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Welcome to the SuperFeast Podcast! Join tonic herbalist and health educator Mason Taylor as we explore the magical world of Tonic Herbalism. We will explore the relevance of these ancient herbs and medicinal mushrooms in our modern culture of health to invigorate the body, restore organ health, create badass immunity and bring harmony to the hormones. Want to enhance performance, longevity, energy and radiance? Then dive in with us and learn why tonic herbal adaptogens have been used for millennia for this exact intention. So get ready to activate your SuperHuman health as we deliver this deep tonic herbal philosophy right your eardrums.

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Welcome to the SuperFeast Podcast! Join tonic herbalist and health educator Mason Taylor as we explore the magical world of Tonic Herbalism. We will explore the relevance of these ancient herbs and medicinal mushrooms in our modern culture of health to invigorate the body, restore organ health, create badass immunity and bring harmony to the hormones. Want to enhance performance, longevity, energy and radiance? Then dive in with us and learn why tonic herbal adaptogens have been used for millennia for this exact intention. So get ready to activate your SuperHuman health as we deliver this deep tonic herbal philosophy right your eardrums.

    Why The Weak Are Crumbling Right Now with Jost Sauer

    Why The Weak Are Crumbling Right Now with Jost Sauer

    Over the past two years, the world has witnessed an onslaught of lifestyle stress and disruption brought on by a global pandemic and its ripple effects. The mental stability of many has suffered, and we are currently witnessing a mental health implosion like never seen before. On the podcast today, with remedy and reason for staying robust and ready for any invasion (microbial or psychological), we have our favourite lifestyle medicine man/Qi practitioner, Jost Sauer; Supercharging us with wisdom and guidance on maintaining sovereignty and strength. If you're a regular listener of the SuperFeast podcast, your ears have most likely been blessed with Jost's lifestyle elixirs before.
    Given the current circumstances, we thought it was time for another injection of Jost's knowledge, guidance, and warrior mindset. This episode carries a potent message of going within, getting back to earth, and taking care of our inner world, our health, and not being sucked into noisy distractions of the outside world. Jost shares his insights on approaching COVID as a personal growth strategy; An opportunity for a new level of growth not yet encountered, and a reason to nourish the body, spirit, and essence. Jost also breaks down simple Daoist instructions on how to get in sync with nature, our organs, protect our Jing, Qi, and Shen, and follow the path of yin and yang; So we can maintain sovereignty and strength, no matter how many times we get knocked down. Be sure to tune in for this poignant, powerful conversation.
    "If the blood gets weak, we get caught up in politics. If the blood is strong, we feel good within ourselves; And if we feel good within ourselves, we stay detached. That's all it is. So when I talk about detachment, it requires strong blood and strong Jing. Just focus on your Jing, focus on your blood, take your herbs, take your mushrooms, live the lifestyle, and that's really all there is; The rest will come naturally".
    - Jost Sauer 
    Host and Guest discuss:
    Signs of depleted/weak blood and Jing. The best hours for deep rest, and why. Why blood/Qi levels are at an all-time low. How fear triggers weakness within the body. Lifestyle practices to harness and guard Jing. The Metal element Lung-Kidney relationship. The importance of having a spiritual connection. Why we guard the three treasures; Jing, Qi, Shen. Why people are feeling depleted and weak right now. Following the Qi cycle model to strengthen blood/Jing. Why rest and recovery are essential for a robust immune system. Supporting your health/wellbeing through consistency and lifestyle. The body/mind connection and how weak blood/Jing leads to a weak mind.  
    Who is Jost Sauer?
    Jost (aka the lifestyle medicine man) was born in Germany in 1958 and is an acupuncturist, author, Qi practitioner of 40 years, and healthy lifestyle expert. His background includes competitive skiing, body-building, and ironman training. Post-drug addiction and suicidal depression led him to martial arts, TCM, the power and cycle of Qi, and the understanding that a natural rhythmic lifestyle holds the secrets to anti-aging, health, and success. Jost has been using lifestyle therapeutically for his clients for over 20 years. Jost is an expert in Chinese Medicine, which he lectured in for over a decade at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, has been running successful health clinics since 1991, initially specialising in addiction recovery, and has treated tens of thousands of clients. His passion is sharing his ongoing discoveries about making lifestyle your best medicine through his books, blogs, articles, workshops, and retreats (all of which we linked in the resources below).
    Jost Website
    Jost Facebook
    Jost Instagram
    Jost Youtube
    Jing Blend SuperFeast
    Eucommia Bark SuperFeast
    The 15 Minute Bodyweight Workout
    Higher and Higher Book - Jost Sauer 
    Chi Health Cycle- Jost Sauer's ne

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    Honouring Masculine Strength and Spirit with Aaron Schultz

    Honouring Masculine Strength and Spirit with Aaron Schultz

    Today's episode is one of the most important conversations we've had on the podcast all year. In this first of our Brovember episodes, Mason chats with Aaron Schultz, the founder of Outback Mind, A mental health and wellbeing programme that helps men from regional Australia manage anxiety and develop the right skills to stay healthy in the body, mind, and spirit. Growing up in regional Australia himself, experiencing the downward spiral of mental health issues, unfulfillment, and toxic environments, Aaron knows first hand the challenges men can face. A healing journey ignited by an introduction to Buddhism and self-love, Aaron has spent the past 20 years building a career around helping men to become more conscious and connected to their true selves. Today, Aaron is a leading Anxiety Management teacher, meditation/yoga teacher, and a specialised mind/body coach, with a great ambition to help others; Particularly men from regional areas. Aaron works to bring about a level of consciousness and understanding to a whole collective of men, born into an environment where a natural trajectory is to work for the economy and serve the colonial system; With little to no cultural ideologies in place that nurture them connecting to their true purpose. His organisation, Outback Mind; Focuses on creating a culture and lifestyle that gives these men the tools and solid foundation needed to deal with emotions and realise their heart purpose. In this soul-centred conversation, Aaron talks a lot about untying the embedded emotion of fear in society. An emotional response instilled in most of us; Fear permeates the colonial structure and has become a default operating system for so many. Fear of judgment, being different, or being vulnerable inhibits a lot of men from discovering their true purpose and potential. This is a beautiful conversation about masculinity, vulnerability, and the destructive cultural ideologies placed upon men. Mason and Aaron dive into Men's holistic health, the changes we need to make in society so men can thrive, and why we can't wait for a system that's not serving us to bring about the changes we need. If we want to change, we have to activate it ourselves by supporting each other and our communities in the areas that matter. This episode honours the strength, spirit, and wellbeing of men and is a much larger conversation about humanity. Tune in.
    "It's so important to be able to give guidance and be strong within yourself so you can be a light to others, because that's really what the world needs right now more than ever. I believe my job here is to try and create light so these men can start to become more conscious and take autonomy within themselves".
    -Aaron Schultz
    Host and Guest discuss:
    Men's circles Yin Yoga for men. Men's mental health Self love and acceptance. Resources for a purposeful life. Processing anger in a healthy way. Learning from indigenous cultures. Using physical exercise to process anger. Compassion for ourselves and each other. The prison system as an industry to make money. Developing a relationship with the masculine and feminine. The power of daily routine for a purposeful and productive life. Getting in flow with the seasons, cycles and our circadian rhythm.  
    Who is Aaron Schultz?
    Aaron Schultz is a leading anxiety management teacher, speaker, and private coach. He focuses on practical solutions to help individuals improve mental wellbeing and overcome anxiety. Aarons vision is to empower people to take a proactive approach to wellbeing, feel safe and supported, and become free of physical and mental illness by building healthy lifestyle behaviours that help individuals become self-aware, live more consciously, and thrive.

    Aaron is the founder of Outback Mind, a yoga, and meditation teacher (with over 5000 hours of practical teaching experience) specialising in Yin, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga and transcendental meditation. Aaron also has extensive

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    Herbalism; The Peoples Medicine with Erin Lovell Verinder

    Herbalism; The Peoples Medicine with Erin Lovell Verinder

    Today on the podcast, we are graced with the highly cultivated holistic healer; Erin Lovell Verinder for an intimate discussion around her devotion to the plant path, the world of herbalism, and why we are witnessing a timely resurgence of this revered profession of healing. A Herbalist, nutritionist, energetic healer, mentor, and author of two incredible bodies of work, Erin's the kind of woman that leaves you wondering; How does she do it all? Birthed consecutively amidst a pandemic, Erin's books, Plants For The People (Thames & Hudson 2020) and The Plant Clinic (Thames & Hudson 2021), are modern classic guides to the world of plant medicine and herbalism, endowed with elegant visual codes of your favourite coffee table book. This is the second time we've had Erin on the podcast, and we're so thrilled to have her back. Both versed in the love language of plant medicine, this conversation between Tahnee and Erin is a celebration of herbalism, filled with nuance and some progressive insights on not gendering herbs through their application. Erin discusses what she calls her pillars to thrive, supporting the immune system during the pandemic, and the profound effect of having a gentle approach to healing and detoxing. A remembering, a becoming, and unfolding of the world of holistic herbal healing; This episode is one for everyone. Tune in.
    "You have to be a savvy business owner as well. I've had different iterations of having a healing space, my own multi-modality wellness space, which sold and successfully ran for many years. Then being a head-practitioner at a busy, busy clinic in Sydney, and then being digital and writing books. I've had all these different iterations, and it's given me a lot of perspectives. But there's a lot of things I wished that I knew when I came out, and if I can help people in that way, I'm really excited to do that because it's a big job". 
     - Erin Lovell Verinder
    Tahnee and Erin discuss:
    Immunity protocols. Drop dosing for kids. Herbal remedies for kids. The gendering of herbs. Detox and cleansing culture. Viewing fear as a mental virus. Herbs as the people's medicine. The matriarchal lineage of herbalism. The process of healing and becoming. Knowing yours, and your child's constitution type. Healing the gut; An energetic core of our constitution.  
    Who is Erin Lovell Verinder?
    Erin is a fully qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Energetic Healer who has worked in the healing realms for twenty-one years. Erin holds a Bachelor of Western Herbal Medicine, an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, and a Diploma of Energetic Healing and is a member of the (ATMS) Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Walking the plant path, Erin is a woman in tune with the natural world. On a full-hearted mission to educate, assist, and up-level how we can all heal with the rhythms of nature.

    Marrying the wisdom and philosophy of naturopathic medicine as the golden compass to treat the whole- not just the symptom is the pure guiding force in Erin’s practice. Getting to the roots of ill health is the solid intention and directive of her work. Through her practice, Erin addresses the drivers and encourages the body to gently return to balance, using food as medicine, medicinal plants, lifestyle changes, functional testing, and energetic healing; Delivering a wholesome, high vibrational experience.

    Erin has written two phenomenal books:
    Plants For The People (Thames & Hudson 2020.
    The Plant Clinic (Thames & Hudson 2021).

    Erin's Instagram 
    The Plant Clinic Book
    Plants For The People Book
    Plants For The People SuperFeast podcast
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    Epilepsy and Loving your Diagnosis with Lainie Chait

    Epilepsy and Loving your Diagnosis with Lainie Chait

    Today on the podcast, we have the performer stand-up comedian, author, and Love Your Diagnosis podcaster Lainie Chait (more famously known as Electro Girl) sharing her incredible story, wisdom, and revelations from more than 20 years living symbiotically with Epilepsy. Lainie's journey with what they call 'the invisible illness' (Epilepsy) is a testimony to intuitive holistic healing and the power of transmuting trauma into something beautiful. Diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 19, Lainie suddenly found herself in the depths of managing an illness that her teenage self wasn't ready to accept. What followed; An integrative journey spanning over two decades of denial, rebellion, acceptance, and the birthing of a phenomenal woman dedicated to inspiring others. Lainie has written and self-published a book, Electro Girl (2017), performed a one-woman stage show, done stand-up comedy, and now hosts a podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of people like herself, who have defied the odds of their diagnosis. There is no doubt that Lainie has taken the road less traveled with her approach to living with Epilepsy. Not willing to accept a lifetime of prescribed pharmaceutical medication, she thrust herself into the throes of trauma healing, alternative medicine, research, visceral guidance, and lots of trial and error. Almost 300 tonic clonic, grand mal seizures (aka the big ones) later, she is here with a message for anyone who's had a dire diagnosis to jump in the driver's seat, direct their journey, and believe in the power to heal; However that may look. This is a truly inspiring episode laced with comedic cure and a potent message of why we need to handle our brain, nervous system, and ourselves with care. Tune in.
    "You've got a choice when you walk out of that doctor's office; Are you going to let someone else take charge of your life? Or are you going to be in the driver's seat? If you have to use the medicine, great, but I encourage people through my experience and other people's stories to be back in the driver's seat of this. And research, that's been the message so far from everyone. At the end of each podcast, I ask everyone to say a little tip for someone going through it. And it's always research, go and get second opinions and be in it. Be right in it, right in it. Don't let anyone control how you look at your health and how you heal".
    - Lainie Chait
    Mason and Lainie discuss:
    Trauma and Epilepsy. Understanding Epilepsy. What triggers seizures? Healing through comedy. Over-prescribed pharmaceuticals. Allopathic vs holistic healing approach. Lainie's healing protocols and supplements.  Lainie's diet; What she avoids and what helps.  Taking care of the brain and nervous system.  
    Who is Lainie Chait? 
    Lainie Chait is an author, performer, podcaster, and stand-up comedian. Lainie is a big advocate for people treating themselves holistically, and exploring healing modalities outside of allopathic diagnosis/treatment. In 2017 Lainie self-published her autobiography, ‘Electro Girl’, a story of her journey living a symbiotic existence with Epilepsy for 16 years. In 2021 Lainie started a podcast called Love your Diagnosis, which takes a weekly look into the lives of people who have been diagnosed with a condition/illness. The interviews find a flow and dialogue around the choices and changes people start to make in their lives when they learn that they have to live with dis-ease, partially brought about by their choices. Lainie believes a diagnosis can be seen as a gift if you look at it as a second chance to get to know and treat yourself in a more loving way. If you would like to connect or work with Lainie, please explore the links below. 
    Electro Girl Book
    Electro Girl website
    Lainie Chait Twitter
    Lainie Chait Linkedin
    Love your Diagnosis podcast
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    How To Become Flexible with Benny Fergusson

    How To Become Flexible with Benny Fergusson

    Benny Fergusson, aka The Movement Monk, joins Mason on the podcast for an insightful discussion around how we can be more adaptive in our physical practices, embody flexibility with integrity, and bring a broader range of diversity into the way we approach movement. Bringing 20 years of experience and wisdom to the table, Benny comes versed in many forms of physical practice; Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Shaolin Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Yoga, Bodyweight training, to name a few. But what really lights him up and continues to evolve his work is providing people with unhomogenised frameworks of physical movement; Connecting them back to their unique bodies, their nature, and supporting them to thrive and achieve what they never knew was possible. Through his business (The Movement Monk), Benny and his team offer personal support, coaching, and an epic range of transformational online courses that hone in on movement exploration, better physical performance, and personal growth. In this episode, Benny explores many notions of movement and flexibility. He encourages the listener to look beyond mainstream prescribed ideas of physical workouts towards a limitless realm of movement exploration; One that isn't bound by body image, a singular goal, or a season. Mason and Benny also move around the concept of approaching both life and physical practice with more flexibility and connection to the body/self; With less dogma and more diversity, allowing us to change and adapt with ease as we go through the different seasons of life. Benny is a pioneer revolutionising the way we approach movement. Tune in now.
    "With regards to movement, the body is always changing. My body now, in my thirties, is different from what it was in my twenties. There's a different context, and it's going to continue to change and evolve. And because of this, I need greater diversity to choose from. So I can adapt to an ever-changing environment, to the different seasons and how I'm feeling. In times where I'm feeling more lethargic. How do I work with that? There might be times when I'm feeling less grounded; How do I work with these things? There might be times when I'm feeling tired or when I'm feeling looser. To be able to continue to look at things and then go, oh, okay, cool. I have a series of choices that I know that I can make continually to keep the process of life going". 
    - Benny Fergusson
    Mason and Benny discuss:
    Hypermobility. Hypomobility. Embodied flexibility. The quality of flexibility. Flexibility, stability and injury. Benny's process of movement. The explorative mobility method. Sustainability in physical practice. Chronic tension and pain in the body. Not letting our bodies do not define us.   
    Who is Benny Fergusson?
    After living with chronic scoliosis & pain for years, getting no lasting relief from mainstream fitness and therapies.. Benny embarked on a journey to heal his body and get to know himself better. Through years of research and the practice of movement & meditation arts, Benny found a way to restore his physical freedom, leading to profound personal growth. Benny now shares his findings with his students at MovementMonk.xyz
    The Freedom Academy
    Embodied Flexibility Course
    The Movement Monk Website
    The Movement Monk YouTube
    The Movement Monk Facebook
    The Movement Monk Instagram
    Use The Code MASON10 For 10% Off
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    Check Out The Transcript Here:
    Mason: (00:00)
    Hey, Benny. Welcome back.
    Benny Fergusson: (00:01)
    Thanks for having me again, Mase. It's good to be back
    Mason: (00:03)
    [crosstalk 00:00:03] Yeah. You've been on long enough. I think you'd say friend of the podcast. Regu

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    Nurturing All Phases of Birth with Nutritionist Tahlia Mynott

    Nurturing All Phases of Birth with Nutritionist Tahlia Mynott

    Holistic nutritionist and author Tahlia Mynott understands the importance of nourishing the mother through every phase of the birthing journey; So much so, that she has dedicated her career to it, along with women's health. In this very special Women's Series episode, Tahnee and Tahlia (both mothers) take us on a journey through the beautiful expanse that is motherhood. From the highs of postpartum oxytocin joy to the depths of menstrual healing and processing miscarriage (a topic that isn't talked about enough). In 2021 Tahlia self-published her first book, Nourishing Those Who Nurture, co-authored with doula and trauma-informed kinesiologist Caitlin Priday; The book is both a bible and an accessible guide for all women, regardless of their circumstances. The beautiful intention behind Nourishing Those Who Nurture is to take the overwhelm out of the postpartum rollercoaster through easy, nourishing, warming recipes (tailored to the needs of the postpartum mother) and preparation guidance for managing the massive shifts mother's traverse in their postpartum period. Tahlia and Tahnee dive deep into prenatal preparation, PCOS and menstrual cycle healing, the power of food as medicine, restoring the integrity of the pelvis after birth, postnatal care, and the emotional/physical complexities that come with experiencing a miscarriage. Tune in!
    “I think it's important to be real that it does happen and that there's a spiritual aspect to miscarriage as well. You can be totally supported in what you've done, in terms of detoxing, nourishing, and it could still happen”.
     - Tahlia Mynott
    Host and Guest discuss:
    Healing PCOS. Dysmenorrhea. Preconception. Miscarriage and healing. The Postpartum phase. Restoring the pelvic floor. Seed Cycling for hormones. Healing the menstrual cycle. Phases of the menstrual cycle. The transition from maiden to mother. Supporting hormonal health through food.  
    Who is Tahlia Mynott?
    Tahlia is a Mother of two beautiful boys, Luca Mayar and Oka Sol. She birthed both of these beautiful beings into the world at her rainforest home at the base of Wollumbin.

    Tahlia is a clinical nutritionist specifically interested in women's health; however, she brings much more than nutrition information to her clinic.
    She conducts her work through her online clinic and workshops, online booklets, and podcasts with both her businesses Luna Holistic Nutrition and Living Hormoniously. In 2021, Tahlia released her first book, "Nourishing Those Who Nurture" - More than A Food Bible for New Mums.

    Reishi for helping heal PCOS
    Schisandra for preconception
    Seed Cycling for hormone balance
    Nourishing Those Who Nurture Book
    Mothering From Your Center Book
    Brighton Baby book by Roy Dittmann
    Spirit Babies book by Walter Makichen
    Pregnancy Preparation with Tahnee (EP#14)
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    Check Out The Transcript Here:
    Tahnee: (00:00)
    Hi, everybody. Welcome to the SuperFeast Podcast. I'm here today with Tahlia Mynott, and she's the mama of her two gorgeous boys, Luca and Oka, who were birthed up near our magical local mountain, Wollumbin. Tahlia's a clinical nutritionist and she has a special interest in women's health. She's bringing all of this work that she's done in clinic but also her work that she does workshops and offers a lot of support and coaching through her partnerships. You do some yoga stuff. You do a whole bunch of awesome things.
    Tahnee: (00:32)
    Now she's an incredible author of this book, Nourishing Those Who Nurture, which I'm really

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43 Ratings

veeeeejaaayyyyy ,

Great info

Always so relevant and helpful, love it!!

Terence-Timewave ,

From Fort Worth Fungi

My buddy turned me onto this podcast and I gotta say man, loaded with info, I love it. Also I used to live down under so it’s nice to hear your Aussie accent. Also the way you present the Daoist approach has really made me start to think of herbs having yin and yang effects. Thank you.

Gungfumom ,

Great Podcast

Just found this podcast and I’m really enjoying it. I like the well rounded approach to issues because it gives listeners many ways to attack a problem.

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