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If getting clients feel like a roller coaster, then it’s time to get off the ride. Stop struggling to find clients and start bringing them to you with tips and resources from Michelle Vroom, marketing strategist for high-impact, high-driven female solopreneurs. Over the last three years, Michelle has built a business that allows her to support incredible women and be home with her two sons. When it comes to marketing, Michelle doesn’t believe in rules and empowers other women entrepreneurs to get visible the way they WANT to. If you're looking for honesty, transparency, and tough love, you’ve come to the right place. Michelle will help you uncover the roadblocks that keep you from getting visible and push you to step out of your comfort zone so you can attract get the clients you deserve.

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If getting clients feel like a roller coaster, then it’s time to get off the ride. Stop struggling to find clients and start bringing them to you with tips and resources from Michelle Vroom, marketing strategist for high-impact, high-driven female solopreneurs. Over the last three years, Michelle has built a business that allows her to support incredible women and be home with her two sons. When it comes to marketing, Michelle doesn’t believe in rules and empowers other women entrepreneurs to get visible the way they WANT to. If you're looking for honesty, transparency, and tough love, you’ve come to the right place. Michelle will help you uncover the roadblocks that keep you from getting visible and push you to step out of your comfort zone so you can attract get the clients you deserve.

    Turning Triggers Into Cash

    Turning Triggers Into Cash

    On this week’s episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast, I’m discussing the real reasons you’re triggered by others' success and how you can turn those triggers into cash. I haven’t really touched on this topic before, but felt it was necessary to discuss. I’ve talked about why you’re fearful of success, but haven’t discussed the true triggers behind those feelings.
    EVERY person is triggered by someone else’s success. It’s the reality of being an entrepreneur. But instead of being frustrated or discouraged by triggers, it’s possible to spin them into a positive outcome that nets you more cash.
    Let’s dive in...
    Everyone talks about comparison and why you’re jealous of someone else’s success. And those reasons are valid. But I want to talk about the deeper reason why you’re triggered by another’s success:
    The person who is successful has a characteristic you wish you had. For example: maybe they're not afraid to say what they want, maybe they have a bigger audience, maybe they make a lot of money, maybe they’re in demand and have a wait list of clients, maybe they’re showing up as authentic and everyone loves them. 
    Close your eyes right now and think about the person you’re jealous of. Picture them in your mind. Now I want you to identify the characteristics you think you’re missing that they have. Make a list. Once you make that list, identify the first characteristic that came to mind. Only instead of thinking about how to be more like the person you’re triggered by, I want you to think about how you’re already embodying that characteristic in your business and marketing. For example: if you’re jealous of someone for being courageous, consider how you are already courageous in your business (spoiler: you started a business, didn’t you?). Now consider how you can be more courageous in your own way. Maybe it means saying something you’ve been wanting to say for awhile. Or maybe it means sending that email highlighting a client’s success that you were afraid would come across as braggy. Or maybe it’s launching that program you were too scared to launch because you didn’t believe anyone wanted it.
    The point is that you need to focus on how YOU can show up more in that way...not on how you can show up the way the other person is. Marketing is all about authenticity and I hope this mini exercise shows you how to show up in an authentic way in your marketing. Because here’s the thing: that thing you’re afraid to do or say because you’re not sure what others will think? THAT is the thing that will make you more money.
    Remember, you’re capable of just as much success as the people you’re watching. Stop setting limits for yourself. What if there were no limits? How would you show up then?
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    How to Make Money From FB Lives with Veronica Hoddenbaugh

    How to Make Money From FB Lives with Veronica Hoddenbaugh

    On this week’s episode of Market Like a Boss Podcast, I was joined by Veronica Hoddenbaugh discussing how to make money from Facebook Lives. Veronica will share best practices for your lives and how to convert people who watch them into clients. If you have a FB group and you want more leads, then you'll definitely want to tune into this episode! 
    A little bit about our guest…Veronica is a coach for female entrepreneurs and guides them through creating the best marketing strategies for their business. 
    Let’s dive in…
    I have found that people who go live are either over-prepared or not prepared at all. I want to talk about this first because this essentially will set-up how your Facebook Live will run. 
    What type of preparation should people do before they do a Facebook Live?
    “I always talk about creating key points you want to discuss. The power of live video is to connect with your people. I have a one post-it note rule. This is where I put my key points because I don’t think it's beneficial for people to constantly be looking down at a notebook as it takes away from the “going live” experience.You also want to make sure you provide the transformation element to your Facebook Live topic you end up selecting. The power of the hook is everything. More importantly your audience needs to know if they listen to your live what will they get out of it. Next step is talking about the problem - why should your audience care? People are often frustrated when they are producing so much content, but getting no action. This is where you lay out what problem you’re about to solve in your live. Your audience needs to know again what solution you’re providing. This helps your audience members stay with you until the very end.
    Do you think people use questions enough to boost engagement?
    “Engagement is what we want, right? You need to make it easy. I normally like to ask a question at the end of a teaser promoting my live and simply ask, does this sound like you, leave a 1 in the comment box. It can be that easy. This helps bring your audience back in. Questions are a great source to boost your audience’s engagement, but you definitely don’t want to overwhelm them either. Simple is always better.” 
    What comes next in your process for a Facebook Live?
    “Next, is getting to the meat of your Facebook Live. Don’t be afraid to give a lot of value in your lives. It doesn’t matter that you’re getting paid for it...that’s not the point of these lives. You want to deliver the exact same way you would with your clients. This provides your audience to truly see who you are and how you’re the expert. Another thing you need to remember is to always do a recap! You never know if someone who’s watching, but got distracted by their children or internet dropped...you need to recap because they can come back in and they will need to hear what they would have missed. Never stress about how many people join live because 99% of the time, I have more replays. You have to keep showing up in your lives. There’s always a fear of the camera, but it makes you more relatable. Going live is never perfect.”
    What do you think Facebook Lives provide business owners?
    “I think Facebook Lives are super powerful because you’re showing up on camera, providing value, and being your true authentic self. This is not only a benefit of the lives, but you want someone to say with you, “Wow, you’re the exact same on camera.” That’s a huge compliment. I personally have had a client join one of my programs without a discovery call because they said they knew who I was and value I was going to provide them.”
    I know so many people who are afraid of going live, but the moment they remove the fear...the opportunities are endless!
    Ladies, I hope this podcast episode

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    Stop Being Afraid of Money

    Stop Being Afraid of Money

    On this week’s episode of Market Like a Boss Podcast, we are talking about everyone’s favorite topic...MONEY. I will discuss why it’s not selfish of you to want to make more money and why you should not be afraid of money. You can’t land your dream clients if you’re afraid of money. If you’re not comfortable with making money or just being successful as this will affect your marketing because you’re self-sabotaging. I know so many women who are afraid to get to the next income level because of the fear of judgement or the fear of changing and losing it all. 
    If you've been watching me for a while...I do talk about money a lot because people don’t talk about it. I find it important to discuss money goals, but more importantly, I like discussing the journey of how I made the money. I don’t want this topic to be taboo anymore. You have to get over the mindset that you don’t deserve money because that’s not the case. 
    I guarantee there’s fear-based thoughts when it comes to money. You might be fearful of people judging you or you think more money means more pressure. I find there are two categories that business owners tend to fall under…
    Fear over making more money.
    If you’re afraid to make more money, you’ll always work hard and make less money. You could also be afraid that you’re going to lose money or have the doubt that they can't manage money. I have also found that there’s the fear of being judged by others especially if they are making more money and can spend money on things some people might not be able to. There’s another component under this category is not knowing your value as a business owner. People with the fear of making money because they don't think they are worth a certain amount or they won’t charge for their services at the price they should. Ladies, you have to understand that what you offer is special and you’re worth every penny that you ask because you became an expert and you’re providing solutions for your clients. Don’t cut yourself off short. 
    Receiving money.
    A lot of people were brought up that money was evil and taboo. People who are afraid of receiving money often feel like the person who gave them money has power over them. There’s also the fear of money from childhood experiences. I know several people who are afraid to make more money because they didn’t grow up in a home where money was around or even discussed. So, those experiences as a child lend many people to think they aren’t allowed to make more money. That’s not the case, ladies! 
    Let’s talk about money truths… 
    -Money is not evil. Money is neutral. It’s not negative and it’s not positive. The people who lose money or abuse money reflect on the person who chooses to behave in that way. Someone who loves money and that’s their only focus is not to blame on money, but again rather it’s about the person who chooses to think money is everything. 
    -You can make money and still be a good person. There’s still people out there who are extremely generous to give back. It’s up to you to make the choice of what you do with the money earned. 
    -Money = Impact. This refers to what money can do for you, your family, and your community. Think of the long term goal of what more money can actually do and benefit so many people. 
    -You’re giving your clients way more than you’re taking. So many women think that if a client pays them, they feel like they are taking from them. This is where your value comes into play. If you don’t believe in your value then of course you’re going to think you’re taking from them.
    -Your value lies with what you’re giving the client and not what they are paying you. Again, you need to be super clear on your value and recognize it. Once you do, you’ll never be afraid

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    Focus on What You Can Control

    Focus on What You Can Control

    On this week’s episode of Market Like a Boss Podcast, I’m discussing how to shift your focus on what you can control in your marketing and your business. We spend so much time focused on what we can’t control in our marketing and it keeps us from getting the results we want. Personally, this topic hits home for me. I have always struggled with the need for control, but I’ve had to let that go in my business. The desire for control doesn’t bring joy, but rather makes your business feel like a burden. 
    Let’s break this down some more…
    What are some things you can’t control in your marketing? 
    You can’t control people unfollowing you, unsubscribing from your email list, losing a client, someone’s opinion of you, a prospect canceling a discovery call, etc. These are things that we can’t control, but they are often the ones we obsess over the most. What if you released control over what others think of you? What if you decided right now to trust your opinion more than theirs? No matter what you do, you’ll never make everyone happy. Focus on the people who matter (your dream clients) and let the rest go.
    Why do we obsess over control? 
    Honestly ladies, we do this to ourselves because we’re scared when we feel like we don’t have control. We’re scared because we expect something negative to happen. I seek control when I want to avoid disappointment and any negative outcomes in my marketing. So I focus on the tiniest details that don’t really matter like changing my font, colors, and graphics. Anything I can do to avoid discomfort.
    A year ago, my coach told me that I need to be comfortable sitting in discomfort. I was spending all my time trying to avoid discomfort by controlling every outcome of my business, but it was exhausting (both mentally and physically). I had to shift my mindset by recognizing that discomfort is a normal part of business and it’s actually a reflection of growth. Once I released the pressure, I was able to sit in discomfort, learn from it, and continue moving forward. Discomfort never goes away - but the most successful entrepreneurs get better at dealing with it and moving forward in spite of it.
    What can you control in your marketing? 
    You can control engagement. Yes, that’s right. By showing up for your audience everyday and asking them to engage, you will see engagement increase. You can control the amount of leads you bring in by talking to more people. You can also control the quality of your leads by paying attention to your messaging and making sure it reflects the type of client you want to work with. You can control how many discovery calls you book. The more calls you book with qualified leads, the more you’ll convert. It’s just simple math. All of these things are your responsibility as a business owner. Are you showing up confidently? Are you talking to your audience? Or are you hiding in the wings waiting for someone else to make the first move? If you want to reach a specific goal, you better show up as a BOSS. You can’t push the control on someone else. You and only you have responsibility for your success.
    Lastly, it’s important to note that people will always think whatever they want about you and your business. And sometimes they’ll give you their opinions unsolicited. You can’t control that, but you can control how much you listen. You can control what messages you read and what information you allow to filter through your brain. Whenever I’ve been the most stressed and miserable in my marketing, it’s been because I’ve had zero boundaries about the information that’s coming at me. I didn’t filter any of it. Now I know better. You need to protect your mind - it’s the most important asset you have in your business.
    I know this process will be difficult and your desire for control

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    How to Make Money Everyday with Allison Hardy

    How to Make Money Everyday with Allison Hardy

    This is a very special episode of the Market Like a Boss Podcast as I’m joined by guest Allison Hardy to discuss how you can bring automated leads and make money while you’re sleeping.
    A little bit about our guest...Allison is the creator of the 6-Figure Mompreneur Podcast, contributor to Huffington Post, and has been featured in WFS Magazine. She’s also a mom of two children, Camden and Nora.
    Let’s get started…
    Allison, tell us a bit more about your journey.
    “I had my dream job and was on track for my ten-year as a professor at a local college, but things changed and I was laid off at six months pregnant. I was completely scared, but ended up starting my own business. I started a part-time personal training business and started working with my friends. It happened very quickly and it was working out for me financially. Shortly after, I realized I was interested in fitness and nutrition, but the business side of things and moved into my next business.”
    Let’s talk about hustle...how do you get out of that space?
    “I don’t think hustle is bad, but it depends on what you’re doing. If you’re launching a new service or product, short-term hustle is necessary, but there should be a balance. I like to say hustle with rules.”
    Tell us: how you get to the point of making money while you sleep?
    “I developed a system to make money everyday because I didn’t want to hustle 24/7. Things changed when the pandemic hit and I knew my kids would be home from school. I cancelled my live launches, but wanted to still hit my goals. What started as an experiment became a sustainable lead gen system that works.”
    Tell us about your automation system.
    “First, it’s important to know this system is a long-term process. It doesn’t happen overnight. I created a lead magnet where a potential client can download a free resource in exchange for their email address. Their email gets captured and then they are put into a nurture system. Some things you want to include in a nurture funnel are links to your recent blog post, podcasts, resources etc., as well as a behind-the-scenes look at your life.
    From here, the lead goes into a habit-base funnel where there are triggers that go off based on the actions you want them to take. When they take the desired action, they will be put into a pitch sequence so they can receive customized content that converts them into a future client.”
    What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to funnels?
    “I think the number one mistake is that people think it's going to work right away. There will be times where you send 100 people into a funnel and it doesn’t convert. You can’t give up. For example: instead of getting discouraged, look at your subject line...do you need to change it? Just look at the statistics and make changes from there.”
    “No matter what you do in marketing...it never works right away.” - Michelle Vroom
    “You need to hustle with rules.” - Allison Hardy
    Tell us about the results you have seen since you implemented your system.
    “I knew that for 2020, I wanted to make money everyday. I have achieved that so far apart from two days back in March. Sometimes, your days vary based on how much you make, but I’m still making money. As far as my clients, I had one client implement this system and she has a very specific audience for her business. She ended up landing her first client for a new program she was launching and was able to retain her as a client. When she hopped on a call with her new client, she had shared what she loved about her email funnels and that helped my client make tweaks to what her audience needed to see to convert more clients.” 
    I want to address another misconception about automated lead generation systems - which is that they don’t bring in qualified leads. Ideally if these potential clients are goi

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    Ask Me Anything

    Ask Me Anything

    On this week’s episode of Market Like a Boss Podcast, I’m answering ALL your marketing questions. These questions are all about marketing and my business. As you guys know, I like to be completely transparent with my audience and have an open discussion! 
    Let’s dive in...
    What triggered your #1 mindset shift? (2:18)
    This is a really good question. Mindset is key. I talk about this a lot because your mindset truly controls the success of your business. Mindset can cause you to miss out on opportunities and potential clients because of your fears. It took me a while to shift my mindset. I had to work with my coach on this. She had to challenge me and ask me the hard questions. She asked me, “do you want more clients?” Of course I said yes, but the truth was I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to deliver. 
    Is a sales funnel necessary? (6:12)
    It all depends on your goal. If you’re looking to bring in more passive income, a funnel is a great way to do so. Remember to start with the end goal of what you want the funnel to achieve and work backward from there. 
    Is there a template for writing social media content? (7:38)
    There’s NO template. So many female entrepreneurs search for the “secret” template that gets the most engagement, but there is no cookie cutter when it comes to marketing. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. Don’t think of it like a template, but rather ask yourself...what does your audience need to hear from you? Create your social media copy with that mindset.
    How much personal info should you share in posts? (11:02)
    I’m very transparent about my marketing, my journey, and goals that I have reached, but you don’t need to be as open as me. Share as much as you’re willing to - but remember that your audience does need to connect with you emotionally in order to decide to invest. Don’t build up a wall with your audience. Talk to them human-to-human because people tend to need to gain your trust before they would want to work with you.  
    One boundary I’ve set for myself is that I don’t talk about a particular struggle I’ve experienced while I’m still in it. I share it afterward so that I always have the perspective of having gone through it and come out on the other side.
    Should I share any family pictures on my social media channels? (13:36)
    Throw out the word “should.” It’s your choice if you want to share your family pictures. It won’t affect your marketing if you don’t. That being said, if your brand is based around family you may want to consider giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your family (however you feel comfortable).
    How do you start a Facebook group and create a loyal following? What about starting a podcast? (16:21)
    When it comes to a Facebook group or a podcast, just start. I started my Facebook group with no long-term strategy...in fact, it was born out of a free challenge I was running online and I needed a place to house the videos. After the challenge was finished, I left the group open and voila, Market Like a Boss was born.
    I love groups and building relationships so I just kept showing up every day, which is how I build a loyal following. If you have a group, consider the experience you want your audience to have and what will keep them coming back. I highly recommend posting and engaging every day. Show up no matter how many people are tuning in. When it comes to a podcast, I recommend coming up with a list of topics you want to talk about and be sure you’re clear on what you want your audience to gain from listening to you.
    How do you manage multiple social media platforms? (19:01)
    I definitely recommend using automation when possible...for the right activities. I normally batch out content once a week and created a designated time on my calendar to develop new content. Also, repurpose and

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Allison Hardy ,

Such an amazing podcast for ambitious mompreneurs

I love Michelle’s no fluff approach to marketing, online business, and mom life! Such a refreshing and no-nonsense approach!

Tialynn73 ,

Great Actionable steps!

I randomly listened to this podcast and i found great actionable steps to take today! I love it! Taking the actions today! @sexybizbabe

RN331 ,

Actionable advice that really works

There are a lot of marketing experts out there, but Michelle stands out! All of her advice centers around serving the best clients and doing it well. She’s authentic, relatable, and challenged me to rethink marketing! Every episode is value-packed. Highly recommend you listen!!

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