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If getting clients feel like a roller coaster, then it’s time to get off the ride. Stop struggling to find clients and start bringing them to you with tips and resources from Michelle Vroom, marketing strategist for high-impact, high-driven female solopreneurs. Over the last three years, Michelle has built a business that allows her to support incredible women and be home with her two sons. When it comes to marketing, Michelle doesn’t believe in rules and empowers other women entrepreneurs to get visible the way they WANT to. If you're looking for honesty, transparency, and tough love, you’ve come to the right place. Michelle will help you uncover the roadblocks that keep you from getting visible and push you to step out of your comfort zone so you can attract get the clients you deserve.

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If getting clients feel like a roller coaster, then it’s time to get off the ride. Stop struggling to find clients and start bringing them to you with tips and resources from Michelle Vroom, marketing strategist for high-impact, high-driven female solopreneurs. Over the last three years, Michelle has built a business that allows her to support incredible women and be home with her two sons. When it comes to marketing, Michelle doesn’t believe in rules and empowers other women entrepreneurs to get visible the way they WANT to. If you're looking for honesty, transparency, and tough love, you’ve come to the right place. Michelle will help you uncover the roadblocks that keep you from getting visible and push you to step out of your comfort zone so you can attract get the clients you deserve.

    Episode 044: How I Make Money From My Facebook Group

    Episode 044: How I Make Money From My Facebook Group

    Have you been growing your Facebook group and wondering how you can make money from it? Have you been feeling like your Facebook group has turned into a waste of time? Then this episode is for you!
    Facebook groups play a huge part in my business. Having my own Facebook group - my own audience of dream clients - has been one of the main reasons why I've hit six figures, why I had my biggest month ever in November last year and why I'm working with clients who I absolutely love. This can also be a game changer for your business! 
    When I started my Facebook group, I didn't actually have a concept on who I wanted to let in or how I was going to make money from it. Then I developed a solid plan on how I was going to nurture my audience and how I was going to land clients from it. My Facebook group is continuously growing well. I can go into my group, sell something tomorrow, and people will buy!
    It was hard for me to make the transition from just growing my group to becoming comfortable enough to put offers out there consistently. I show up, provide great content, build relationships inside the group.. but I also tell people how they can work with me! This is what I find a lot of people don't do.
    Hopefully, these tips I'm sharing with you will help you make money from your Facebook group:
    1. Be clear on who your Facebook group is for.
    Don't feel bad about not letting people in. You have to know who your ideal client is and you have to set boundaries. Be crystal clear on who your group is for and what they're getting out of Facebook group.
    2. Show up consistently.
    It sounds basic but so few people do this. It doesn't feel like work to me because it's something I'm excited and passionate about, so you really have to decide if you want to make money from your Facebook group. However, if you're still struggling to be consistent in showing up, then you have to ask yourself what fear is coming up. You have to confront your fears because you can't expect your audience to show up for you if you're not consistently doing it.
    3. Don't be out there trying to be everybody's best friend.
    You need to hear this! You feel the pressure to over deliver because you just want people to like you. You may give free value inside your Facebook group but you also have to set clear boundaries. People need a leader. You need to show up as the expert and to have a clear set of beliefs and values.
    "You are in business to be a leader to make money. You can make friends or you can make money. And you get to decide which one you want to do." -Michelle Vroom
    4. Nurture relationships.
    Paying attention to people, listening and understanding where they're coming from and what they need are important in creating a safe place inside your Facebook group. It can become a platform where people can talk about difficult stuff in business and ask questions without feeling that someone's going to judge them. One of the highest forms of compliment I receive is when people tell me that they feel that they know me just from my Facebook lives alone. Be genuine and authentic in order to nurture relationships inside your group.
    5. Share your offer.
    Many people struggle to put their offers out there because they don't want to sound salesy. There are people inside your Facebook group who are willing to work with you! But you have to show up as a leader and an expert so they could come to you and start to work with you.
    "The only person standing in your way from making money and landing clients in your Facebook group is YOU!" -Michelle Vroom
    You might be afraid to share your offers because you question whether people even want it. The right people are out there and you have to tell them how to take the next steps in order to work with you.
    Your Facebook group gets to be as successful as you decide it's going to be. You have to decide to go all in! Remember that it'

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    Episode 043: 5 Lessons I Learned in 2019

    Episode 043: 5 Lessons I Learned in 2019

    The Market Like A Boss Podcast is back! It's time to reflect on what we have accomplished, as well as what went well and what didn't on the previous year. 2019 was huge for me because of all the amazing things that happened in my life and business. But it's not all rainbows and sunshines.. there were lessons that I needed to learn which I will share with you on our first episode for 2020.
    Here are the 5 lessons I learned in 2019:
    1. People are always watching.
    You're showing up everyday but you might be wondering - Are people actually watching? Are people paying attention to what you have to say? YES! I want you to know that people are always watching. No one showed up to your live event or no one commented on your social media post.. so you stop showing up. Take this chance to show up even more! Oftentimes, the ones who are the most serious in getting help are the ones behind the scenes. Had I stopped showing up, I wouldn't have landed those clients. You must be committed to show up for this kind of people.
    2. Clarity drives impact.
    I was in a pretty dark place in my business over the summer. I found myself taking on clients who weren't a good fit and I was pressured to take on more because we moved to a bigger home which I felt I didn't deserve (hello, imposter syndrome!). I engaged in self-sabotage and I took it personally. It lasted nearly 4 months and my income took a backslide. I looked into my role in my business and I realized, with the support of my coach, that I didn't have the clarity that I needed about who I wanted to work with and who my dream client is. Clarity is the key to success in marketing. So I looked back at my clients who have gotten the best results, and from there I honed in on the characteristics of my dream client. Now that I know who that person is, I can speak directly to them and that's when people started working with me.
    "Stop chasing the shiny objects and look inside of yourself. Do you have clarity? If you don't have clarity, then you've got nothing else in your marketing. No other strategy is going to work." -Michelle Vroom
    3. Expect the unexpected.
    I got locked out of Facebook recently for days.. I've had clients leave me and people ghost me.. I had a launch that didn't go the way that I expected.. No matter who you are or where you are at your business, the unexpected will happen. But these don't dictate your success and growth in business - it's how you handle the unexpected circumstances and how you move forward.  It's very important to separate the facts from the feeling and start treating your business as a business. Ask yourself, "what do I need to do in order to think like a boss?" 
    4. Learn how to think like a business owner.
    I learned how to think like a 6-figure business owner. In 2018, I told my coach that I didn't think it was possible to make more than 50K in a year. But I ended up hitting over six figures in 2019. I had to think like a 6-figure business owner before I actually reached that goal. I had to make hard and scary decisions.
    What's your goal for 2020? 
    "Whatever that goal is, you can't take actions that will help you reach that goal once you get to the goal. If you want to reach your goals faster, you need to start acting like the person who has already reached your goal." -Michelle Vroom
    5. Ask for help.
    I had to ask for help from my family, coach and fellow entrepreneurs. It can be hard because it shows that we don't know everything.. but we're NOT supposed to know everything! It doesn't mean you're not equipped to serve your clients or you won't be successful in your business. You don't have to do everything. You have to think and act differently. Know where you're struggling at and where you need support in. You have to ask for help. This will make you get to the next level faster. I want to challenge you to get the h

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    Episode 042: Crushing Limiting Beliefs

    Episode 042: Crushing Limiting Beliefs

    MEET THE GUEST: As a business and career coach, Coryn Quester helps aspiring and existing entrepreneurs bring the business of their dreams to life. Her mission is to help people understand that closing the gap between going from employee to entrepreneur is simpler than you think! 
    WHERE TO FIND CORYN ONLINE: Website - https://corynquester.com/
    Instagram - @corynquester
    Facebook - @corynquestercoaching
    EPISODE SUMMARY: This is another special episode of Market Like a Boss podcast because we have Coryn Quester on the show to talk about limiting beliefs and what's possible for women in business. 
    During the episode, Coryn shared the most common limiting beliefs that may be stopping you from pursuing your dreams:
    1. Comparison There is a voice inside your head that says you can't achieve what super successful people like Steve Jobs have achieved. You may think that your dreams are unattainable, but you really just need to have the courage and drive to keep going.
    Same thing on the other side of the coin - when you see someone struggle or fail, you might think that it will also happen to you. It’s much more comfortable to stay where you are than to risk failure.
    2. Perfectionism Many of us are trained to believe that having a Type A personality is necessary for success, and we carry this on into our careers and lives. You beat yourself up trying to be perfect and it keeps you from even wanting to try. Remember - we're human and it's perfectly ok not to be perfect!
    3. Self-doubt Imposter syndrome makes us believe that we are not worthy enough to follow our dreams. Moreover, as you get more successful, you might start to think that you are not deserving of what you're achieving. It happens at all levels, and it's important to note that everybody struggles with it in some form.
    4. Need for approval or acceptance Being afraid of what people might think limits you from taking steps towards your goals. The truth is, people will ALWAYS have an opinion...regardless of whether you take action or not. Are you really willing to let their opinions hold you back from pursuing your dreams?
    5. Assuming the worst aka "The Pessimist" You've already decided that the outcome will be negative. You become scared of what's going to happen. You're living your life as if it had already happened.
    Coryn explains the psychology behind how these beliefs manifest in our lives. It all comes from the same place - as humans we are conditioned to recognize threat and the automatic fight or flight response turns on. Fear keeps us safe. 
    "If we feel like something is going to threaten our safety, our limiting beliefs pop up, hence why we run the other way or we hold ourselves back." - Coryn Quester
    Why are these limiting beliefs harmful? They hold us back from happiness, peace and what we intuitively know as right. They also cause stress, anxiety and depression. We let fear run the show, which leads to poor decision-making.
    Coryn believes that failure doesn't exist unless you say it does - if something isn't going right, do whatever you need to do to see if something else works better. You can always try something new!
    "If you decide that you fail, that's your decision. You can fall, but if you don't get up, that's on you." - Coryn Quester
    Now that we’ve uncovered the most common limiting beliefs, how do you address them? 
    Coryn shared the following steps on how to overcome limiting beliefs:
    1. Recognize your limiting beliefs Start by identifying and understanding your top three limiting beliefs. Become aware and recognize when they're coming up in every situation. Overcome the belief by choosing to take action anyway... even if you're scared or worried because you know that you'll still be safe.
    2. Get a mentor or coach A mentor or coach will help you see the blind spot and clear the path. You're not alone and these limiting beliefs don

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    Episode 041: How to Market as an Introvert

    Episode 041: How to Market as an Introvert

    Marketing can be scary if you're an introvert. Many of my clients are introverts, and even though I'm an extrovert myself, I understand how difficult marketing can be for an introverted person. That's why in this special episode, I talk about how to become confident in marketing the way YOU want...not the way someone else says you have to.
    Here are some of the challenges that you might be facing in marketing as an introvert:
    1. Being ON all the time For introverts, being constantly visible online and talking to a lot of people can be very challenging. It can be super draining and can suck out a lot of energy.
    2. Act of talking to people Even if it's through email or online, simply having conversations with other people can be scary for introverts. They may feel uncomfortable talking about themselves and quite conscious about what others might think about them.
    3. Being seen as an expert Many introverts don’t see themselves as experts or leaders. You may not think you’re deserving of the role and feel better behind-the-scenes. 
    4. Being consistent in putting yourself out there Introverts can be easily drained by doing a Facebook live or engaging in social media. Staying consistent can be challenging - especially if you don't take control of your schedule and set boundaries. A lack of boundaries may lead you to shut down for a few days or even a few weeks.
    Yes, these challenges are very real. But they shouldn't stop you from marketing your business. There are many ways to reach your dream clients and you don't have to market the way extroverts do. What's important is that you show up consistently to your audience in a way that feels natural for you (believe me, they can sense that).
    "I want to challenge you to think about how you can reframe your perspective of marketing and focus on how you can market in a way that feels easy and effortless for you." -Michelle Vroom
    Here are 5 of my best tips for how you can overcome these challenges based on real-life experience working with my clients:
    1. Build in breaks and rest As an introvert, you need to protect your natural energy. Know your energy levels throughout the day and base your marketing strategy around that. For example: client-generating activities should be done when your energy levels are high. Plan your week accordingly and don't forget to include breaks and rest so you can recharge.
    2. Embrace your superpower Don't fight your natural way of building relationships. Do you like doing live videos? Or writing emails? Or answering questions in Facebook groups? Embrace your natural preference of connecting with people. Focus on what you WANT to do instead of what you feel you should do. Figure out how you want to be visible on your own terms (which is what I help my clients do).
    3. Embrace the power of one-on-one conversations Think about how you can have more one-on-one conversations instead of talking to big groups at once. Take the pressure off by connecting with your potential clients over coffee or Messenger. Focus on being helpful and adding value - it will put you in a much more confident mindset!
    4. Set boundaries for yourself When planning your schedule, incorporate how you can set boundaries so you can operate effectively and creatively. Be responsible with your own boundaries because without these, you may burn out and shut down. Make sure that you also communicate your boundaries with your clients, team, audience...and even family/friends!
    5. Identify your triggers There are certain triggers that cause you to want to run and hide. For example: not taking breaks and resting or spending hours online can be triggers. Make a list of how to prevent or minimize these triggers in your life. In order to show up consistently and land clients, you have to protect yourself from any triggers that keep you from putting your best self forward.
    Want to

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    Episode 040: Turning Leads Into Instant Buyers

    Episode 040: Turning Leads Into Instant Buyers

    MEET THE GUEST: Eden Fried ditched her plan to go to law school and started an online business instead. Fast forward a few years, and she's mastered the art of selling digital products online and now teaches other women how to turn their passions into products they can sell online, too. She's the host of the Rebel Boss Ladies podcast, the founder of Rebel Boss University (a membership community for product creators), and the founder and host of the Rebel Boss Summit, a twice annual virtual summit for current or aspiring digital product creators.
    WHERE TO FIND EDEN ONLINE: Website - www.edenfried.com
    Instagram - @edenfried
    EPISODE SUMMARY: I'm so excited that we are joined by Eden Fried, our special guest for today's episode! Eden mastered selling digital products online and she's now helping women turn their passion into products that they can sell online. Her life took a turn from attending law school to starting her own online business to pursue a life that has more freedom and flexibility.
    In this episode, Eden and I talk about how you can make a simple product with powerful impact that could drive sales and potential clients to your business without spending too much. Introducing... TRIPWIRES!
    A tripwire is a low cost digital product that is offered at a discounted price for a limited amount of time. Once someone signs up for a lead magnet or freebie, s/he is redirected to a tripwire sales page. What's different is there's a sense of urgency which makes it work well... but it's also really important to be creative and to make sure that your product meets your clients' needs.
    Eden shares how tripwires can benefit you business:
    Statistically, if someone buys something from you once, they are more likely to buy something from you again in the future. If you get them to buy even a very inexpensive product from the very beginning, they're more likely to purchase a more expensive product in the future. This is a great marketing strategy because the best customers are repeat customers! Although tripwires are inexpensive, profit from these cover a portion of your business expenses such as ads. You are furthering trust with the people who buy your tripwire. Selling a product that could help your audience solve their problem develops trust... which may lead to them becoming your raving fan! "It's important to not look at the tripwire as the end-all be-all, but really as the beginning of your relationship with your potential clients." -Michelle Vroom
    So what makes an effective tripwire? Eden breaks it down here:
    Simple and small but can really solve a specific problem Available for a limited amount of time Offered at a discounted price Visually appealing sales page Standout call to action buttons The good news is you don't have to be a techie in order to set up a tripwire. You may use what you already have in your business such as your website, for the landing page. It's also crucial that you use sophisticated timer that really expires at the end of a deadline (such as Deadline Funnel). Lastly, be sure to use a very reliable payment processor such as Thrive Cart. 
    It's also good to take time to truly evaluate whether your tripwire is working. You should have at least 200 signed up to your lead magnet before making any decisions about updates, etc. 
    "You can set it up right now! It's actually not complicated to do... Once you understand the framework and you have those ingredients for success, you'll be able to get it up and running and you'll be able to convert those leads to customers really, really quickly." -Eden Fried
    You can find Eden on Instagram @edenfried and her website www.edenfried.com where you can download a free guide on how to setup a tripwire. You may also tune in to her podcast, The Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast.
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    Episode 039: The Power of Rest in Marketing

    Episode 039: The Power of Rest in Marketing

    Rest is so underrated, especially in business. Not many people talk about it. Most of us are just hustling our way to success, and it is really exhausting. 
    On this episode of the podcast, I talk about why rest is so important in your marketing strategy. Contrary to what many believe, you don't always have to be in hustle mode in order to reach your goals. By doing less, your results will be better!
    I’ll be the first to say I’m guilty of not taking time to rest. When I reached 6 figures in my business and doubled my income from last year, the pressure level also went up. Success is addicting, and it happens at every level of business. Even if you're just starting out or you've been in the business for quite a while, we tend to push ourselves harder and forget about rest.
    Rest allows us to recharge. As we gain more opportunities to market and reach potential clients, it gets more and more difficult to take a break. This eventually leads to burnout, and I personally experienced this in my business. It makes us slow and dull, and we start to doubt our own abilities. This is why you need to fill up your tank to keep your wheels turning. I noticed that after taking a well-deserved rest, I feel rejuvenated and that's when my most creative ideas come to me.
    Being in the moment, like spending time with your family, opens your mind to what's more important in life. It provides a better perspective on what really matters to you and helps you see that there is more to life than business. 
    When you become overwhelmed with and wrapped up in work, you become stressed out physically, mentally and emotionally! People also develop unrealistic expectations. Hence, you not only feel pressure from within, but from those around you.
    To help you get better at habitually taking a rest, I share with you 5 steps to incorporate more rest into your marketing, business and life:
    1. Let go of all the junk that you're carrying with you. All those junk are just weighing you down. You don't need them and you definitely don't need to carry them with you. These could be your desire for control and approval, your lack of boundaries or your urge to always be on the go. It's time to let them go! Start embracing rest and you'll immediately feel lighter.
    2. Build rest into your calendar. Work doesn't end. Even rest should be scheduled or it doesn't happen. Make sure to block off some time for rest so you will always be reminded to always take a break. Relax, take a vacation or simply spend quality time with your family!
    3. Turn off all tech and disconnect! On Saturdays, I schedule a "social detox" which means that I disconnect from all social media which forces me to be present at the moment. Whether we like it or not, social media conveys messages that may trigger negativity, such as we're not good enough or we've got to do more. I recommend that you list the top things that trigger your stress and anxiety on a piece of paper where you can see them. Protect yourself and be strict about how much time you spend on social media.
    4. Set proper boundaries. Hold yourself responsible for setting limits and keeping proper boundaries for yourself! Again, people may develop unrealistic expectations and it'll put more pressure on you. Be strict in following your own standards and be kind to yourself.
    5. Ask your loved ones to keep you accountable. I challenge you to tell more people that you need more rest. Our family and friends want to see us happy, so it's best to ask them to keep you accountable with your rest. The first 30 days of setting a new habit are crucial since it's when you're most likely to go back to your old ways. Having someone remind us that we need to take a break keeps us from slipping back to hustle mode.
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