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Welcome to The Woman's Dr. podcast helping empower women to embrace their body and soul's full potential. I'm your host Dr. Trevor Cates and after 22 years of working with patients, I found the answers to our health struggles are much deeper than most people realize. To help explore this, I'm interviewing colleagues and other wellness experts to get to the root cause so women can realize their true beauty and be informed decision makers for themselves and their loved ones.

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Welcome to The Woman's Dr. podcast helping empower women to embrace their body and soul's full potential. I'm your host Dr. Trevor Cates and after 22 years of working with patients, I found the answers to our health struggles are much deeper than most people realize. To help explore this, I'm interviewing colleagues and other wellness experts to get to the root cause so women can realize their true beauty and be informed decision makers for themselves and their loved ones.

    Managing Long Term Illness and Chronic Conditions with Dr. Jill Carnahan

    Managing Long Term Illness and Chronic Conditions with Dr. Jill Carnahan

    What if your most challenging moments were valuable teachers? Today on The Woman’s Doctor, we redefine resilience with our guest Dr. Jill Carahan: a former workaholic who reevaluated her priorities after an aggressive breast cancer diagnosis. Her constant stress and self-doubt severely crippled her immune system and made her susceptible to severe health issues. Dr. Carahan describes how she used work as a coping mechanism and what her life-threatening diagnosis taught her about living life to the fullest. 
    These moments of turmoil can make or break you. Dr. Carnahan recalls the moment she realized that there was a purpose behind her illness and that it was a wake-up call. She teaches you how to shift your mindset around tragedy and hardship, build resilience and embrace your full potential. For Dr. Carnahan, work was her self-worth, but after her diagnosis, she reconnected with joy and permitted herself to enjoy moments of unproductivity.
    Dr. Carnahan addresses the increase in autoimmune disease, toxicity, and infectious burden that plagues the Western world. She teaches you how to limit your toxic exposure and toxic thoughts. Your mindset and habits direct your immune system, and with a weakened immune system, your body becomes susceptible to environmental toxicity. She shares how you can build resilience in your mind and body to live a long and joyful life. Join us to discover the true meaning of health, resilience, and self-love. 
    [3:20] When a Diagnosis Uproots Your Life
    [6:20] Finding Meaning in The Suffering
    [9:00] Overworking as a Coping Mechanism
    [16:10] Embracing Resilience and Loving Yourself
    [18:50] Shame Destroys Resilience in The Body
    [22:50] Infectious Burden and Environmental Toxicity
    [27:00] Detoxifying The Body and Reducing Exposure
    [31:50] Our Cultures Weakened Immune System 
    [36:45] What is A Healthy Immune System
    Mentioned in This Episode
    Book: Unexpected
    “I needed to be aware because something important in this process was going to be a lesson to me. If I have to  go through something that’s suffering and painful; there’s gotta be something good here.” [6:37] -Dr. Carnahan
    “If we have either, attack of self, self-hatred, or self-loathing, or parts of ourselves that we don’t like, metaphorically it can lead to the immune system being more prone to attack self.” [21:45] -Dr. Carnahan
    “It’s literally our own body’s immune system that makes us feel like I’m getting sick. So when someone says I never get  sick, I never feel that; it might actually be a completely suppressed immune response, where they’re not producing any fighting chemicals.” [37:54] -Dr.Carnahan

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    Adrenal Reset for Thyroid Thrive: Adrenal Transformation Protocol with Izabella Wentz

    Adrenal Reset for Thyroid Thrive: Adrenal Transformation Protocol with Izabella Wentz

    Today on The Woman’s Doctor, we discuss a better way to overcome the hormonal imbalance. Dr. Isabella Wentz joins us to review her new book, “Adrenal Transformational Protocol” where she outlines a 4-week process to rebalance hormones, get better sleep, and regain your energy. Women are naturally in tune with their environment. Subconsciously you’re assessing threats, opportunities, and safety which dictate your body's survival strategy. When you are under chronic stress, your body retreats into survival mode. Dr. Wentz teaches you to recognize the danger signals in your life and shows you how to create a sense of safety instead. 
    In 2009, Dr. Wentz has diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s disease, and at the time hormonal therapy was not an option. She experimented with her lifestyle choices and formulated an easy path to feeling whole again. Every decision you make impacts your health, what you watch, what you eat, and even what you think. Dr. Wentz proves that by managing your stress and your habits, it is possible to bounce back and thrive.
    Hormonal imbalances can manifest as mood swings, anxiety, unrefreshed sleep, and severe adrenal fatigue. Dr. Wentz gives you the tools to manage your stress and find joy in your daily life again. Regardless of your diagnosis, her protocol is helping thousands of women feel whole again. Join us as we dissect the root causes of adrenal fatigue and discover simple solutions to reclaiming your joy!
    [3:00] How Dr.Wentz Became the Thyroid Pharmacist
    [4:45] The Thyroid and Adrenal connection 
    [7:00] Testing for adrenal dysfunction 
    [9:00] The Goldilocks level of cortisol 
    [12:00] Diagnosing adrenal fatigue 
    [14:30] Adrenal four-week protocol 
    [17:00] Getting off the blood sugar rollercoaster 
    [19:20] The healing benefits of joyful activities 
    [21:40] Why women affected at higher rates
    [23:00] Combating toxins in your environment
    Mentioned in This Episode: 
    Adrenal Transformation Protocol 
    "Sometimes for some people, just the blood sugar swings can really stress their adrenals, and can put them in that survival mode, so just doing that nutritional safety signal can shift a lot of symptoms.” [17:28] -Dr. Isabella Wentz
    “It has healing benefits when you experience pleasure and you experience joy and oxytocin. All of these beautiful hormones they flood our system into more of a healing and thriving state.”  [19:40] -Dr. Isabella Wentz
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    Getting to the Root Cause for Hormonal Health with Dr. Darin Ingels

    Getting to the Root Cause for Hormonal Health with Dr. Darin Ingels

    Today on The Woman’s Doctor we discuss how an unhealthy gut leads to chronic illness and what you can do to heal your microbiome. Dr. Darin Ingels is the author of The Lyme Solution and has treated thousands of patients with practical and cost effective therapies that you can implement today. Whether you are facing lyme disease, autoimmune symptoms or even brain fog, all can be healed by healing the gut first. 
    The microbiome thrives on leafy vegetables and fermented foods, just some of the first things you can add to your diet to improve the diversity in your gut. If you want individualized recommendations, Dr. Ingles describes how labs can now determine the diversity and balance of your specific microbiome! Understanding your internal terrain can help you determine exactly what you need to be adding or removing from your diet.
    Unfortunately, we live in a toxic environment and the average person is exposed to thousands of dangerous chemicals with only a fraction of them ever being tested for long term exposure. The more you can reduce the use of toxic cosmetics, eat organic food and be intentional with your diet, it is possible to heal and attain hormonal harmony!
    Key Takeaways:
    [3:10] What women need to know about how to address your health issue
    [4:20] Your gut function plays a critical role in your neurological function
    [5:00] The accumulative effect of the environmental toxins
    [5:50] How chronic infections can act as endocrine disruptors 
    [8:20] The microbiomes role in the development of chronic illness
    [10:10] Vegetables and fermented foods are the best foods to rebalance your gut
    [12:00] Lab testing to assess the diversity and balance of your gut
    [13:00] Visit a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor to identify the underlying illness 
    [14:00] How to avoid toxins in your environment, cosmetics and food
    [15:10] Shaping your genetic disposition with epigenetics 
    [17:10] Achieving hormonal harmony after lyme disease, underactive thyroid and stress
    Mentioned in This Episode:
    “We’ve got this really tight connection between our gut and our brain and we used to think that all these neurological issues, or mood issues were really just a problem with brain chemistry and we’ve learned so much now that that is actually such a small part of it.” [4:19] -Dr.Ingels
    “Why is it that you could put 100 people in a room, expose them to the same virus; some people get sick, some people get no symptoms at all, and everything between. The difference is the terrain.” [7:23] -Dr.Ingels
    “We’ve now found that the gut is involved in pretty much every chronic illness from heart disease to diabetes to chronic immune dysfunction; so, it’s really about, how do we get the gut back into a healthy state.”  [9:03] -Dr. Ingels
    “How many people do we know that have never been on antibiotics and never had this outside influence or medication and eat natural, healthy, organic foods? I think in western culture that’s such a small population that we don’t even know what a normal microbiome is anymore.” [11:30] -Dr. Ingels
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    How To Restore Your Hormonal Intelligence with Dr. Aviva Romm

    How To Restore Your Hormonal Intelligence with Dr. Aviva Romm

    Every day, the average American is exposed to 80,000 chemicals in their food and water. It is impossible to reduce your toxin burden to zero but today on The Woman’s Doctor, best selling author of Hormone Intelligence, Dr. Aviva Romm joins us to share simple ways that you can lessen your exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals in your home. Dr. Romm is a midwife, a Yale trained MD and a board certified family physician that is helping patients balance their hormones and establish healthy habits to reduce the risk of developing diseases.
    It can be overwhelming as you begin your hormonal healing journey but you don’t need to uproot your life to reduce your toxin burden. Simple changes in your home can have a big impact on your hormonal health. Instead of spending money on costly testing, take the time to detox your cosmetics, cleaning supplies and kitchen. Studies show that eliminating the use of plastic in your home reduces the levels of phthalates in your blood in just a few weeks.
    Support your body’s natural ability to detoxify by regulating your sleep, hydrating and when possible eat organic. Looking at the big picture and understanding your own role in hormonal disruption will help you regain your body's natural rhythm. Give yourself permission to take a break and be kind to your body, because stress is just as harmful as any other outside chemical.  
    Key Takeaways:
    [5:20] The rates of hormonal issues and autoimmune diseases are escalating in women
    [10:50] Uncontrolled blood sugar levels is a huge endocrine disrupter for women
    [11:35] The average American has 20 rounds of antibiotics by the time they are 18
    [19:30] Cleaning out the products in your home will drastically reduce your toxic burden
    [21:28] Phthalate levels in the blood decrease in weeks if you stop using plastic products 
    [22:15] Even organic household cleaners with scents have hormone disrupting chemicals
    [22:30] Regular bowel movements helps the body eliminate excess estrogen in the body
    [23:50] Alcohol is a known endocrine disrupter and should be limited to 1-3 drinks per week
    [29:40] You need 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day with 30 varieties per week
    [32:00] If your circadian rhythm is disrupted the detoxification processes fall out of alignment 
    [32:35] Hydration is essential for cellular health, detoxification and brain health 
    Mentioned in This Episode:
    Hormone Intelligence
    “The way that the world is set up isn’t really harmonious for us to get adequate sleep or to take a day off, if we are a little premenstrual and we need to nourish ourselves.” [8:25]
    “Reframe our approach to our inner conversation, so that when we are taking down time we’re not still checking our phone for 50 messages and say; ok, i deserve an hour break right now and really take that.”  [10:20]
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    The Role and Challenges Women Face In our Society with Kimberly Seals Allers

    The Role and Challenges Women Face In our Society with Kimberly Seals Allers

    Today on The Woman’s Doctor, Kimberly Seals Allers joins us to discuss the unfortunate state of maternal care in America. Kimberly is an award winning journalist and advocate for breastfeeding and infant health. Giving birth opened her eyes to the harsh reality that women face in modern hospitals, even in a developed nation. 
    Most medical institutions are informed by and dominated by men, which has left a detrimental gap in the education available to most women, especially women of color. The average woman does not have a grasp of the female anatomy or the importance of hormonal health. A  staggering amount of women are encouraged to simply remove their ovaries before ever exploring diet and hormonal balance as a natural solution. 
    Information is the key to restructuring what is acceptable care in America. For generations, women have been told that women's health is a private matter, but that sentiment is keeping women in the dark about their own bodies. America has the highest mortality rates of women in labor than any other developed nation. Kimberly hopes that by starting the conversation and encouraging open dialogue we can move towards more holistic and equitable care for women.
    Key Takeaways:
    [3:26] The disparity in birth outcomes between birth outcomes between minority women 
    [5:00] Women are often the most misinformed about their own bodies
    [6:00] The hormone mystery: how hormonal imbalances and poor diet lead to fibroids 
    [7:20] How lack of education has led many black women to have unnecessary hysterectomies 
    [8:10] Science has detached us from our body parts deeming whole organs as removable
    [10:45] There is more research on erectile dysfunction than on breastfeeding 
    [12:10] Mothers die in America at higher rates than any other developed nation
    [13:00] Rates of postpartum depression in this country are skyrocketing 
    [14:00] The field of gynecology began with the forceful experimentation on enslaved women 
    [15:55] Reclaiming the cultural tradition of food as medicine 
    [17:25] Creating an open culture that encourages women to openly discuss hormonal health
    [18:15] Lies that the medical community has historically perpetuated about black women
    [19:00] National rates of mortality during childbirth are generally higher in the black community
    [21:00] There is an element of racism within the medical care system
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    The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy
    Momnibus Bill of 2021
    “So many of the black women that I reached out to, no longer had their wombs!” [7:27]
    “As a woman, knowing that we have a mostly male medical system that treats women’s body parts as dispensable was deeply troubling.”   [8:40]
    “Why are we still here? That is the question and I think what actually concerns me more than why are we still here is why aren’t we more upset about where we are at, as women?”  [11:20]
    “When we look at this pattern, we can’t ignore that there is an element of racism where providers treat people differently. The fact that there is a disparity means they’re getting it right for somebody, just not for everybody.”  [21:00]
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    Busting Myths Around Women’s Health, Aging and Menopause with Dr. Susanne Bennett

    Busting Myths Around Women’s Health, Aging and Menopause with Dr. Susanne Bennett

    Today on The Woman's Doctor, we dispel common myths around women’s health with Dr.Susanne Bennett. She is an authority on hormonal and gut health with over 30 years of experience as a natural medicine doctor. Dr. Bennett holds specialties in clinical nutrition, environmental medicine, allergies, aging and gut health. She brings a fresh perspective on women's health that inspires hope for a healthy and happy life even into your menopausal years.
    Society convinces women that life stops at menopause, treating it like a disease to be avoided and ashamed of. The reality is that menopause is nothing more than the end of your menstrual cycle. By committing to a healthy lifestyle and a diet that feeds healthy mitochondria, you can eliminate anxiety and expect to thrive in the later years of your life. 
    Hormonal imbalance is just one contributing factor to anxiety and irritability in women. Unhealthy diet and sleep habits influence your ability to deal with stress and lead to uncontrollable anger and chronic illness.Sometimes anxiety can simply be the result of a food allergy. If you truly want to improve the quality of your life, you need to get  to the root cause of your hormonal and gut imbalance.In this episode, Dr. Bennett teaches you everything you need to avoid and habits to adopt to support a healthy mind and body.
    [3:48] When the ovaries are unable to ovulate, Menopause begins as the menstrual cycle ends
    [4:44] Menopause is not a disease it is a natural phase in a woman’s life
    [6:40] Your pituitary gland dictates the function of your thyroid, adrenals and female organs 
    [7:45] Aldosterone produced by your adrenals, controls your water metabolism in your body
    [10:58] Unhealthy mitochondria speeds the aging process and contributes to chronic illness
    [12:00] The luteal phase affects women’s mood often causing sleeplessness and irritability 
    [12:49] Women with low levels of the calming hormone progesterone have trouble sleeping
    [15:00] Gluten and dairy contain compounds that are considered opiates to the brain
    [18:30] Fat is our number one source for energy and is essential to mitochondria health
    Mentioned in This Episode:
    Book: Mighty Mito
    Wellness For Life Radio
    “Your mitochondria has everything to do with the aging process, everything to do with every disease, chronic illnesses  that we deal with from diabetes to heart disease.”[11:10]
    “You can get anxiety just from a food allergy!” [16:10]
    “Mycotoxins, mold toxins! You’re exposed to mold in your environment. You breathe it in and boom! It goes right up through your nose into your brain, that will clearly cause anxiety!”  [16:36]
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9 Ratings

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