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Listen and Watch every week as Kelly and her amazing colleagues takes you on a journey from your Mouth to the inside of the cell and everything in the middle.

There is no need to sit in fear of virus, cancer, bacteria, metals, emotional stress or any other toxins any longer. Rest well once you are guarded with the proper understanding and knowledge of HOW THE BODY REALLY WORKS. Welcome to the foundation of health and the world of Naturally Oriented Therapists and Medically Enlightened Doctors and Specialists (NOTMEDS.com)!

The Beats with Kelly Kennedy The True Wellness Center

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Listen and Watch every week as Kelly and her amazing colleagues takes you on a journey from your Mouth to the inside of the cell and everything in the middle.

There is no need to sit in fear of virus, cancer, bacteria, metals, emotional stress or any other toxins any longer. Rest well once you are guarded with the proper understanding and knowledge of HOW THE BODY REALLY WORKS. Welcome to the foundation of health and the world of Naturally Oriented Therapists and Medically Enlightened Doctors and Specialists (NOTMEDS.com)!

    (Ep. 116) The Power of Qi Energy and Frequency Healing with David Wong

    (Ep. 116) The Power of Qi Energy and Frequency Healing with David Wong

    On this episode of The Beats, Kelly invites David Wong to talk about the phenomenal benefits of accessing frequencies to heal the body, mind and spirit. David delves into the history of energy healing technologies and acknowledges that there are thousands of studies that show how pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) can heal. David explains how his innovation, the Qi Coil, applies the principles of sacred geometry and harmonics that are based on the mathematical ratios, patterns and shapes found throughout the universe. Kelly and David remind us that these powerful frequencies in nature are always accessible and if we can get ourselves in the “receiving mode” they can heal us from the inside-out and recharge our life force!

    David Wong is a wellness technology innovator, martial artist, musician, qi gong practitioner, author, keynote speaker and visionary entrepreneur. He is the founder of Qi Life, a company that develops cutting-edge technologies for personal wellness. His vision is a future where anyone can access the benefits of qi energy immediately and effortlessly. His own personal journey of transformation began when he self-healed from an incurable digestive disease that he had for over ten years - achieved with only frequency and energy devices. This led him to invent the Qi Coil™ frequency technology that allows for effortless mind and body wellness, balance, happiness, and the ability to manifest ideas into reality. 
    Show Notes:
    - David’s self-healing journey from a debilitating autoimmune disease
    - We are energetic beings having a physical experience
    - The importance of getting in the receiving mode in order to allow frequencies to heal
    - David’s research began with harmonics and sacred geometry
    - These frequencies heal and bring your mind and body into specific vibration
    - How we can use technologies to send these frequencies into your body or mind
    - You can experience the wholeness of the entire universe in your body and mind
    - A discussion of  phi/the golden ratio: 1.618
    - Patterns in nature that have specific rations, structured according to this design
    - David’s technology uses frequencies built on that ratio
    - How the coils in his device amplify the frequencies
    - How many notes, frequencies form a harmonic
    - How Rife frequencies from 1930s with used frequencies to heal
    - The specs of the Qi Coil; size and torus shape
    - How Qi Coil users have experienced transformations and shifts
    - How we can protect ourselves and thrive indoors when not in nature
    - How the Qi Coil prepares the body to receive a more targeted frequencies
    - The use of molecular mimicry in frequencies
    - Qi Coil creates a magnetic field that amplifies the frequencies
    - Easy affordable, programmable that gives us easy way to upgrade the human body gently
    - David’s mission is to raise the frequency of the world and see 1 million people healed
    Receive 10% off  David’s Qi Coil Device
    Use code LYMPHQUEEN 

    Connect with David:
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/QiLifeMastery
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidwong/
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QiLifeMastery
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidwongma...
    Discord: https://discord.gg/Nck9tAf3
    SAAS: https://www.qienergy.ai

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    (Ep. 115) Living Quantum-ly with Carrie Bennett

    (Ep. 115) Living Quantum-ly with Carrie Bennett

    On this episode of The Beats, Kelly chats with the brilliant Carrie Bennett, also known as Carrie B. Wellness, to take a deep dive into our health from a quantum perspective. While both Kelly and Carrie agree that our body’s chemistry plays an important role in our health, they discuss how it’s actually the biophysics of the body - our ability to gather energy and allow it to properly flow - that is the underpinning of our health status and the ultimate determinant of how well our body’s messaging system works. 
    Carrie is known for her incredible ability to explain the complexities of the quantum in a way we can all understand. This episode is jam packed with critical insights on how electrons fuel our body, the importance of optimizing our circadian rhythm, the structure of our body’s water, the role of minerals, sunlight, breath, our heart, our fascia, and so much more.
    While the concepts may be difficult to grasp, thankfully the solutions are simple and this episode is chock full of tips and ideas to charge your body battery and heal in a way you never thought possible!
    As a college athlete, supposedly at the pinnacle of health, Carrie began suffering chronic joint issues and insomnia. After her first child was born, she developed debilitating stomach pain, adrenal fatigue, and brain fog. Armed with a BS in Biology, an MS in Nutrition, and certifications as a personal trainer, massage therapist, and breathing coach, she still couldn't find the root of her issues. That's when she found Quantum Biology. Now, as an online educator, clinician and faculty member of the Quantum Biology Collective and Kalamazoo College, Carrie's mission is to teach her clients how to create a healing environment by applying quantum health strategies around light, water, electrons, and mitochondrial support. Given these tools, clients who have spent years trying to improve their health—just as Carrie did—finally experience powerful healing and lasting benefits.

    How Carrie got into the quantum field
    How she was initially influenced by the work of Dr. Jack Kruse 
    What is energy?
    How our bodies are constantly trying to gather and organize energy to achieve a state of coherence
    Why there is a disconnect in the modern world
    Sunlight = electromagnetic radiation
    Why it’s more effective to look at sunrise for three minutes every day than for 3 hours once a month
    How the different wavelengths of the sun throughout the day affect our bodily functions
    A healthy cell has a negative charge; we must gather electrons to maintain that charge
    The mitochondria and the electron transport chain
    The earth is negatively charged; we must touch our bodies’ to the ground
    What happens to red blood cells when we lose our negative charge
    We can re-establish that electrical charge by simply touching our bare skin to the earth
    Fascia as the electrical highway
    Water in our bodies is structured; it wants to be organized
    Sunlight helps to maintain structure and keep fluids flowing
    Water receives information and organizes itself into shapes and then it can store information
    Water is a powerful storer, receiver and transmitter of information
    Non-native EMF creates chaotic signaling and degrades our body’s antenna
    Why minerals are important
    Without minerals we wouldn’t be able to maintain the structure of the water
    Our heart is where our light shines strongest; a powerful magnetic field
    The words we speak and our thoughts are imprinting our body’s water
    The possibility of healing at the speed of light
    Carrie’s secret of the universe
    Interested in learning more from Carrie on quantum healing? Check out her digital courses offered here. Use code KELLY for 10% discount
    Instagram: @carriebwellness
    Website: carriebwellness.com
    Quantum Biology Collective: https://www.quantumbiologycollective.org/

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    (Ep. 114) Welcome to the Vibe Movement! A Special Solo Podcast from Kelly

    (Ep. 114) Welcome to the Vibe Movement! A Special Solo Podcast from Kelly

    Welcome vibrant beings! On this episode of The Beats, Kelly ushers in a new chapter of the podcast series. With the first 100 episodes focused on “How the Body Works,” Kelly is ready to expand the conversion beyond the physical body and will be delving into topics in the realm of “How the Universe Works.” 
    Kelly reminds us that our emotions and thoughts determine our well-being and she encourages us to let go of what no longer serves us. As the Rumi quote says, “The wound is the place that the light enters you.” It’s time to release our old wounds and create space for deep healing. 
    It’s time to ascend from the burden of the physical body, and instead lean forward with your sacred heart and intuition. Trust in the flow of life and the universe. This will open your consciousness and allow you to break through the barriers of  “survival mode,” step into your FLOW and ultimately experience the gift of life we’ve all been given. 
    Just Be and Rise Above.
    Kelly invites you to sit with her in meditation for the last 15 minutes of the podcast while she plays her personal Sound of Soul recording.
    Topics and Books Mentioned:
    The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg
    The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton 
    Dr. Joe Dispenza: https://www.instagram.com/drjoedispenza/
    Abraham Hicks: https://www.instagram.com/abrahamhickspublications/
    More about Sound of Soul

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    (Ep. 113) The Groundbreaking Advancements in Low Level Laser Therapy with Jennifer Miele and Robert Weber

    (Ep. 113) The Groundbreaking Advancements in Low Level Laser Therapy with Jennifer Miele and Robert Weber

    This episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy reveals the latest developments in Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) with guests Jennifer Miele and Robert Weber. Also known as photobiomodulation, and sometimes referred to as cold laser therapy, this medical treatment involves the application of specific frequencies of light to the body either on the surface of the skin or directly into the bloodstream, interstitial compartments or joints via fiberoptic light guides.
    Both Jennifer and Robert are Internationally recognized as leaders in the research and clinical applications of LLLT and their main focus is in the area of oncology. They also emphasize the  benefits of incorporating LLLT as a part of an integrative approach not only to cancer but across all chronic conditions, heart disease, infectious disease, diabetes among others and share several remarkable case studies.
    - Introduction to Weber Medical; located in Germany and is a world leader in low level laser therapy (LLLT); has been involved in research and development for more than 20 years.
    - Weber Medical supplies more than 1500 clinics worldwide with LLLT equipment; more than 100 in the US; also in Asia; doing research in Africa on infectious disease; Weber Medical’s main focus in Germany is oncology. 
    - Introduction to Jennifer Miele; she leads  an International research clinic in Mexico with a focus on oncology; she partners with Weber Medical and incorporates their technology in her protocols; and has seen phenomenal results with laser therapy.
    - Defining LLLT (also called photobiomodulation therapy) which uses only the laser without any other substances; it stimulates, energizes and regenerates cells for tissue repair; boosts immune system; stimulates the good cells.
    - Defining Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) which includes the use of a laser with a light-sensitive substance - administered by infusion or orally -  for purposes of destroying the bad cells, pathogens and parasites.
    - Low light lasers are under 500 milliwatts; completely safe and not able to destroy or harm tissue; no toxicity.
    - A discussion of cases and healing stories involving cancer, infectious diseases, and a remarkable approach for Covid treatment.
    - Robert talks about applications in addition to oncology, including chronic diseases, heart disease, diabetes and others.
    - A discussion about the Weber Watch and the new, more powerful, Endo-Light device; the Helmet; all are great for home use.
    - How does light therapy work for the body; our bodies are meant to be outside in the light; lasers mimic the benefits of natural light but are able to focus the light into more specific points in the body. 
    - How laser therapy has helped cancer patients recover from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation; focus and red and yellow light for these purposes.
    - The International Society for Medical Laser Applications Annual Conference coming up in San Diego, March 3-5, 2023.
    Jennifer Miele is the founder and director of Nube Health Inc. as well as the co-founder and clinical director of the Baja Medgate clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. She received an HONORIS CAUSA DOCTORATE Recognition by the Instituto Mexicano de Lideres de Excelencia (Mexico City) in the area of medical research. 
    Jennifer’s focus is on medical research and development of new protocols based on an integrative approach involving photodynamic therapy (PDT) in oncology, immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, endocrinology, infectious disease, autoimmune diseases and nutrition. 
    Robert Weber, of Weber Medical, is based in Germany where he works alongside the Internationally renowned pioneer in medical lasers, Dr. Michael Weber. The organization was established in 2003 after many years of research and development in the field of medical laser therapy and has quickly become one of the world’s leading companies in medical laser

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    (Ep. 112) An Introduction to Muscle Testing: A Powerful Tool to Access Your Body's Innate Wisdom

    (Ep. 112) An Introduction to Muscle Testing: A Powerful Tool to Access Your Body's Innate Wisdom

    On this episode of The Beats, Kelly brings back her favorite guest, her husband and business partner, Ian Kennedy. Together, they take a deep dive into the topic of muscle testing and its many benefits and applications. Sometimes referred to as “applied kinesiology,” Kelly and Ian reveal how muscle testing is not only an important bio-feedback tool they use in clinical applications, but also share how it can be an effective technique for individuals seeking greater insight and management of their own health.
    This discussion includes a detailed overview of how muscle testing assesses the body’s intricate electrical networks. By identifying incoherences or any dysregulation between these networks, the practitioner or individual is able to identify what potential therapies or substances might strengthen the system and rebalance the imbalances. 
    Interested in learning how to muscle test yourself? Kelly and Ian are excited to announce that they will soon be offering a Master Class that will allow you to learn how to apply and incorporate muscle testing in your daily self-care routine- enabling you to access and utilize your body’s innate healing capacity!
    Topics Covered in this Episode:
    - Brief history and overview of the originators of muscle testing.
    - Everything in the Universe is energy, frequency, and vibration.
    - The body’s energetic survival mechanism.
    - Muscle testing as a means of measuring your body’s response to the energetic field.
    - Muscle testing as an aspect of regulation and regeneration.
    - How to know if someone is not capable of muscle testing.
    - Muscle testing is just one way of testing regulation; Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is another.
    - The five levels of the body that perceive information: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, epigenetic.
    - The issue of bias and the importance of being open to “discover” rather than “confirm.”
    - The fact that we are only conscious of 10% of the emotions our body is taking in.
    - Defining the “biofield.”
    - Debunking myths about muscle testing.
    - The importance of getting a baseline and testing for congruency.
    - Kelly and Ian’s mission to help their community understand and learn the language of the body.
    - The four stages of learning and how it applies to acquiring the ability to muscle test.
    - How Ian has seen the benefits of muscle testing over the years.
    Learn more about how the body works at thetruewellnesscenter.com

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    (Ep. 111) GET UNSTUCK: How Lymph and Fascia Hold the Keys to Optimal Health

    (Ep. 111) GET UNSTUCK: How Lymph and Fascia Hold the Keys to Optimal Health

    On this episode of The Beats podcast, we are excited to share Kelly's presentation from The Bioregulatory Medicine Institute's (BRMI) annual conference held in October, 2022. While originally presented to practitioners, this information is extremely valuable and accessible for anyone interested in learning more about how to optimize their health. 
    As Kelly explains, the fundamental philosophy of Bioregulatory Medicine is to support and restore the body's intrinsic self-regulating, self-healing mechanisms. Kelly dives deep into the lymphatic system and fascia and shares her key diagnostic and therapeutic tools that allow her clients to get “unstuck,” bringing relief and resolution to their chronic conditions. This talk is jam-packed with critical insights and a rare glimpse into The True Wellness Center's approach to facilitating and supporting the body's innate healing capacity.
    Topics Covered: 
    What is Bio-Regulatory Medicine and Why is it Different?
    What is Regulatory Testing and Why is it Important?
    What is Fascia and How Does That Impact our Innate Healing Capacity? 
    What is Lymph and Why Is It Important to Reframe Here? 
    How the Lymph and the Fascia are Related
    Brief Discussion about Energy Coherence and the Quantum 
    How proper Regulation Allows for Our Regenerative Capacity and Brings us into Coherence.
    Books Mentioned:
    James L. Oschman’s Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis
    Arthur Firstenberg’s The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life
    Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles
    Eileen Day McKusick’s Electric Body, Electric Health
    Sean Pratt’s The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma
    See more BRMI Conference Presentations
    Watch this episode of The Beats on YouTube

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Halie Blair ,

Fabulous just Fabulous

I love( we love ) listening & learning from
Kelly and her guests each time she brings us all together ! I so appreciate each time my mind (.our minds as I share each time I receive a new podcast) is given an opportunity to expand in conscious awareness of what is possible for a Healthier Wisely Wealthier me.
And, thanks to this Podcast, I now have the information, science and supportive references I had been searching for. What a wonderful flow state to be in !!
Thank U all so much from my heart to yours !! ❤️❤️. Affirming Grace’s Goodness continues to prevail for each & all of us 🦋🥰🦋

Eileen Stinner ,

Best podcast ever!!!!

Ever since I found Kelly I feel so blessed from all her amazing knowledge in bioregulatory medicine. I have been binging all the podcast episodes and love every single one. I’m so grateful she takes the time to find such great people to interview. Thank you so much!!

Missaddiejack ,

So Good

Love this podcast! I’ve learned so much! Look forward to each new episode! Thank You!

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