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It started as a conversation between friends and exploded into a thriving real estate investment business.
Jake and Gino, both experts in multifamily real estate investing have achieved, by hands-on doing, the sort of financial freedom they've always wanted & seemed out of reach. Interested in multifamily strategies, syndication, increasing cash flow or just some good old fashion “make it happen” attitude? Then this show is for you!

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It started as a conversation between friends and exploded into a thriving real estate investment business.
Jake and Gino, both experts in multifamily real estate investing have achieved, by hands-on doing, the sort of financial freedom they've always wanted & seemed out of reach. Interested in multifamily strategies, syndication, increasing cash flow or just some good old fashion “make it happen” attitude? Then this show is for you!

    Success Leaves Clues with Brian and Cody

    Success Leaves Clues with Brian and Cody

    In this episode of Movers & Shakers, Josh & Gino interview Brian Alfaro and Cody Laughlin, two of the three members of Blue Oak Capital private equity firm, based in Houston. The focus of the firm is on the acquisition of cash flow producing multifamily real estate. Their mission is to help others obtain financial freedom through commercial real estate investing.
    Brian Alfaro is real estate entrepreneur and local Houston business owner. He started with single family space in 2018. He is residential real estate investor and current licensed agent. He controls a multi-location business in Fort Bend county that serves 1000’s offering an upscale coffee experience. Cody Laughlin is a real estate entrepreneur, podcaster and meetup host with 10 years of real estate investing experience.
    Key insights:
    Single family investment is good but multifamily investment is scalable and it offers several more advantages. Surrounded by like-minded people in a community, learning and getting educated consistently is key towards successful multifamily investing. Success leaves clues. You do not need to re-invent the wheel every time; following the pattern can make you successful. One of the important aspects in your business is your relationship with your network. Having a community is not just about business, its about having right culture and growing as an individual in every aspect of your life. You are your own limitation. Thinking big when dealing in multifamily investment, can bring you economies of scale.  
    Listen to the podcast to learn more.
    Visit Brian’s website: https://blueoakinvests.com/
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    Pros & Cons of Apartment Investing Syndication

    Pros & Cons of Apartment Investing Syndication

    In this video, Jake and Gino reveal the pros and cons of apartment investing syndication.
    Key insights:
    ✔ Increased demand for rental properties, favourable demographics and regulatory environment led to the growth of Multifamily Syndication Businesses.
    ✔ Syndication is all about controlling more assets with less amount of money. That brings in the scale resulting in faster growth and wealth creation opportunities.
    ✔ Jake & Gino learned multifamily syndication the hard way. They learned investing in the market.
    ✔ You don't have to do so, as you can educate yourself and work with Mentors who have the experience and skills to handhold you.
    ✔ Accelerate your learning curve and don't keep waiting for the right time.
    Jake & Gino are multifamily investors, operators, and mentors who have created a vertically integrated real estate company that controls over $100,000,000 in assets under management. They have created the Jake & Gino community to teach others their three-step framework: Buy Right, Finance Right and Manage Right®, and to become multifamily entrepreneurs.
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    Underwriting Hotels with Nate Barger 

    Underwriting Hotels with Nate Barger 

    Key Takeaways
    Ask sponsors what is your worst case  Going in cap rate doesn’t matter as much on true value add deals Nate evolved from multifamily to hotels due to more earning potential (24-hour leases) Nate is currently raising $50M in funds for a hotels

    Finding deals by finding distressed hotel loans that are on 95 cents on the dollar 
    When funding distressed hotels you need to raise funds for the back payments and PIP (Property Improvement Program)
    Focus on Primary & Secondary markets and understand your competitive set
    Investor Pro Tip: Understand and align your goals with the sponsor goals
    Reach out to Nate by joining the BRRRR Invest Facebook Group 

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    How To Develop High-Performance Habits With Luke Wren

    How To Develop High-Performance Habits With Luke Wren

    “To achieve true greatness, you have to change your proximity and spend time with people you want to become.” - Luke Wren 


    On this episode, Jake and Gino interview Luke Wren. Luke coaches startup founders, CEOs, best-selling authors, and six and 7-figure entrepreneurs to stir up their ambition and help them live their fullest life in the 6 core areas. 


    Key takeaways: 


    Keep Picture the 5 people you hang out with. Are they achieving the level of success you want in health, wealth, business, relationships, leadership or life? This 5 is your future.   You’ve been told to get a job, bust your ass, buy a home, and life will be good. But we both know that’s not the level of success and happiness you’re chasing. Hard work doesn’t equal success. 

    Overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs is essential to design the life you dream of.  Hold yourself accountable and make learning an inseparable part of your life. That’s what high performers do.  

    Listen to the podcast to learn more from Luke. 


    Check out Luke’s website: https://www.lwresults.com/greatness  


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    Whole Life Policies on a Keyman or Loved One

    Whole Life Policies on a Keyman or Loved One

    “Many people wish they started sooner. Almost nobody wishes they started later.” - James Clear  


    When most of us think about purchasing life insurance, it centers around protecting our loved ones from being financially burdened if something were to happen to us. But, there's much more to consider for those of us that are investing in real estate, either with a partner, with key employees, or even have family members that will eventually inherit our real estate holdings. In these cases, it could make sense to purchase a life insurance policy on another person. 


    In this webinar, we talk with Kristin Colca, a 100 Year REI Professional about two types of business insurance that real estate investors need: Buy/Sell Agreements and Keyman Insurance. We also talk about the reasons you may consider purchasing a policy on your spouse, children, or even your parents.  


    Key Insights From This Episode:  
    - Buy/Sell Agreements allow you to buy out the beneficiary interest in the business using life insurance proceeds.  
    - Keyman insurance protects your business from loss resulting from the death of an employee who would be costly to replace. 
    - Insuring your spouse, even if they are not the breadwinner in your household, is an important way to protect your family.   

    - A policy on your kids can help you teach your children financial responsibility at a young age, by using their policies to finance their first car, pay for education expenses, or invest their first real estate deal.  
    - A policy on your parents: If your parents do not have policies of their own, owning a policy on them could help you with the future financial burden of medical expenses or end of life expenses. 
    Listen to the full episode to learn more.  

    Ready to get started? 

    Let us show you how a whole life insurance policy, specially-designed by our team, can help build and protect your real estate investing business.  


    Start the process now! Schedule a call directly with our team today: https://100yearrei.com/callnow/ 

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    Top Tips On Working With Your Spouse W/ Gino and Julia Barbaro

    Top Tips On Working With Your Spouse W/ Gino and Julia Barbaro

    In this episode, Julia and Gino Barbaro talk on how couples can work together and achieve their professional and personal goals.   
    Key insights:
    Make your spouse part of your vision and purpose. Time freedom is so important. W-2 job or strenuous businesses that require active involvement all the time may affect the quality of your life. Learning to deal with your failures is important. Learn to apologize and forgive. Check out MFZ podcast episode with Gary Chapman on ‘The 5 Love Languages’: https://jakeandgino.com/5-love-languages-w-gary-chapman/ Working with your spouse on professional ventures can help enhance your family life too. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Ask for support from your spouse. Many times your better half doesn’t even know you are looking for it, if you don’t ask.  
    The Multifamily Zone podcast was launched in 2019 to serve families and spouses who are committed to working together, building a better relationship with their kids, and strengthening the communication amongst the entire family.
    Check out the series of episodes here: https://jakeandgino.com/mfz/
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4.9 out of 5
843 Ratings

843 Ratings

E$DaBoss ,

Best apartment mentors!!!

These guys helped me scale my business from 27 units to now over 350 units. I’ve been able to cash out 7 figures from my portfolio. Thank you so much for everything you do Jake & Gino.

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Multifamily made easy!

Jake & Gino truly care about their students. They go above and beyond to ensure every student has everything needed to create success.

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My Favorite Multifamily Podcast

Jake, Gino & Josh Roosen bring it on these episodes. They interview top notch guests giving out golden nuggets. Would highly recommend.

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