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Every Wednesday, it’s like having happy hour with your best friends, the iconic duo Nikki & Brie, as they take you into their lives beyond the cameras and keep it 100 about being moms, sisters, entrepreneurs, and TV Personalities. From pop culture and fun games to life moments, join Nikki and Brie Garcia in their next chapter. Every episode, you’ll laugh, cry, feel inspired, and, most importantly, walk away feeling happy, seen, and motivated to be yourself! They also welcome special guests, friends and family, and much more. Pop that bottle and pour a glass with Nikki & Brie every Wednesday.

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Every Wednesday, it’s like having happy hour with your best friends, the iconic duo Nikki & Brie, as they take you into their lives beyond the cameras and keep it 100 about being moms, sisters, entrepreneurs, and TV Personalities. From pop culture and fun games to life moments, join Nikki and Brie Garcia in their next chapter. Every episode, you’ll laugh, cry, feel inspired, and, most importantly, walk away feeling happy, seen, and motivated to be yourself! They also welcome special guests, friends and family, and much more. Pop that bottle and pour a glass with Nikki & Brie every Wednesday.

    No Explanations Necessary

    No Explanations Necessary

    Birthdays, Thanksgiving Traditions, Twin Love, Full Moon Vibes, and Voicemails: There’s a lot going on in this episode!

    Going into 40, Brie spent her birthday hiking in Arizona and followed that up with a little spa time with their mom, Kathy, and then a dinner with friends, taking a little time for herself. In LA, Nikki and some of her friends went to Dancing with the Stars to cheer on Artem on Taylor Swift night and a lot of quality time with Artem and Matteo for a birthday weekend that got perfect 10’s from the judges.

    For Thanksgiving Nikki and Matteo headed back to Napa for a special holiday together, something that Artem encouraged. However, next year it might be a big family celebration in Tahoe because Brie has created a lot of new traditions that she’s excited for everyone to participate next Thanksgiving.

    Twin Love started streaming on Prime Video, and it’s a huge hit and 833-GARCIA2 has been jam-packed with questions about the show, so Nikki & Brie hit play on some of the voicemails about their unique observations, experiences, and reactions from hosting the show! Calls from all over the world came in about connecting with the cast, elimination vibes, how their relationship changed, the best and worst parts of being a twin, and more!

    To close out the show, Brie shares an Inspiration & Affirmation featuring a quote from her favorite poet, Atticus, that touches on fearlessness, having something to protect, and reconnecting with their warrior energy.

    • 37 min
    Mia Hamm: Goals, Games, and Gratitude

    Mia Hamm: Goals, Games, and Gratitude

    A great week on The Nikki & Brie Show continues as USWNT soccer legend Mia Hamm joins them for an exceptional conversation that covers her career on the field, her perspective on being a mother, her work to raise awareness for bone marrow transplants and the special connection she has to the bone marrow transplant community.

    For years Nikki & Brie have been putting it out in the universe that they wanted to get Mia Hamm on the podcast. Growing up in Arizona and playing soccer, they both looked up to the USWNT that won multiple World Cups and Olympic Gold medals, and created a path of empowerment and achievement in life.

    Mia talks about the responsibility and opportunity that the team embraced, knowing that young eyes across the country were watching their every move, raising twin girls, filming a legendary Gatorade commercial with Michael Jordan and what his support meant, exhausting practices that tested her mental fortitude, and how she was introduced to the game of soccer, and the WWE superstar that used to throw her into a pool as a kid that went on to also have a Hall of Fame career.

    Mia also highlights the importance of her big brother Garrett, whom she admired greatly, who passed away in 1997 from complications following a bone marrow transplant (BMT) his family hoped could help cure aplastic anemia, a rare bone marrow disease he was battling at the time, which is why bone marrow transplant support and gave her a new mission in life to help other families, teaming up with Incyte to make sure they get the tools and information they need with a procedure that can have serious complications like Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD).

    Mia closes out the episode with a special Inspiration & Affirmation that focuses on being present in a world that’s full of distractions.

    • 34 min
    Ariana Madix: Empowering AF

    Ariana Madix: Empowering AF

    It’s a big week for the Bonita Army, and there’s a lot to be thankful for! This week, two BIG episodes of The Nikki & Brie Show are dropping on your podcast feed, featuring conversations with two very amazing, very different women.

    For today’s special Monday drop, Nikki & Brie welcome Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules on Bravo. After a difficult start to 2023, she’s on top of the Dancing with the Stars leaderboard, launching a new cocktail book, opening up a restaurant, and not letting anyone clip her wings.

    The conversation kicks off with he very unusual way that Ariana learned she’d be joining the season 32 cast of DWTS and why she had to tone down her immediate reaction. She also dives into her love of Britney Spears and why she’s so excited to dance the Rumba to “Cruel Summer” when she and Pasha hit the ballroom this Tuesday for Taylor Swift Night on Dancing with the Stars! And when you tune into Taylor Swift Night this week, look for Nikki in the audience!

    Nikki & Brie also talk to Ariana about her mindset when it comes to competition, becoming friends with the cast of the show, the support she’s receiving from her friends, and the shocking pre-show routines that make her a little nervous before the cameras go live Tuesday nights on ABC, something Nikki certainly has some experience with.

    Ariana’s also taking the world by storm as guest host on Love Island Games (one of Nikki’s favorites), a restaurateur and gives Nikki & Brie an update on the status of Something About Her, the sandwich shop she’s opening up with her Vanderpump Rules costar Katie Maloney in West Hollywood. There’s also an in-depth conversation about her new cocktail book, Single AF Cocktails: Drinks For Bad Bitches!

    Ariana’s also taking this time to spread her wings, learning to lean on her friends and family, and navigating her way through a difficult time to learn to love herself, her own body, and her independence after a time when her personal life made a lot of headlines and some sage advice for anyone else that’s going through a breakup.

    To close out the conversation, Ariana shares what she’s grateful for as Thanksgiving approaches, and we’re grateful that Ariana joined Nikki & Brie this week on the podcast!

    • 35 min
    The Birthday Episode

    The Birthday Episode

    Nikki & Brie are on an East Coast swing to do some press, and there’s a lot to celebrate! Twin Love, Barmageddon, MTV Cribs, and a BIG birthday! All of their hard work over the past few years is paying off, as Nikki & Brie will be dominating your televisions this week.

    To kick off the episode Nikki & Brie pass up the wine and champagne to Open Up with birthday cake as they’re about to enter a new decade with new possibilities and new dreams.

    Now that Twin Love is almost here; there’s a lot to talk about with how the show works and even a wild discussion about the reproductive system and how twins are actually created. They might not be certified experts, but they are passionate about identical twins, fraternal twins, and Twin Love!

    Brie is ready to commemorate her landmark birthday with something special: a tattoo! However, Nikki isn’t on the same page. Brie has been a little indecisive about what she’ll actually get, but she wants it to have a great deal of meaning for her, so she’s putting a lot of thought into it, and she’s pretty certain she knows what she’s going to get permanently inked on her body! Maybe.

    Going into 40, Nikki feels excited because it feels like New Year’s Eve for her, and she has a few career goals in mind. A lot has happened over the past 17 years since the world was introduced to them on national TV, while Brie has a few ideas of what 40 will bring to her life. And although they expect 40 to be a big party, they will not be throwing a birthday party for themselves for some very different reasons.

    As we come out of the 11:11 portal and prepping for manifestation over the next year, Nikki & Brie are grateful to connect with the Bonita Army earlier in the week and share some ideas for their shows to what they want out of the business careers to big dreams, they have a lot on the goal sheet to manifest in 2024!

    Nikki & Brie are also love with love, so they’re very happy to see Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, and Nikki is adamant about highlighting the benefits of dating a professional athlete.

    Because this is the last episode that Nikki & Brie will do in their 30’s, they play a special edition of The 40/40 game that will certainly leave you laughing because some of their answers are absolutely absurd. This is why podcasting while eating birthday cake could be risky.

    To close out the episode, Brie comes in with a clutch Inspiration & Affirmation that she spent a lot of time tapping into the 11:11 manifestation portal to focus on love.

    • 52 min
    Feed Drop: Real Good Podcast

    Feed Drop: Real Good Podcast

    This is a special presentation of the podcast Real Good by US Bank. This episode features Nancy Halpern Ibrahim, Executive Director of Esperanza Community Housing Corporation. Nancy joins hosts Faith and Greg to discuss advocating for housing and public healthcare across decades. Halpern Ibrahim insists housing and healthcare are human rights. She has sought out organizing opportunities for public health from the Middle East to Southern Los Angeles, and has helped build programs that train community health advocates, restrict pollution, and give rise to James Beard acknowledged restaurants. Our hosts and guest explore how dedicated service can lead to noticeable change.

    • 1 hr
    Just To Make You Smile

    Just To Make You Smile

    There is a lot to celebrate this week on The Nikki & Brie Show!

    This is the first episode from the all-new podcast studio of their tasting room in Napa, and they also want your input when it comes to decorating. Do you want to see a united vibe when it comes to the style of the podcast room, or do you want Nikki & Brie to show off their personalities on their sides of the room? Look out for the poll on our IG stories!

    Brie is dealing with some sleeping issues with Buddy when it comes to his new nightly routine, that’s had a tremendous impact on her nightly routine. Brie also heard a Tim McGraw song that got her mind racing about increasing her daily smile count, even if she’s tired.

    Nikki has taken control of the remote, and while Artem is working in LA, she’s been catching up on some shows, so if you’re in need of a new program to stream, Nikki has some recommendations no matter what your taste is because she’s seen it all!

    Then Nikki & Brie answer voicemails about their upcoming travel schedule, supporting their mom through some health scares, and what really went down with Matteo’s car seat that needed to be cleaned.

    To close out the episode, Brie shares an Inspiration & Affirmation that ties back to a song she heard in a health spa that made her mind wander and how one smile can brighten someone’s day, even your own!

    • 42 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
13.9K Ratings

13.9K Ratings

Aryhadna ,

Thank you for being YOU

I have been following Nikki & Brie since I was in middle school and I am now graduating college. Such strong, fearless women!! Love everything about y’all, most importantly how real you guys are. Such a good podcast ❤️❤️

KennCentral ,

I feel connected to you guys all over again

I used to watched Total Divas and Bellas all the time as a comfort show. I am so happy that you guys were able to find a platform that allows for the fans to be reconnected again. You guys chemistry and strength as individuals I admire so much ❤️ keep being amazing roll models. Much love❤️

nictolerton ,

Love it, but Brian needs to chill

I like the podcast and have listened for years but Brian is a buzz kill. Brie always seems like she’s walking on eggshells with him because he thinks he’s better than everyone. It’s fun to celebrate and decorate for Halloween esp when you have kids.
Even complained about Brie throwing him a birthday party because too many people were there so he felt she did it for herself. Let people enjoy themselves. You aren’t better than anyone. You don’t need a purpose to celebrate Halloween…

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