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Hello, Hello and welcome to Self Care is Sexy! My name is Kris, and I’ll be your host. We are a weekly podcast that’s here to generate and share self care ideas with each other.

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Hello, Hello and welcome to Self Care is Sexy! My name is Kris, and I’ll be your host. We are a weekly podcast that’s here to generate and share self care ideas with each other.

    Episode 177: Power of Permission

    Episode 177: Power of Permission

    It can be hard to ignore the alarm that goes off saying you have a ton of things to do today in an effort to make self-care the priority. This episode we talk all about how you create the permission to dismiss all the to-do's and work in that subtle self-care all throughout you day! You can start right now by reminding yourself and telling yourself out loud, "you're doing a good job today"!

    • 38 min
    Episode 176: Self Sabotage

    Episode 176: Self Sabotage

    You know what to do but can't get yourself to do it. You always seem to just about reach your goals just before sliding backwards into old familiar patters. You ask yourself all the time "Why did I just do that? I know better" Well, you my friend, are engaged in self sabotage. And I've got some great tips to help you figure out how to stop doing it and get the self-care you deserve to forgive and love yourself like a badass!

    • 29 min
    Episode 175: People Pleasing

    Episode 175: People Pleasing

    People Pleasing, it when you think you're being nice, helpful and feel really good about yourself for helping others but the reality is your trying to manipulating others into thinking you are a different person, so they will like you. And its leaving you zero time for any meaningful self-care. So how do you stop being anxious to please? What self-care can help heal from chronic people pleasing? I've got the tips, tricks and hacks to make People Pleasing a thing of the past.

    • 40 min
    Episode 174: Prioritizing self-care

    Episode 174: Prioritizing self-care

    Its hard to know where to start when it comes to self-care so I've got the top 5 ways to prioritize self-care as well as 5 things to keep in mind when you start prioritizing self-care.

    • 27 min
    Episode 173: Lush self talk

    Episode 173: Lush self talk

    Thinking and talking better about yourself is really important self-care, but how do you do it? And what if you don't think very highly of yourself right now? I've got all the tricks to turn you into your very own hype-man!!

    • 29 min
    Episode 172: Negative Thought Hangover

    Episode 172: Negative Thought Hangover

    Its that limbo period of time after you've been having nothing but crappy thoughts about yourself where you're tired of beating yourself up and you're exhausted by your own stinking thinking.

    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
109 Ratings

109 Ratings

newIGmanager ,


I can’t even put words to how much Kris and this podcast have helped me. Before I was slowly spiraling into a cycle of self-destruction. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating, I kind of hated myself. Now I have a written plan for preventive self-care- things I prioritize [almost] daily even when I don’t want to do them because I know I feel better when those things are done. Best of all I actually care about me.

What I love the most about the show:
- She is extremely down to earth and real about life
- She addresses real issues and helps you get through them
- She understands that everyone is at a different place on a different journey and that self-care looks different for everyone and really speaks to that.
- She knows what you are going through and what you need that you are ignoring or completely oblivious to.
- She addresses why you are not taking care of yourself well enough and helps you work through it.

To Kris,
You are a blessing. You are a beautiful bright star shining in the darkest night. I didn’t realize how little I thought of myself before finding your show, but you opened my eyes and my heart to how badly I was treating myself and how little I thought of me. Your show, along with some other strategies I’ve implemented, have worked together to help me find my worth and find value in taking care of myself. I have adhd and part of that means that prioritizing what I need over what I want *now* does not come naturally at all and takes a LOT of work and a lot of awareness, and planning. I am grateful that you’ve shown me how important it is, and shown me exactly how to do it.

I thank God for you and for leading me to you and your show.

Truly, thank you! You are doing a great thing here.

marie moes ,

Love this podcast!

I absolutely love this podcast! Has helped me so much . My mom got breast cancer this year and I was taking care of her , working and going to school and it was to much and I didn’t know how to take care of my self I was burnt out and at my whits end . This podcast really helped me make the space I needed and recover from my burn out . I really needed this and love the show so much !

Katrinawas ,


I’m a licensed massage therapist so self care is on my list but it didn’t become priority until I began listening to this podcast. I never listen to them prior and I started listening as I’d be in session. It grounded me and allowed the information you put out to flow through me rather than racing thoughts about what I need to do. You inspired my unraveling to my self care/empowerment journey to begin and I couldn’t be more thankful. I listened to every single episode and always return for the newest!

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