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Welcome to Hydrate with me, Tracy Duhs, a podcast that breaks through the surface of hydration….because believe it or not, hydration is more than just drinking water! With every single person being 98.9% water molecules, it’s time we all get the drip on how to properly hydrate our mind and body. That’s why I’m here to bring you real science and modern-day wellness, in an actionable, fun, and sexy way. Are you ready to get hydrated?

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Welcome to Hydrate with me, Tracy Duhs, a podcast that breaks through the surface of hydration….because believe it or not, hydration is more than just drinking water! With every single person being 98.9% water molecules, it’s time we all get the drip on how to properly hydrate our mind and body. That’s why I’m here to bring you real science and modern-day wellness, in an actionable, fun, and sexy way. Are you ready to get hydrated?

    Skills to help you unlock your hidden power.

    Skills to help you unlock your hidden power.

    In this episode of HYDRATE, Tracy sits down with New York Times bestselling author, John Assaraf. John has helped 100’s of thousands unlock their hidden power. He is one of the leading mindset and behavior experts in the world. He equips people with the skills they need to create the life they desire. This conversation will get you charged, inspired and equipped to turn your dreams into your reality. What are the steps? What gets in the way and how do we overcome these obstacles? Don’t miss this episode if you want to dream bigger and achieve all of your dreams. It is all possible according to John and his life is living proof.
    What we discuss:
    0:52 What inspired John’s passion for neurohacking?
    12:56 When you’re committed to your dream, you figure out the details after the decision.
    15:37 What are beliefs from a neuroscience perspective?
    24:28 Why fear can drive behavior.
    27:29 What gets in the way of our dreams?
    30:28 The effects of lower of self talk and how to overcome.
    33:49 Do something once a day for 100 days to rewire the brain. 
    34:46 Consistency is more important than intensity.
    37:02 Three C’s committed /consistent/ compassionate
    40:29 Who am I outside of what I do?
    42:28  What is the SEMP MODEL?
    44:49 The  true power beyond our physical body.
    47:50 How to practice seeing beyond this physical realm.
    1:00:42 Our eyes are not what see. Our brain is what sees.
    1:06:37 How do we overcome our biggest fears?

    IG: JohnAssaraf
    Check out: SanctuarySD.com for Tracy’s favorite hydration tools.

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    Algae, A Largely Overlooked Component To Cellular Hydration

    Algae, A Largely Overlooked Component To Cellular Hydration

    In this episode of HYDRATE, you will learn some essentials for hydration and cellular health that you probably never knew. Do you know why the membrane of your cells is critical to overall health? You will also learn some key information and practical tips on helping your cells uptake nutrients and eliminate toxins more efficiently. 
    What might be at the root of your dehydration symptoms? The answer could be algae like chlorella and spirulina.
    Tracy Duhs interviews Catharine Arnston, owner of ENERGYbits. Catharine started her company because her sister had breast cancer and Catharine was motivated to find the most effective way for her sister to improve her cellular health as well as stay cancer free.
    This is a potent show you won’t want to miss. Share this show with anyone feeling dehydrated or sick and looking for simple answers that may have been previously overlooked.
    What we discuss:
    01:34 Tracy introduces the concept of “Left spin” to the audience
    14:41 What is micro and macro algae and why is algae such a potent nutrient for cellular health.
    18:27 Why spirulina could be the answer to ending world hunger; and feed you nutrients more efficiently than fruits and vegetables ever could.
    24:11 How chlorella helps improve the integrity of your cell walls as well as helps improve hydration and detoxification.
    27:56 Chlorella is a potent way to help your cells clean up cellular debris.
    35:49 The motivation behind Catharine’s decision to alchemize ENERGYbits.
    41:04 How we can help save the earth and its oceans by eating algae.
    41:55 Methods for sourcing clean and safe algae.
    44:38 Algae and skin health.
    50:37 Why cracked chlorella is important and how to avoid chlorella with lead.
    Learn more…
    IG: energybits
    USE CODE HYDRATE for 20% off your order starting Jan 2nd, 2022

    Check out: SanctuarySD.com to book a bioimpedance scan or purchase Quicksilver Phosphatidylcholine

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    Gerald Pollack: Drinking H3O2 is the battery of life

    Gerald Pollack: Drinking H3O2 is the battery of life

    Join your host Tracy Duhs as she interviews Dr. Gerald Pollack, a scientist recognized worldwide as a dynamic speaker and author of The Fourth Phase of Water.
    In this episode Tracy and Gerald give you the real drip on fourth phase water. What fourth phase (H3O2) water is and isn’t. They also discuss why fourth phase water is the battery of life. They discuss what type of water helps build fourth phase water in your cells most efficiently.
    You will also learn about dead water, electromagnetic energies and water as well as how the body of water that we are is influenced by our environment. 
    Dr. Pollack educates us on the complexities of water and how it can be organized and structured. They discuss the magical traits of water and the beauty behind the science.
    Tracy and Gerald delve into the important question, do our bodies receive information? They discuss the mysterious structures of water and the importance of EZ (H3O2) water. 
    You will also get excited about the future of water. New research in water and more. Stay tuned to learn practical ways to build EZ water into your own life and why he is so passionate about how science should be done in our current climate.
    Connect with Us!
    IG: Tracyduhs
    Website: www.tracyduhs.com
    Website: Pollack Laboratory
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    Life, and the World – Book by Lynne McTaggart
    Dr. Gerald Pollack | The 4th Phase of Water in Nature, Health, & Energy
    ‘EZ water’: the water that makes us and all other life
    The Institute for Venture Science (IVS) - Break Through
    What we discuss…
    04:08 What is 4th phase water/H3O2?
    11:20 Ez water is like a battery 
    23:44 Where does the energy to create structured water come from?
    36:31 What is dead water
    40:51 How is the body of water that we are influenced by our environment?
    47:30 The future of water and scientific advancements that could solve many of the worlds problems.
    1:03:02 EZ (H3O2) water and blood flow studies.
    1:09:35 Electromagnetic energy and water experiments.
    1:12:09 Subtle energies and water.
    1:17:24 The science of water and magnets.

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    Daniel Juarez: The Truth About Addiction

    Daniel Juarez: The Truth About Addiction

    In this episode of HYDRATE I interview my baby brother Daniel, comedian, musician, father and husband. He shares his raw and REAL journey with addiction.

    Do you or someone you know struggle with addiction to pain medication or another form of addiction?

    In this episode of HYDRATE, Tracy’s baby brother Daniel opens up about his battle with addiction and how the root of his addiction was a desire to numb out the pain of not feeling like he was enough.  His humbling journey is one we can all relate to. His vulnerability and quick quips will keep you engaged as he shares an honest journey of the mind and the progression of addiction. 
    Daniel was in a car accident at 21 years old and was prescribed pain killers that ended up being upwards of 900 pills a month. This eventually led to street drugs such as Methamphetamine’s and Heroin 
    In his story he opens up about how there was nothing anyone could say or any rehab (after 3 years of rehab) that could help him until he was ready to change. He shares the turning point, rock bottom and the mindset that he needed to help him choose that drugs were no longer an option for him. 

    What we discuss…
    Intro - Tracy and Daniel discuss growing up in a missionary home and feeling different from the others.
    11:45  - How the addiction started off. Seemed so innocent. Prescription meds for pain.
    18:21 - The realization that the back pain was bad but the addiction was worse
    22:14 - Prescribed a large dose of medication that became a lethal cocktail.
    24:41 - Realization that the medication was worse than the heroine
    27:32 - Wanting to die because he felt trapped in the drugs 
    32:41 Learning to show vulnerability was healing
    35:03 The root of addiction was not feeling enough 
    45:16 The truth about getting street drugs in Mexico
    49:25 - The suicide attempt and the moment of clarity
    57:33 - Rock bottom and the turning point
    1:04:03 Having hope for the future and admitting to himself his problem was the key to getting  clean
    1:08:32 The current mindset that keeps him clean.

    Instagram: @mmanoverboardd
    This episode is dedicated to Greg Barnhardt. A dear friend of Daniel’s whom he met in rehab. Greg passed away from a drug overdose last night.

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Grace Duhs: Finding Growth Opportunities in the Midst of Trials

    Grace Duhs: Finding Growth Opportunities in the Midst of Trials

    How do you find hope in your darkest hours? This 15-year-old Alopecia warrior has some answers.
    In this very special episode of Hydrate, I chat with the most inspiring person I know whose strength amazes me every day. She's none other than my firstborn daughter, Grace Duhs.
    At age 2, Grace was diagnosed with alopecia. Her diagnosis struck me like a train wreck, but it never destroyed my hope. She’s now a lovely 15-year-old who brings sunshine where she goes. An extrovert, she puts on a contagious smile that overshadows the struggles she’s been through.
    Not having hair can affect anyone’s confidence, but Grace is learning to be happy with what she has now. Here, she opens up about what it's like to be a teenage girl living with alopecia and how she overcomes her anxieties. She looks back on her most heartbreaking letdown (which happened on a Christmas day!) and shares why her friendship with a fellow Alopecia patient boosts her self-esteem.
    She also mentions the things she wishes people could stop asking her when they see her in bandana.
    Plus, we talk about some of the diets and medications we tried along the years and how Grace reacted to them.
    If you’re struggling with a health condition or just finding it difficult to find light in these trying times, let Grace’s journey inspire you to keep going.
    What we discuss…
    2:35 – What it feels like to be a high school girl living with alopecia
    4:30 – Dealing with the soul-crushing diagnosis
    8:40 – The academic achiever & life of the party
    9:53 – The little secret behind Grace’s admirable courage
    11:16 – Her healing journey & greatest letdown
    15:20 – Losing all hope because of a broken promise
    21:00 – Is it hard to find a friend who understands your condition?
    24:00 – What she wishes people could stop asking her
    28:00 – Does Grace fear that no boy will like her because of her looks?
    31:40 – Tracy’s greatest lesson on self-love
    32:35 – Overcoming anxieties & owning her space in sports

    • 38 min
    Guy Winch: How to Heal from a Heartbreak

    Guy Winch: How to Heal from a Heartbreak

    Do you know that loneliness kills more people than smoking and obesity?
    In this episode of HYDRATE, Psychologist Guy Winch takes us deeper into the power of emotional intelligence and why it's intertwined with our physical health. We discuss how to deal with romantic rejection, when loneliness becomes a health risk, and how to raise emotionally intelligent kids.
    We're evolutionarily wired to survive and procreate, not to seek happiness. So, it takes great effort to establish deep human connections and be vulnerable, but it can be learned! Guy and I share tips on how to rekindle our relationship (romantic or not) with someone, when to end it, and how to heal from its ending. Take note: you can't fix a relationship by yourself. I know that to be true after trying to save a 13-year marriage on my own.
    How do we survive a heartbreak without losing our self-worth?
    Guy Winch, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, keynote speaker, and author who has published three books, “Emotional First Aid,” “How to Fix A Broken Heart,” and “The Squeaky Wheel,” which have been translated into 27 languages. His TED talks on emotional health have been viewed over 26 million times. For the last two decades, Guy has worked with individuals, couples, and families in his private practice in Manhattan.
    What we discuss…
    2:00 – What is emotional intelligence?
    6:00 – Relationships depend on these 2 Things
    10:00 – Why emotional health should be taught in school
    14:00 – People who are chronically lonely die sooner
    18:00 – Why do we feel disconnected from our partner or friends?
    21:00 – How to reconnect with important people in your life:
    Tip #1: Remember the last good time you had with them.
    Tip #2: Take a leap of faith – REACH OUT.
    23:00 – How can parents raise emotionally intelligent kids?
    33:50 – Tips to dealing with romantic rejections or relationship conflicts:
    Tip #1: Accept that you’re not a right match at the right time.
    Tip #2: Don't mindread – ASK what your partner needs.
    44:30 – Why the first stages of relationships are the most crucial
    Learn more from Guy Winch:
    Website: https://guywinch.com
    Instagram: @guywinch
    Related Links:
    Guy’s Books: https://www.guywinch.com/books/
    “Dear Therapists” podcast: https://www.guywinch.com/podcast/
    Guy’s TED talks: https://www.ted.com/speakers/guy_winch

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
153 Ratings

153 Ratings

Pnuts4Zoo ,

Can’t say enough about her podcast.

I have always had a fascination with water. I stumbled onto her podcast somehow and found myself listening to each one. Not once or twice but three times or more. Their is always a new ‘drop’ of insight I catch each time.
She is delightful to listen to and brings a smile to my face.
I have learned so much and look forward to her podcast and the guests she has on.
I have sent dm’s to her with questions and she always answers back.
I am looking forward to receiving her book and making some of the elixirs she talks about.
The Hydrogen tabs and Quinton have been a game changer for me as well.
Thank you Tracy for being a light of goodness and knowledge in this world. It is so needed.

annajanemiller ,


Great podcast!! So informative.

SethMacDonald ,


Great informative podcast that covers essential topics that are vastly under covered by others.

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