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Global experts and decision makers discuss, debate and analyse a key news story.

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Global experts and decision makers discuss, debate and analyse a key news story.

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Mo Sena ,

Real news analysis podcast

A welcome podcast in these times of sound bites. In-depth analysis of a theme, interviews where the question is not longer than the answer and opportunity to see different sides to a story - the real 50 shades of grey in news

Nxt Gen Cowboy ,


This is one of my favorite podcasts!!! The in-depth conversations/debate that provide context, insightful perspectives about a single topic, current event, political situation, conflict, laws, natural disaster/event and so on are second to none!
My favorite episodes when they cover an event that has been reduced to a headline or a soundbite and they truly shine a spotlight on a story that has been otherwise overlooked or lost in the relentless tsunami of newsworthy stories that occur everyday around the world! At the end of each episode I feel well informed and been exposed to different perspectives and given a solid base to have generated my own unique take heard different sides and given the information to draw my own conclusions. To me that is what news should do, provide a baseline understanding of the topic and presented you the tools to research more into the topic so you choice... but podcasts like this provide a good basis for what it means to be informed on current events!!!!
They don’t tell you what to think but rather present the proper context, provide diverse perspectives, give you tools and tips on where to look if you like to know more. Being well informed takes work, commitment and effort, The Real Story is a good tool for those who desire to be informed! Keep fighting the good fight!!!

Furpep ,

A bit of overkill lately

Three straight weeks on climate issues. Let’s mix it up a bit

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