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A look at the ethical and religious issues of the week

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A look at the ethical and religious issues of the week

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richsmithinbristol ,

Essential Perspective

I’m not sure why this Podcast is listed as ‘Spirituality’ or why some reviews refer to it as worship? It primarily highlights current news and views of religious and non religious issues. I’m not sure of anyone else doing this in the UK media which is why it is essential.

Eccentric Dyslexic ,

Atheist listening in

I listen as an atheist as I’m interested in pretty much anything. It shocks me the amount of indoctrination in the uk, and the horrible history of religion around the world and it’s religions actually being celebrated as something to see as a positive thing. I feel sad hearing that people that are just lovely people sucked in to believed they are good people because of a deity.
I think the bbc has done a good job making this podcast listenable to pretty much any one. It’s balanced and not at all evangelical like one would expect off American/African or Islamic radio stations.

Arinzelaw ,

What a way to worship the almighty Jesus Christ

Thanks and amazing worship

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