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Helping you calm the mind in a world full of noise.

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Helping you calm the mind in a world full of noise.

    The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow....Probably

    The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow....Probably

    In today's episode, we'll be exploring ways to cultivate hope in our lives. Because let's face it, life can be unpredictable and chaotic, and sometimes it feels like the sun may never shine again.

    But even in the midst of our darkest days, there's always hope. By holding onto hope and believing that tomorrow will bring a brighter day, we can weather life's storms and emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side.

    So, let's grab our sunglasses and look to the sky with optimism, because even if we can't guarantee that the sun will come out tomorrow, we can choose to believe that it probably will. Join us as we dive into ways to cultivate hope as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.

    • 19 min
    The Rhythm of Rest

    The Rhythm of Rest

    Ever wondered how the perfect melody can drift you off into dreamland? Well, in today's episode, we're exploring the fascinating rhythm of rest and how calming music can help you sleep faster and better. Listen in as I share the science behind soothing tunes and how they work their magic to slow down your heart rate and whisk you away to a peaceful slumber.

    So, whether you're battling bedtime woes or simply want to level up your relaxation game, join me in this cozy conversation while you'll also hear NEW music from my latest EP, drift!

    Let's unlock the secrets of music together and make those sweet dreams a reality. Tune in now as we Calm it Down in 3...2...1.

    • 13 min
    Encore Episode: Regrets Are So 15 Minutes Ago

    Encore Episode: Regrets Are So 15 Minutes Ago

    Today's episode is an encore presentation of one of my personal favorites, and a fan-favorite as well: "Regret is so 15 minutes ago."

    As you may know, I'm currently on tour and just finished playing two incredible shows in Canada (Quebec & Toronto). Right now, I'm in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, for a couple of days, before heading to Red Bank, NJ, and Washington DC on March 16th and 18th, respectively. If you're in any of those areas, be sure to come and say hi!

    But for now, let's dive into regret. It's a feeling that we've all experienced at some point in our lives, but it's all about the perspective we bring to it. In this episode, we'll explore how to move past regret and focus on the future.

    Thanks for tuning in, and I appreciate your support as always. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and remember, regret is so 15 minutes ago!

    • 12 min
    Embracing the Highs, Enduring the Lows: Navigating Life's Ups and Downs

    Embracing the Highs, Enduring the Lows: Navigating Life's Ups and Downs

    Do you ever feel like life is a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs? You're not alone. In this week's Calm it Down podcast, I shares some tips for embracing the highs and enduring the lows.

    From being mindful of your thoughts to taking care of yourself and reaching out for help, listen in as I give some practical advice for navigating life's challenges.

    Plus, I even give you some homework to try out this week! It’s not too hard, I promise. Let’s Calm it Down in 3…2…1.

    • 17 min
    How A Chocolate Chip Cookie Taught Me Some Life Lessons

    How A Chocolate Chip Cookie Taught Me Some Life Lessons

    We all know the classic chocolate chip cookie - gooey, filled to the brim with chocolate chips and oh-so-satisfying. But in this episode of the Calm it Down podcast, we're taking it a step further. We explore how this humble treat has much to teach us about life. So grab a glass of milk and tune in as we explore how a gooey morsel of goodness can give us the insight we need to make life a little sweeter, smarter, and all-around a bit more tastier.

    • 15 min
    Life is a Teacher, Are You Paying Attention?

    Life is a Teacher, Are You Paying Attention?

    There's an age-old cliché that says we learn something new everyday. But if life is a teacher, are we really paying attention and listening to the lessons? From childhood to adulthood, it seems like each stage of our lives can provide us with meaningful moments of growth - but how often do these transformations turn into real life applications?

    In this episode, I hope to explore the ways in which life continuously gives us opportunities for learning - and more importantly, how we can use those teachings as fuel for further growth and development.

    With creativity, focus and a pinch of humility, anything is possible - so let’s jump right in as we Calm it Down in 3…2…1

    • 21 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
176 Ratings

176 Ratings

Vegancakeluv ,

Happiness is a state of mind

I love listening to this podcast when I am getting ready for bed, with my feet in a foot massager. It puts life into perspective and makes it easier to feel at peace after a long day. Plus I love the music so much.

CarrieKelly ,

Excellent Podcast

This is the best podcast, so relatable and it’s helped me through the toughest times and transitions in my life. I am a mental health provider and also refer my clients to listen and they love it! Thank you!

Cbryant11 ,

I love this podcast! Thank you!

My favorite podcast! I listen to some of the episodes over and over again.

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