate, business unit, or product brand in question, your challenge is to identify a meaningfully differentiated positioning and to bring that positioning to life in the market in ways that are consistent with its compelling point of difference.
    However, today we are faced with a condition that can only be described as brand monotony–consumers' inability to distinguish between brands within practically any industry or category.
    If you were to remove your brand name from packaging, advertising, or any other piece of marketing collateral–while leaving every other communication element in place–would consumers be able to identify it as coming from your brand? In most cases, the answer is a resounding "no!"
    The Indispensable Brand is your guide to crafting a brand strategy and rising above the noise and monotony in your industry... to move your brands and business from indistinguishable to indispensable.
    In this book you'll learn:
    The five key components that comprise any comprehensive brand strategy The four ways for identifying a brand positioning that is meaningfully differentiated How to ensure every aspect of the customer experience is consistent with brand positioning The five sources of inspiration that can drive transformative brand extension and growth The seven types of brand stories, and their role in fostering enduring customer relationships How to ensure digital activation not only drives transactions but builds long-term brand equity How to measure and track your brand's effectiveness and grow its influence over time Your brands are more than a logo, identity, or tagline. They are among the most valuable assets of your company. They also represent the promise you make to and fulfill with, your customers.
    Whether your business is B2B or B2C; large or small, product- or service-based--and regardless of industry or sector--the principles put forward in The Indispensable Brand will help you build and maintain a portfolio of strong, profitable, and enduring brands.
    About the Author:
    Mitch Duckler is the founder and managing partner of FullSurge, a brand, and marketing strategy consultancy based in Chicago, Illinois. He has more than twenty-five years of brand management and management consulting experience.
    Prior to FullSurge, Mitch was a senior partner at Vivaldi Partners Group and a partner in the Chicago office of Prophet, where he co-led the brand strategy practice area.
    His client base includes Fortune 500 companies and numerous world-class brands, such as Exxon Mobil, Deloitte, Kellogg’s, Best Buy, Payless ShoeSource, American Family Insurance, NBCUniversal, Cox Communications, Alcon, The Home Depot, and General Electric.
    Mitch began his career in brand management at Unilever, where he worked on category-leading personal care brands, including Suave and Degree.
    He also worked for The Coca-Cola Company, where he helped launch an in-house consulting group that provides consumer and brand marketing consulting services to many of the company's largest retail customers.
    Mitch is a faculty member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) School of Marketing. He earned a BS in business from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from the University of Michigan.
    And, interesting fact – he attended the most recent perfect game in baseball (in 2012)!
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    394 Selling The Price Increase by Jeb Blount

    394 Selling The Price Increase by Jeb Blount

    Selling the Price Increase: The Ultimate B2B Field Guide for Raising Prices Without Losing Customers by Jeb Blount
    About the Book:
    A practical guide for successfully navigating the single greatest growth and profit improvement opportunity for B2B enterprises: price increases
    The payoff for implementing price increases without losing customers is massive! Effective price increase campaigns are far more effective at boosting topline revenue and generating profits than acquiring new customers.
    The problem is that price increase initiatives, whether broad-based or targeted to specific accounts, strike fear and anxiety into the hearts of sales professionals and account managers who are tasked with selling them to their customers.
    Approaching customers with price increases sits at the tip top of the pantheon of things salespeople hate to do because they fear that raising prices will reduce sales volume or open the door to competitors.
    Yet when sold effectively, customers accept price increases, remain loyal, and often buy even more.
    In Selling the Price Increase: The Ultimate B2B Field Guide for Raising Prices Without Losing Customers, celebrated sales trainer Jeb Blount reveals the strategies, tactics, techniques, and frameworks that allow you to successfully master price increase initiatives.
    From crafting effective price increase messages to protecting hard-won relationships, handling common objections, and making the case for the value you deliver, this comprehensive guide walks you through each step of the price increase sales process.
    In each chapter, you’ll find practical exercises designed to help you master the Selling the Price Increase system. As you dive into these powerful insights, and with each new chapter, you'll gain greater and greater confidence in your ability to successfully engage customers in price increase conversations.
    You’ll learn:
    How to navigate multiple price increase scenarios: broad-based, targeted, non-negotiable, negotiable, defending, presenting and asking The eight price increase narratives and three drivers of customer price increase acceptance How to neutralize and get past the five big price increase fears and anxieties How to avoid the big mistakes that trigger resentment and drive customers into the arms of your competitors The 9-Box Risk-Profile Framework for targeting accounts for price increases A repeatable process for confidently approaching price increase conversations The Five-Step Price Increase Messaging Framework Proven frameworks for reducing resistance and handling price increase objections How to negotiate profitable outcomes with high-risk profile accounts Winning strategies for coaching and leading successful price increase initiatives Following in the footsteps of his blockbuster bestsellers Fanatical Prospecting, Sales EQ, Objections, Inked, and Virtual Selling, Jeb Blount's Selling the Price Increase puts the same strategies employed by his clients—a who's who of the world's most prestigious organizations—right into your hands.
    Selling the Price Increase is an essential handbook for sales professionals, account managers, customer success teams, and other revenue generation leaders looking for a page-turning and insightful roadmap to navigating the essential—and nerve-wracking—world of price increases.
    About the Author:
    Jeb Blount is the author of 14 of the most definitive books ever written on sales and sales leadership and is among the world's most respected thought leaders on sales, leadership, and customer experience.
    Through his global training organization, Sales Gravy, Jeb and his team train and advise a who's who of the world's most prestigious organizations. His flagship website, salesgravy.com is the most visited sales-specific website on the planet.
    And, interesting fact -Jeb Blount is now a member of a very exclusive club: The Marketing Book Podcast 6-Timers Club!
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    393 Selling Your Expertise by Robert Chen

    393 Selling Your Expertise by Robert Chen

    Selling Your Expertise: The Mindset, Strategies, and Tactics of Successful Rainmakers by Robert Chen
    About the Book:
    How do rainmakers consistently and continuously sell their ideas and grow their client base? What is the secret to their ongoing success?
    Whether they are in accounting, consulting, investment banking, law, or any other type of professional service, it’s not just their knowledge, experience, and unique services that set them apart.
    They succeed by adopting the mindset, mastering the strategies, and employing the tactics at the heart of rainmaking.
    In Selling Your Expertise: The Mindset, Strategies, and Tactics of Successful Rainmakers, veteran communications, sales, and leadership consultant Robert Chen provides a practical guide to selling knowledge-based services in a market that demands credibility and subject-matter authority.
    Chen and his colleagues at Exec|Comm have helped hundreds of thousands of professionals learn to sell, influence, and negotiate more effectively. This book condenses Chen’s first-hand experience and over 40 years of Exec|Comm’s best sales advice, along with interviews featuring other successful rainmakers from a variety of professions and industries.
    Whether you’re a national practice partner at a Big Four consulting firm or an independent attorney just starting out, this book equips you with the real-life knowledge you need to:
    Develop a client-focused mindset to help build a thriving book of business Use effective strategies to find your ideal prospects and turn them into long-term clients, using concrete metrics to assess whether you’re on the right track Apply practical tactics to build a trusted reputation, sharpen communication skills, manage the challenges of not having enough time to sell, and push beyond obstacles The perfect book for consultants, investment bankers, lawyers, research analysts, and accountants, Selling Your Expertise is an invaluable resource for any professional who makes a living by selling solutions to their clients’ most pressing needs.
    About the Author:
    Robert Chen is a Partner at Exec|Comm LLC, a global skills-based training consultancy where he leads the firm’s business development and sales efforts.
    In addition to his corporate client work, Robert teaches Advanced Persuasion and Storytelling at the Wharton School for their MBA and Executive MBA programs.
    Robert founded Embrace Possibility, a digital media site focused on helping people reach their full potential. In 2013, Robert published his book on goal setting and success, The Dreams to Reality Fieldbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Get What You Want.
    He has shared his perspective on business development, strategic career management, and professional development in numerous articles for Fast Company, Business Insider, and Training Magazine.
    Robert holds an MBA from Wharton and double majored in Chemistry and Economics at Cornell University.
    And, interesting facts – he has lived in China and Japan, visited the seven continents, got his start in the business world as a student selling Cutco knives and his LinkedIn bio mentions that he is a semi-cool dad at home.
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    392 Marketing Artificial Intelligence by Paul Roetzer

    392 Marketing Artificial Intelligence by Paul Roetzer

    Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing, and the Future of Business by Paul Roetzer and Mike Kaput
    About the Book:
    Artificial intelligence is forecasted to have trillions of dollars of impact on businesses and the economy, yet many marketers struggle to understand what it is and how to apply it in their marketing efforts.

    The truth is, AI possesses the power to change everything.
    While AI-powered marketing technologies may never achieve the sci-fi vision of self-running, self-improving autonomous systems, a little bit of AI can go a long way toward dramatically increasing productivity, efficiency, and performance.
    Marketing AI Institute’s Founder & CEO, Paul Roetzer, and Chief Content Officer, Mike Kaput, join forces to show marketers how to embrace AI and make it their competitive advantage.
    Marketing Artificial Intelligence draws on years of research and dozens of interviews with AI marketers, executives, engineers, and entrepreneurs.
    Roetzer and Kaput present the current potential of AI, as well as a glimpse into a near future in which marketers and machines work seamlessly to run personalized campaigns of unprecedented complexity with unimaginable simplicity.
    As the amount of data exponentially increases, marketers’ abilities to filter through the noise and turn information into actionable intelligence remain limited. Roetzer and Kaput show you how to make breaking through that noise your superpower.
    So, come along on a journey of exploration and enlightenment. Marketing Artificial Intelligence is the blueprint for understanding and applying AI, giving you just the edge in your career you’ve been waiting for.
    About the Author:
    Paul Roetzer is founder and CEO of Marketing AI Institute and PR 20/20; author of The Marketing Performance Blueprint (Wiley, 2014), and The Marketing Agency Blueprint (Wiley, 2012); and creator of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON).
    As a speaker, Paul is focused on making AI approachable and actionable for marketers and business leaders. A graduate of Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Paul has consulted for hundreds of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
    And, interesting fact – Paul’s agency was HubSpot's very first partner agency (2007) and Paul’s office in Cleveland looks out on the Cleveland Guardians baseball stadium!
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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
779 Ratings

779 Ratings

SconnieNation1 ,

Must have resource

The MBP is a must for all marketers. Douglas brings you the opportunity to learn, grow, and a jumping off point for further exploration. The profession of marketing requires you to be a life long learner, student of your customer, and advisor-leader to the rest of your business and this podcast is one of the tools in your box for all of those things!

Chad J. Treadway ,

Great podcast for sales and marketing professionals alike!

This podcast is one of my all-time favorites. I have often started listening to an interview and ordered the book before it’s finished. I love this podcast because Douglas not only interviews the authors, but he reads everyone, and he is always willing to help a listener looking for a book on a topic. He is a cross between Google and the warm-hearted local librarian who wants to help you out.

Glenn Mallo ,

#Awesomeness Not just for Marketing Pros

Most excellent times listening to and learning from Douglas and his fantastic guests who share insights and perspectives that apply to professionals at all levels of leadership. Pure awesomeness!

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