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Helping you calm the mind in a world full of noise.

Calm it Down Chad Lawson

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Helping you calm the mind in a world full of noise.

    The Truth About Sensitivity (And Why You Shouldn't Underestimate It)

    The Truth About Sensitivity (And Why You Shouldn't Underestimate It)

    We've heard a lot about how being tough and strong is important, but what about those of us who always seem to wear our hearts on our sleeves and express our emotions openly? Contrary to popular belief, emotional sensitivity is not a hindrance - often it can be what we need to help us get through the tough times in life. Emotional sensitivity allows us to better connect with others and understand the world around us.

    In this episode, we explore the power of emotional sensitivity and examine why it should be celebrated rather than shamed. With a funny and creative lens, I will offer you some thought-provoking perspectives that may just help you appreciate the importance of being emotionally sensitive! Join me as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.

    • 14 min
    The Power of Longing

    The Power of Longing

    Do you ever feel like something is missing in your life? That there's a longing for something more but you're not sure what it is? In this episode of the Calm It Down Podcast, we explore the power of longing and how it can be an important signal that we're meant for something more. We'll discuss the difference between passing fancy and sincere desire, and how to begin to listen to the clues our longing provides. If you've ever felt lost or uncertain about your next steps, this episode is for you! Check it out, share it with a friend and drop me a note how you think longing is or isn't an integral part of your journey.

    • 16 min
    The Company You Keep - Releasing Toxic Relations

    The Company You Keep - Releasing Toxic Relations

    We all make choices in life, and one of the biggest is who we allow into our inner circle. It's easy to think that anyone we call a friend is a positive influence on us, but sometimes that isn't always the case.

    If you feel like things aren't quite right in your relationships, it might be time for you to take a step back and re-evaluate those bonds. In this episode, we'll talk about ways to detect bad influences in your relationships and ways to cut ties with toxic people so you can cultivate strong friendships with those who are supportive and encouraging. Listen in as we Calm it Down.

    • 19 min
    Asking for Help - The Why, When and Who.

    Asking for Help - The Why, When and Who.

    We’ve all been there, struggling and feeling like we have to fight our own battles alone. We put on a brave face and tell ourselves everything is fine, but often times the truth is that we could really use some help.

    Asking for help has long been viewed as a sign of weakness or failure, leaving us feeling stigmatized or embarrassed when it comes time to reach out for assistance. But why? Why can't seeking help from others be seen as an admirable act of courage — something expected rather than shamed?

    Let's find out by uncovering the secrets behind this four letter word: Help. Together, let's explore how understanding the stigma surrounding asking for assistance can empower us to take control of our lives!

    • 24 min
    Not Perfect, Better

    Not Perfect, Better

    We often strive to be perfect in all that we do; but perfectionism can lead us down a path of constant dissatisfaction, feelings of guilt and worry. This year, instead of focusing on being perfect, let's focus on being better—better than where we were last year and better at taking care of ourselves. It's time to start aiming for progress rather than perfection and focusing our energy on developing better habits that will help us reach the goals we truly desire. This week, we start the new year with the mantra Better, Not Perfect. Join me and let’s take a step forward.

    • 17 min
    Bridge of Hope

    Bridge of Hope

    As this current year draws towards its close, many of us may find ourselves facing a seemingly insurmountable bridge that stands between us and the new year. Whether it's loneliness or worry about the future, sadness for what has been lost, or simply feeling overwhelmed - there are bound to be strong feelings that can keep us from taking the next steps.

    But before we ring in the countdown, let's look at the bridge we've crossed this year, all that we've come through, all that we stepped forward one step at a time.

    • 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

Finkmink123 ,

The best thing I came across in 2022

I believe this is just what I needed in the year 2022.
This show gives me so much perspective so much hope. I keep sharing this show with all my friends.
Filled with gratitude for Chad.
All the best

ZevaZevaYa ,

Calm it Down by Chad Lawson

Immense gratitude Chad! Your knowledge , wisdom , perspective , encouragement , empathy, beautiful piano playing , lighthearted sense of humor, welcoming us into personal experiences of your family , friendships , professional life … interestingly tying in themes to music, books, …. meditations, breathing practices , soothing voice … fill my mind & heart/spirit/soul with uplifting, contemplative insight, comfort , joy, and sometimes even warm laughter.., which I am so grateful to draw upon regularly & share . You’re a true blessing and so needed , especially in seasons of challenge/change .

so very calm ,

As promised

This podcast really calms it down

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